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Walter Victor Macfarlane
Papers 1947-1985

MSS 0006

List of Publications

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Series 1. Typescript copies of scientific papers and articles prepared for publication, with related correspondence and notes. 1975-84 and undated. 45cm. Comprises 31 titled files.

1.1 ‘Aboriginal’ Typescript 'Aboriginal Desert Hunter - Gatherers in Transition'. Paper presented at Sydney, CSIRO, Oct. 1976, published in The Nutrition of Aborigines in relation to the ecosystem of Central Australia, ed. B.S. Hetzel and H.J. Frith
1.2 ‘Chloralese' Notes and correspondence re its use in relation to control of feral cats. 1979-80
1.3 ‘Architecture’ (2 folders) Typescripts 'Brain Behaviour and Built Space, 1975', and 'Eye, Brain and Visual Understanding', 1981.
1.4 Arid Areas Typescript 'Animals for Dry Areas', n.d.
1.5 Blood Pressure Typescript 'High Blood Pressure and Nutrition', n.d.
1.6 Brain Typescript 'Brain, Behaviour and their Manipulation', n.d. Also copy of The Advertiser article 23 Oct. 1979 by Macfarlane on ‘The Brain’
1.7 Camel [1] Typescripts 'Camel: Fluid Spaces/Kidney/Drinking by Camels/Camel Dehydration', prepared posthumously from Macfarlane's notes, together with related correspondence. 1982-83
1.8 Camel [2] Copies as above: also typescript 'Australian Camel' 1979, and correspondence re camels, 1979-84
1.9 Causalgia Typescript paper 'Causalgic Syndromes' n.d. [19--]
1.10 Claude Bernard Typescripts 'The Milieu of Claude Bernard' and 'From Damp Cave to Desert: Ecophysiology of the milieu interieur'
1.11 Cold Typescript 'Colds: the variety of viruses invading the upper respiratory tract'
1.12 Ecophysiology Typescripts 'Basic Marine Ecophysiology' and 'The Ecophysiology of Water'
1.13 Heat Typescripts 'Determinants of Tolerance Limits in Animals and Man' and 'Animals for Dry Areas'
1.14 Heat - Darwin - Work Typescript 'Living and Working in the Heat', prepared for N.T. conference
1.15 Heat – Thermal Comfort Copy of typescript 'Thermal Comfort Studies since 1958'
1.16 Homeostasis Typescript 'Homeostasis: Machinery for Living Free', and copy of Advertiser 7 Oct. 1980 in which the article appeared
1/17 [Housing] Typescript 'Housing of Large Mammals in hot environments'
1.18 Immobilizer - Pain Typescript 'Electrical Stimulation, Immobilisation and Pain' and related correspondence 1981-82, including of the Departmental secretary with Dr Margaret Rose re publication of this paper following Macfarlane's death
1.19 Kidney - CRC Book Copies of Macfarlane's articles and notes, apparently collected in response to an invitation 1981 to contribute a chapter on Renal ecophysiology to the publication Stress Physiology in Livestock
1.20 [Melanesians] Typescript 'Functional acculturation of Melanesians', abstract of proceedings of ANZAAS Congress, 1970
1.21 [National Committee on Nutritional Sciences] Typescript reports by, and correspondence, esp. re salt intake, 1979-81
1.22 New Guinea Typescripts 'Blood Pressure, Salt and Hormones in New Guinea Vegans' and 'Preliminary Report on Water and Walt Metabolism of Chimbu at Pari. Vegans of the New Guinea Highlands'. Also related notes, including records from 1966-67 research, papers on Aboriginal and N.G. Melanesians water and electrolyte economy, and related correspondence 1980-82.
1.23 Nutrition (2 files, one untitled) Draft of introduction and summary of chapter' Nutrition and Disease', 1982, for proposed Academy of Science report on Aspects of Nutrition in Australia, 1981 j with related correspondence, articles and notes, 1976-82.
1.24 Nutrition - Health Typescripts 'Man is a Health Hazard - Notes on Social Dynamics', 'Art and Cultural Diversity' (1978) and 'The Biology of Fats (and its human modification)
1.25 Osmoregulation Typescripts 'Hormones and Mammalian Osmoregulation' and 'Ionic and Osmotic Regulation in Mammalian Herbivores'
1.26 Physiological Society] Typescript drafts 'The Physiology of Physiological Societies' and related correspondence with the editor of APPS, and notes, 1980-82
1.27 Salinity Typescript 'Salinity in the Whole Animal' and of subject index to it, and related correspondence re Symposium on, 1970-72
1.28 Salt - Darwin Typescript 'Water, Salt and Food for Tropical Survival' and notes on the salt content of various foods
1.29 Salt - Japan, New Guinea Typescripts 'New Salt' and 'Problems with Salt', and related correspondence with colleagues in Japan and others on research relating to salt intake by New Guinea peoples.
1.30 Stress Typescript 'Physiology of Stress and Adaptation' .
1.31 Work Physiology Typescript 'Work Physiology in Hot Environments', with keyword index, graphs and references.

Series 2. Correspondence with colleagues, scientific organisations, other institutions and granting bodies. 1965-82. 80 cm. [Comprises 52 titled files. See detailed list following]

2.1 Aborigines (4 files) Correspondence with individuals and organisations, reports, grants, field research, copies of abstracts and grant applications of others, principally relating to the physiological basis of aboriginal adaptation to heat, water turnover and adjustment of salt. 1968-81
2.2 Academy of Science Correspondence relating to meetings of, research, previews of Macfarlane's address to, in 1976; also separate files on revision of Web of Life and on the School Biology Project of the Academy, 1978-81
2.3 Anthropological Society [Board for Anthropological Research] Correspondence with the Board and its agendas and minutes, 1972-74; also correspondence with the Anthropological Society of S.A. 1973, and with the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies 1976 reporting on the review and restoration of the S.A. Museum's collection of human crania
2.4 ANZAAS Correspondence with and re, 1978-81, principally with reference to the publication of South Australia from Space for the 50th Congress
2.5 APPS Correspondence re, and meeting programmes of, The Australian Physiological arid Pharmacological Society. Includes papers by Macfarlane on the Origins of the APS, and on 'The Milieu of Claude Barnard', given at the 1978 meeting of the Society
2.6 Architecture Correspondence 1976-81 re Macfarlane's contribution to various courses and seminars, esp. in the field of thermal comfort. File also includes references for Professor David McGowan and McGowan's curriculum vitae, and there is a separate file entitled ‘Berkeley, Ca’ relating to Macfarlane's visit to U.S. early 1982 to contribute to architecture courses
2.7 Arid Zone Newsletter etc. Correspondence with the Australian Arid Lands Research Association and re arid zone research generally, and copies of the Arid Zone Newsletter, 1966-79
2.8 Athens Correspondence re Athens symposium on Physiology of Domestic Animals in Hot Climates, 1971-72
2.9 Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies Institute reports and documents, and Macfarlane's correspondence with (including re proposed publication of Sir Cedric Stanton-Hicks ms.), 1968-78
2.10 Biological Sciences Appointments Committee Nomination to, circular agendas and correspondence, 1972-77; also correspondence with the Vice-Chancellor of ANU re appt. of the Director of the Research School of Biological Science, 1977
2.11 Biometeorological Society Correspondence 1965-80, principally with Solco S. W. Tromp as Secretary of the International Society of Biometeorology and as editor of the Society's Journal and of Progress in Biometeorology; also notices of meetings and programmes of congresses.
2.12 Prof. C.M. Brooks Correspondence with, 1966-81
2.13 Datta - India Correspondence with Dr Datta, Nuclear Research laboratory, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, re FAO/IAEA Symposium on the Use of Isotopes in Studies on the Physiology of Domestic Animals, 1971-72 [See also Athens]
2.14 Endocrine Society Notice and minutes re meetings 1968-71 and re 8th International Thyroid Congress, 1980, and related correspondence. Also abstract of paper by Macfarlane for 1971 meeting and papers by others on various aspects of endocrinology.
2.15 Europe Exchange of letters with Prof J. Piiper, Max Planck Institut, 1980-81
2.16 Ghana Correspondence with Dr John King and others re work on Water and Livestock in Tropical Africa, 1977-78
2.17 P. K. Ghosh Correspondence with Dr P.K. Ghosh, Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur, re mutual research interest in desert animals, and Macfarlane's contribution to the Institute's publications, 1970-82
2.18 Great Barrier Reef Committee Correspondence with R. Endean and others re Heron Island, also circular correspondence, notices, reports and newsletter of the Committee, 1968-77
2.19 Dr E.S.E. Hafez Correspondence 1967-72, principally re adaptation, incl. Symposium on Adaptation of Grazing Animals to Unfavourable Environments
2.20 I.A.E.C., Vienna Correspondence, principally re funding of Macfarlane's travel to Sudan for joint FAO/IAEA meeting in1977. 1974, 1977-78
2.21 International Association of Human Biologists Correspondence relating to proposal for Macfarlane's membership of the Association, 1969; also newsletters 1970
2.22 IBRO [International Brain Research Organization] Circular correspondence, reports and newsletters, 1970-75
2.23 [India] Correspondence with colleagues, including former Waite post-graduate students, in India, 1967-75
2.24 Indonesia Correspondence 1972-73 re FAO/IAEA Panel (of experts) on Tracer Technique in Tropical Animal Production Studies
2.25 INSEA World Congress [International Society for Education through Art] Correspondence re, 1977-78. Macfarlane was an invited speaker
2.26 Institute for Fitness Research and Training Correspondence 1976-81, esp. with the Director, A.W. Sedgwick and in relation to the Working Party on affluent society problems
2.27 Invitations Correspondence relating to invitations to seminars, meetings, group talks, 1975-78, 1981
2.28 Israel Correspondence 1968-81 with colleagues in Israel, including Prof. R. Rahaminoff and Ezra Sahar, Hebrew University, and re Macfarlane's visit to the Negev in 1968 as a speaker at the Negev Institute anniversary symposium
2.29 IUPS [International Union of Physiological Sciences] Correspondence 1973-81, principally re IUPS congress programmes. Separate file of correspondence with Prof. R.B. Tanner and others, 1970-71, re Macfarlane's visiting lectureship at the universities of Illinois and Wisconsin in 1971 as part of CIC Biometeorology Graduate Program
2.30 Jodhpur and Developing Country Science Correspondence with colleagues at the Institute of Arid Zone Research, Jodhpur, and re arid zone research generally, 1975-82
2.31 John Curtin School of Medical Research Electoral Committee Correspondence 1974-80 re appointment of a new Head of the School
2.32 Kidney Foundation Correspondence and referees reports in support of grant applications from the Foundation by N.E. Yesberg (Univ. Qld.), John R. Sabine (Waite Institute) and a team from Univ. Melbourne, 1970-72
2.33 Prof. D. MacGowan Correspondence 1973-74 re invitation to give a course of lectures at the University of Washington
2.34 G. Maloiy Correspondence 1967-80, esp. re animal studies by Maloiy, University of Nairobi, Department of Animal Physiology
2.35 Media Correspondence relating to talks for ABC and articles for The Advertiser, and general letters arising from these, 1979-81. Also letters of complaint by Macfarlane re use of high calorie/fat ingredients in ABC cooking programme; and general correspondence with Michael Daly, ABC TV Science programme
2.36 Medical Research Committee [NH and MRC] Grant information, applications and related correspondence, 1967-77
2.37 [Miscellaneous correspondence] Principally with colleagues and others with related research and practical interests, 1979-81
2.38 Museum Correspondence with the Australian Museum and other museums, principally re articles on desert mammals, and re attendance at Darwin Museum Symposium, 1976-80
2.39 New Zealand Correspondence with colleagues in, 1979-80, including re Schistosome problem in waters near Queenstown
2.40 Pacific Science Association Correspondence, circulars re meetings, congresses and Macfarlane' s membership of the Scientific Committee of the Association, 1971-81
2.41 Paris - Int[ernational) Cong[ress of] Physio[logical Sciences] 2 files. Invitation, programme, correspondence, abstract of paper for the Congress, 1976-77. Also subsequent correspondence with colleagues in Paris, 1977-82, including re lizards, the Claude Bernard colloquium, and the publication of Macfarlane’s article in Physiologie du Travail
2.42 Psychoneuroendocrinology
Correspondence 1972-73 re membership of the International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology
2.43 K.G. Purohit Correspondence with Dr Purohit, Department of Zoology, University of Jodhpur, 1970. [Purohit was a former post-graduate student at Waite Institute]
2.44 Royal Society of South Australia Correspondence re talk to the Society, 1975
2.45 School Talks - ANZAAS Copies of letter to Secretary, ANZAAS, requesting talks for schools [Macfarlane gave his last talk to one of these, Henley Beach Primary, on high blood pressure]
2.46 Seminars - Meetings - Invitations (General) Programmes and publicity notices, correspondence, 1972-75
2.47 Tucson - Goat Conference Paper for and proceedings of conference hosted by the College of Agriculture, University of Arizona, and related correspondence, 1981-82
2.48 Underwood Text Correspondence, notes, draft text re extensive obituary/memoir of Prof. E.J. Underwood (1905-80), Director of the Institute of Agriculture at the University of W.A. 1946-70. 1981-83 with earlier source material and a list of Underwood's publications. [Not completed before Macfarlane's death. Draft sent to the Academy of Science for completion, Sept. 1983 by the Departmental Secretary]
2.49 U.K. - Reading - Nottingham Correspondence 1978-81, principally re arrangements for the visiting professorship of Prof. G.M.H. Waites, Department of Physiology and Biochemistry, University of Reading [Macfarlane had been a Commonwealth Exchange Professor at Reading in 1974-75. (See also Visiting Professorship file)
2.50 U.S.A. Correspondence 1975-81 with colleagues in USA and Canada and re his visits to America. Includes correspondence with N.B. Tindale, 1979
2.51 U.S. Army Medical Research Command Application for grant 1969 for research on water and electrolyte metabolism of desert aborigines and New Guinea Melanesians, and related reports and correspondence, 1969-74 [Macfarlane was part of a joint team with N.B. Tindale, and Drs. S. Skinner, B. Howard and B. Scroggins]
2.52 Visiting Professorship, University of Reading Correspondence re, 1972-74 and report on his posting, n.d.

Series 3. Field notes, draft summary notes on study May 1981 of the effects of immobilisation on animals during branding and dehorning, as measured by cortisal concentrations; also notes, graphs relating to an unidentified study, Feb. 1981. 2 cm.

Series 4. Letters, notices, invitations received after Macfarlane's death, with copy of replies by the Departmental Secretary. 1982-85. 3 cm.

Series 5. Biographical notes prepared by Macfarlane for the Academy of Science, and draft outline of proposed autobiography. n.d. 2 cm.

Series 6. Personal file, comprising list of publications, copy of ABC talk The Saturated Polymath (1973), addresses presented on retirement (Dulcia et Digna Memoria), copy of submission to Hurst Committee of Enquiry into Animal Science (1979), appt. as Research Associate (1979), personal correspondence 1978-82, and letters of sympathy and obituary notices and biographical memoir (by A. K. McIntyre, 1985) following Macfarlane's death. 1973-86. 2 cm.

Series 7. Referees reports and references, 1974-81. 5 cm.

Series 8. A.R.G.S. Applications. 1975-79. 2 cm.

Series 9. Photographs. 1947, 1978 (retirement party) and undated. 19 items.

Series 10. Cassette tapes of talks. 1978, 1982 and undated. 5 items.
['Air, Water and Places' with Laurie Geffen, 1978; Science Show, n.d.; ABC tribute and funeral service, 1982; 5UV Science Journal, n.d.; untitled, n.d.]

Series 11. Appointment diaries. 1981-82. 3 v.


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