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Susan Margaret Magarey (1943-)
Papers, 1946-2014

MSS 0206

Biographical Note

Susan Margaret Magarey was born on 23 April 1943 in Brisbane. Her parents, South Australian couple Catherine Mary Gilbert and James Rupert Magarey, married in April 1940. Magarey was educated at the Wilderness School in Adelaide where she was elected Head Prefect in 1960. Attending the University of Adelaide from 1961 to 1964, Magarey graduated with a BA (Hons), with Second-Class Honours in English Literature, and subsequently completed a Diploma in Education in 1965. After marrying in 1966, she moved to Canberra with her husband, Christopher Eade, and gained two further degrees from the Australian National University (ANU): an MA in History for her thesis 'A Study of Catherine Helen Spence, 1825-1910' (1972); and a PhD in History for her thesis titled 'The Reclaimers: a study of the reformatory movement in England and Wales, 1846-1893' (1976). Magarey separated from her husband in 1978.

After completing her doctoral studies, Magarey was appointed to a Tutorship in History. In 1978 she was seconded to run ANU's newly established Women's Studies course. A year later, in 1979, she was appointed Founding Lecturer-in-Charge of the Women's Studies Program. In 1983, Magarey returned to her home town of Adelaide, where she was appointed Founding Director of the new Research Centre for Women's Studies at Adelaide University, a position she held until 2000. From 1997 until 2000 Magarey also served as Director of the Adelaide Research Centre for Humanities & Social Sciences. Magarey held a joint appointment as Associate Professor in the Departments of English and History from 2001 to 2003. She has been an Adjunct Professor in the History Discipline in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, the University of Adelaide since 2004. Following her retirement, Magarey was appointed Professor Emerita at the University of Adelaide.

Magarey's many publications include Roma the First: A Biography of Dame Roma Mitchell, with Kerrie Round (2007/revised imprint 2009); Looking Back Looking Forward: A Century of the Queen Adelaide Club 1909-2009 (2009); and Passions of the First Wave Feminists (2001). Magarey received the 1986 Walter McRae Russell Award from the Association for the Study of Australian Literature for Unbridling the tongues of women: a biography of Catherine Helen Spence (revised edn 2010). She is also the editor of several publications. In 1994 Magarey, with Susan Sheridan, received the Barbara Polkinghorne Award for Debutante Nation.

Magarey has a particular interest in biography and in 2004 established the Magarey Medal for Biography, which is awarded biennially to the woman who has published the work judged to be the best biographical writing on an Australian subject.

Magarey has made major contributions to Women's Studies through the establishment of Women's Studies programs, journal editing and her involvement in various committees and national and international Women's Studies networks. In 1985 she founded the journal Australian Feminist Studies, serving as Editor until 2005. In 1985 the Committee on Post-Secondary Education of Women and Girls of the Tertiary Education Authority of South Australia made Magarey an award for Meritorious Contribution to the Advancement of the educational and career achievements of other women and involvement in the wider community. In 2005 Magarey was appointed a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. In 2006 she was appointed a Member of the General Division of the Order of Australia (AM) for pioneering Women's Studies as an academic field.

Adapted from The Encyclopedia of Women & Leadership in Twentieth-Century Australia entry by Sharon M. Harrison

These papers were donated to The University of Adelaide Library by Susan Magarey between 2014 and 2020.

Contents Listing

Series 1: Childhood / Wilderness School  8 cm.

Photographs of Susan Magarey [IN ALBOX ALBUM]

  • Studio portrait – 3-4 years old
  • School days at Wilderness 1948-1960. Includes class and team photos, Wilderness grounds and buildings, and Queensland school trip 1960 (22 photographs)
  • Girl Guide 1966 (4 photographs plus 2 newspaper clippings)
  • b&w portrait taken by Richard Pank 1962
  • 1 b&w and 3 colour photographs as a young woman (1962 and after)

Folder re Marjorie Scales (1914-2013) nee Priddle, headmistress of Wilderness School 1956-1969

  • ms and typescript poems by Scales – mostly undated
  • 2 copies of privately printed book of Scales poems (some addressed to Susan Magarey), one copy with ms corrections and ms and typescript biography
  • Newspaper clipping (Caroline Scales and Patrick Bruer’s 4th birthday party)
  • Copy of portrait sketch of Scales by Ivor Hele 1969
  • Order of service for Scales funeral 3/9/2013 and obituaries from The Advertiser 7/12/2013 and Wilderness Times Spring 2013
  • Issue of Hecate v. 32 no. 1 (2006) containing story by Magarey ‘Sex after School’, with draft typescript [Note: Hecate story includes errors in spelling and font]

Series 2: Family and biographical  29 cm.

Biographical writings and family history

  • Paper: ‘Sending Telegrams a Century Ago’ prepared for an anniversary of the wreck of the Admella in August 1859, with information re the first Magareys in South Australia (printout, 2 p.)
  • Paper: ‘James Rupert Magarey and Catherine Mary Magarey’ prepared for a family reunion in 2010(?) – includes a list of children and grandchildren (printout, 6 p.)
  • Draft article on Susan Magarey by Sharon M. Harrison prepared for the online Encyclopedia of Women & Leadership in Twentieth-Century Australia 2014 (printout, 3p.) and printout from webpage

Correspondence and memorabilia

  • Childhood memorabilia: hand-made cards to parents etc
  • Letters between Susan Magarey and her parents, undated, 1973 and 1981

Papers re Catherine Christine Magarey, Susan’s sister (Catherine was killed when she rode her motorbike into the back of a parked car in Sydney in 1972)

  • Photographs: baby to adulthood. 3 packets
  • Childhood memorabilia: hand-made cards to mother etc
  • Certificates etc: includes birth and confirmation certificates; Wilderness School reports 1956-65; school and Australian Music Examination Board certificates; Library Registration results; references as a Library Assistant, NSW Dept of Technical Education Division of Library Services
  • Letters and cards between Catherine and her mother, mostly 1964
  • Reports related to Catherine’s death and letters of sympathy received 1972
  • Issue of Hecate 29/2/2003 containing story ‘Catherine’ by Susan Magarey

The Making of Modern Australia (ABC TV Series 2010) [Susan Magarey and Susan Sheridan were interviewed for the Romance and Relationships episode)

  • Email correspondence re interviews for series and release forms
  • Notes prepared for the interview with Susan Lambert, 2009
  • Photographs and captions supplied for the series
    - Susan Magarey aged 22, B.A. (Hons.) and part way through Diploma of Education
    - Susan Magarey as bride and with bridesmaids 1966
    - In graduation gown, Master of Arts, ANU 1971
    - Robyn Archer, Sue Sheridan and Susan Magarey at the launch of Australian Feminist Studies January 1986
    - Susan Magarey and Sue Sheridan at handing over of Australian Feminist Studies to new editors 2005
  • Responses to Anna Sanders-Robinson’s interview questions for her Year 12 research project and article “To what extent has Australian society’s perception of homosexuality changed between the Baby Boomers and Generation Y” Questions by Anna Sanders-Robinson, answers by Susan Magarey.
  • Emails and letters received following the broadcast of the TV episode
  • Email correspondence re text for the associated book by William McInnes, and draft text of The Australian Heart chapter
  • 2 copies of DVD of TV series: 2 DVD and 4 DVD sets
  • Advance copy of the published The Making of Modern Australia / William McInnes (Hachette, 2010)

Series 3: University of Adelaide undergraduate years 1961-65 and teaching 1966  2 cm.

Christopher Eade & Susan Magarey [IN ALBOX ALBUM]
Christopher Eade and Susan Magarey married in 1966

  • Photographs: University of Adelaide – Susan and Christopher and friends; English Dept camp at Shady Grove (includes staff Colin Horne, Kevin Magarey, Peter Meredith, John Colmer, Ralph Elliott and R.V. Johnson) ca 1964
  • Wedding invitation 1966
  • Photographs: Honeymoon – Robe, Mt Gambier, Great Ocean Rd, Lakes Entrance … 1966-67

Trip to India (Australian Overseas Student Travel Scheme 1964-65)

  • Handbook for participants, reading list and permit
  • 23 photos, annotated [IN ALBOX ALBUM]
  • Letters between Magarey and family and friends during the trip, and letters arising from the journey

MS poem about Magarey by Beverly Tonkin, 1966 (Year I class taught by Magarey at Brighton High School)

Series 4: Australian National University 1969-83  44 cm.

Christopher & Susan Eade

  • Photographs: Christopher after MA graduation, University of Adelaide 1967 [IN ALBOX ALBUM]
  • Newspaper clipping re Christopher Eade’s award of the Crawford Prize for PhD in English and Linguistics, ANU, 197?
  • Photographs: “Living in ANU flat at 72 Canberra Avenue” ca 1973, including Susan on her motorcycle [IN ALBOX ALBUM]
  • Photographs: Susan and Christopher at Ainsley house, 49 Foveaux St, Canberra, 1976, with Eade’s step-brother Julian [IN ALBOX ALBUM]
  • Postcards: correspondence when Susan was in Britain doing research for her PhD 1973-74
  • Photographs: Christopher and Susan in Britain 1973-74 [IN ALBOX ALBUM]
  • Newspaper article 1974 re Eade’s construction of celestial globe, 1974
  • Photographs – “Sundry rural expeditions” undated and 1975/1976 [IN ALBOX ALBUM]
  • Letters and cards from Eade to Susan when she was in London, 1976 (some photos bear stamped date on verso)
  • Sundry letters and photographs, Eade to Susan 1978-2001, and undated

43 photographs ca 1969-79, mostly annotated [IN ALBOX ALBUM]

  • Mainly of Susan and Christopher Eade, including Susan and her parents at Graduation, 1969-79 but mostly undated
  • Also photographs of Peter Herbst, Michael McKearnan, Gerry Windsor, Virginia Wilton, Beverley Hooper, David Walker, Bob Brissenden, Mark O’Connor, Christopher Eade, , F.B. Smith and Colin Plowman

Correspondence and memorabilia

  • Letters received while in England 1973-74 doing research for PhD: includes letters from Alec and Penelope Hope, Daphne Gollan, Liesa Baker, Anna Yeatman and Barbara Guthrie
  • Notes from and material about Professor Mick Williams (d. 1987)

Also letters from:

  • Jill (?) 1979
  • Susan Brain 1979
  • Cards and letters from Pauric Travers and his wife Mary Moore, undated and 1988
  • Letter of apology from Jill Matthews
  • Anna Rutherford, University of Aarhus
  • Card from Rachel Fagetter
  • Mark Finnane 1979
  • Zoe Fairbains 1976
  • Letter from Liesa Baker ca 1977
  • Postcard from Amirah Inglis
  • 2 letters from Beverley Hooper 1976
  • Letter from Irene Greenwood 1976
  • Card and letter 1993 from Leonore Davidoff
  • 2 letters from Oliver MacDonagh 1976
  • Two congratulatory telegrams on being appointed Lecturer 1978?, plus telegram from Norma McArthur and Trevor
  • wan
  • Cards and letters from Women’s Studies students at ANU
  • Song-book taken on China visit June-July 1978, with ms song by guide Feng Tsui
  • 3 Premiers pennants for ACT S.R.A. competitions 1971, 1976, 1978 [IN ALBOX ALBUM]

“Scholarship letters” folder

  • Letters written in the 1970s and 1980 re the exchange of scholarship, information, publications and getting work published. Includes two letters from J.A. LaNauze, Professor of History

Jean Chesneaux “Cahiers du Forum Histoire”
Jean Chesneaux was a distinguished historian at the Sorbonne who visited Canberra in the 1970s and formed a firm friendship with Susan Magarey. Magarey attempted to establish a regular translation of his journal.

  • Folder includes correspondence with Chesneaux ca 1979, copies of the journal and typescript English translations, photocopy of Chesneaux’s book “Du passé faisons table rase?” and a print copy of the English translation “Pasts and Futures or What is History For?” (London, 1978)

Women’s Studies courses  20 cm

  • Lectures and course-books from Women’s Studies courses A-C Magarey taught 1979-1983. Includes Magarey’s notes from visiting lecturers. 5 folders
  • Includes notes for lecture to Health Education class, Canberra College of Advanced Education, 1981, and Murdoch University, 1979

History courses (as Susan Eade)

  • Typescript: Remarks for meeting of students with Professor MacDonagh, 8 October 1974 / Susan Eade
  • Work-in-Progress Seminar 1976: Notes handout for seminar by Susan Eade on “Origins of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science …”
  • Course books, handouts, ms notes and related correspondence for Australian History courses 1A, 2/3A and 2/3G 1976-78

Folder: Crime, Punishment & Convicts. Includes

  • History 1A handout on ‘Convicts’ (ANU, undated); typed lecture scripts for History 1A lectures on Convicts and Crime and Punishment in Britain in the late Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (1977), plus reading handout and slides
  • Ms lecture script and reading handout for History 1A lecture on Convicts 1978, plus untitled lecture script on convict origins
  • Course handouts for Lectures 5, 6 and 7 for University of WA, Dept of History, History 140 course 1979, and related course material (Susan was visiting lecturer)

Manning Clark, Professor of General History, ANU
(Susan worked for Manning Clark as a research assistant from 1970-71)

  • Includes postcards, notes and letters from Clarke ca 1971-73; copy of his book “Disquiet” inscribed to Susan; and a copy of her article “The Sexual Revolution as a Big Flop” written for Mark McKenna, Manning Clark’s biographer
    See also Series 7 for revised version later published in Dialogue v. 27 no. 3 2008

Eric Fry, Bob and Anne Gollan

  • Two letters Gollan to Magarey 1982-83
  • Emails and materials re funeral of and tribute to Bob Gollan, including DVDs of the celebration and eulogies at Gollan Memorial, ANU 2997 (3 DVDs); of ASSLH Symposium 2008 (3 DVDs)
  • 13 photographs of John Merritt, and Bob and Anne Gollan at their block at Bermagui
  • Biographical note on Fry and letters from Fry to Magarey 1979-87; two DVDs of funeral photos and eulogies at Fry’s funeral October 2007
  • Email correspondence with Margaret Walters and others 2007-8 re the Labour History tribute issue to Fry and Gollan, with a copy of Magarey’s and other articles
  • DVD of Don Baker: a celebration

A.D. Hope

  • Letters, postcards and cards from A.D. and Penelope Hope to Susan 1970-86, sundry newspaper clippings; also typescript poems by Hope 1970-71 and undated (including Hope’s Dunciad Minimus, 1963. 64 p.)
  • Copies of Magarey/Hope correspondence files held by the National Library of Australia
  • A.D. Hope published books inscribed to Magarey: A Midsummer Eve’s Dream (with typescript poem ‘The Ballad of Dan Homer”), The Pack of Autolycus, The Drifting Continent (with letter, typescript poems and clippings). Also booklet ‘Spirit of Taurus’ inscribed to Eade
  • 40 photographs of A.D. and Penelope Hope and family, undated [IN ALBOX ALBUM]

Series 5: University of Adelaide 1983-  45 cm

Curriculum vitae and recognition

  • Curriculum vitae April 2012
  • Letters of recognition and certificates of Magarey’s contributions to the History Trust, the University of Adelaide, The Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, the “Patchwork of Empowerment” signature quilt project etc; letters of appointment and promotion; article re the establishment of the Adelaide Centre of Humanities in 1999 (Magarey was Convenor); brochure re The Adelaide Research Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Framed award: Advisory Committee of the Post-Secondary Education of Women and Girls of the Tertiary Education Authority of South Australia, presented to Susan Magarey in recognition of her meritorious contribution … 15 November 1985. Artwork by Frances Phoenix. 39x32 cm.  IN MAP CABINET

Research Centre for Women’s Studies (RCWS)

  • Postcards and cards received by Magarey from staff and associates of the RCWS 1986-2012
  • RCWS Appendix B. [summary of achievements ca 1999]
  • Draft of ‘The Research Centre for Women’s Studies at Adelaide University 1983-2000’ written for The History of the Faculty of Arts …
  • Annual reports 1985-86
  • Programme for overseas visitors to Adelaide for workshop on Women, Informal Work and Household Expenditure 1992
  • Announcement of decision to appoint a Director to establish the RCWS
  • Announcement of the establishment of the Centre for Women’s Studies at Adelaide University 1990 as result of merger with the city campus of the SAAE
  • Correspondence re and documentation of RCWS material in University Archives
  • Transcript of speech in appreciation of Magarey’s contributions to Australian Feminist Studies journal presented at the closing of the RCWS in 2000
  • Folder: RCWS Archives. Copies of letters, articles, meeting minutes and 1984 report, planning documents, correspondence etc re the early history of the RCWS, 1983-87
  • Folder: RCWS publicity. Newspaper and journal articles 1980-86
  • Course booklet: RCWS Honours Course 1985: The History of Feminist Thought in the English-Speaking West 1780-1980

Publications of the RCWS

  • Brochure inviting membership (1996)
  • Announcement of the establishment of Adelaide Feminist Studies
  • Women’s Studies in Asia & the Pacific: United Nations Regional Seminar 26 April2 May 1991: Final report
  • Family History in Australia: a bibliography / compiled by Laurie Parkes … 1985
  • Women’s Studies Register: guide to teaching and research on women at the University of Adelaide 1987
  • Women’s Access to Universities: a pilot study / Margaret Truscott 1984
  • Women and Technological Change / Susan Magarey (Fifth Foundation Lecture 1984)

Dept of History lecture 1984. History H712: Social and political ideas since the seventeenth century, Term 2

  • Course outline handout; Magarey’s ms lecture notes
  • Letter to Robert Dare re the series of lectures organised by Magarey. Other lecturers include Sue Sheridan, Anne Dugdale, Sue McGrath, Michael Levin, Babette Francis
  • Also correspondence re visiting lecturer Nira Yuval-Davis and her Australian time-table

Journal of a trip to Russia 1991 [ms notes in small ring binder]

Inaugural Walford Lecture 1993

  • Printout of transcript of lecture “Looking Forward – Women’s visions of the future” 12 p.
  • Newspaper clippings, article in Walford News, associated correspondence, photograph and plaque

Women’s Suffrage Centenary Committee correspondence 1994 (Magarey resigned from the Committee in protest against the removal of Dr Jean Blackburn as Chair)

Adelaide Research Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences (ARCHSS) 1997-2000

  • Brief history of ARCHSS by Susan Magarey (1 p.)
  • A copy of a Faculty of Arts occasional newsletter Context June 1997, announcing the establishment of ARCHSS
  • pamphlet about ARCHSS “Fostering a Global Perspective,” listing people who benefitted from the programmes of ARCHSS (together with their photographs), the members of its Advisory Committee, seminars, publications, conferences and public events organised by ARCHSS and the funds raised (Papers from the Fulbright Symposium were published as “Human Rights and Reconciliation in Australia”, edited by Susan Magarey, Australian Cultural History, no.18 (University of Queensland Press, 1999)
  • Photographs from ARCHSS events, mostly annotated: Faulding Lectures 1997; Fulbright Symposium 1999; Oz Icons 1999; University of Adelaide debate “That Ideology is Dead” December 1999

Conferences and conference papers

Crucible of Feminism: Women in the nineteenth century. A national conference organised by the Research Centre for Women’s Studies, 15 March 1985

  • Programme and list of participants

Modern Language Association Congress, New Orleans, 27-30 December 1988

  • Paper: “Contested Definitions of Gender in Australian Literature: Robbery Under Arms and My Brilliant Career” / Susan Magarey

History of Australian Feminists Conference, University of Sydney, 9-11 July 1992

  • Abstract booklet, programme and printout of Magarey’s paper ‘Centenary/Refractory Girl’

Women’s Research Centre (University of Western Sydney) Women’s Studies Symposium, 7 April 1993

  • Paper: “Women’s Studies Around the World” / Susan Magarey

NGO Forum on Women, Beijing, 1995, held in association with the Fourth United Nations World Conference on Women, Beijing, 4-15 September 1995

  • Magarey’s account of the Forum (typescript) as published in Australian Feminist Studies no. 22 (Summer 1995) and republished in Dangerous Ideas: Women’s Liberation … (Adelaide University Press, 2014)
  • Correspondence pre- and post-Forum
  • Papers collected during and after the Forum (many on women in developing, Asian and Arabian countries)

Gender in the Contact Zone: AHA Conference June 2000

  • Paper “Race and Gender Conflict in the Contact Zone: Lady Bridget in the Never-Never Land” / Susan Magarey

Generations of Feminist Studies 2005: conference to celebrate the 20th birthday of Australian Feminist Studies and mark the move of Australian Feminist Studies from Adelaide to Macquarie University, Art Gallery of SA, 28-30 June 2005. Items include:

  • Issue of Australian Feminist Studies v. 20 no. 47, 2005 (last issue edited by Magarey with her reflective editorial.) Also conference program and abstracts supplement, and programme handouts
  • Magarey’s notes for speech on handover of journal, and transcript of Mary Spongberg’s address “5 Things I Now Know about Journal Editing”
  • List of attendees at Generations Dinner
  • Photographs from conference and dinner, annotated with names
  • Notebook containing messages of congratulations from associates on the 20 years of A.F.S.
  • [Australian Feminist Studies printed t-shirt with cartoon by KAZ] IN MAP CABINET

Sixth International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women 1996 – see records held by University of Adelaide Archives

Red photograph album includes clippings re Magarey and women’s studies at Adelaide 1982-95 and photographs of:

  • RCWS staff, associates, students and visitors 1984- 2001
  • flowers from WSRC at Simone de Beauvoir’s funeral, Paris 1986
  • Magarey and friends during interstate visits
  • Conference on Writing Lives: Feminist Biography & Autobiography 1989
  • UNESCO Conference, Moscow 1989
  • International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, New York 1990
  • Rutgers University Berkshire Conference on Women’s History 1990
  • RCWS staff and new offices 1992
  • Penang 1992
  • 1st Women’s Studies in Asia & the Pacific Seminar 1992(?)
  • Conference celebrating the New Zealand 100th anniversary of votes for women, NZ 1992
  • Graduations [RCWS students?] 1993
  • Beth Morton, oldest MA graduate from the University of Adelaide
  • RCWS 10th birthday
  • Vassar, USA, 1993 Berkshire Women’s History Conference celebrations 1993
  • Greece 1993
  • Various other conferences 1994-95
  • The Australian Feminist Studies production team (additional photos at end)
  • “Patchwork of Empowerment” signature quilt, Alice Springs (additional photos at end)
  • Magarey as visiting speaker at University of Western Sydney (additional photos at end)
  • Penny Boumelha, Jane Lomax-Smith and Susan Sheridan at launch of Passions of the First Wave Feminists, Imprints Bookshop, 2001 (additional photos at end)

Launch of the Magarey Medal for biography by the Hon. Stephanie Key MP, 28 June 2005
The Magarey Medal for biography is a biennial prize awarded to the female author who has published the work judged to be the best biographical writing on an Australian subject in the preceding two years, established by Susan Magarey

  • Invitation to launch and Magarey’s speech
  • 5 photographs taken at launch, annotated with names
  • CV of Christine Pyman, the artist who created the brooch which served as the ‘medal’
  • Framed newspaper poster for The Advertiser “Historic Tie for Magarey Medal …” September 13, 1995. In frame 80x59 cm  WITH OVERSIZE PICTURES

History of the Faculty of Arts publication

  • ‘Sexist Historians’ file containing email correspondence 2012-13 re Susan Magarey’s contribution on the Research Centre for Women’s Studies at the University of Adelaide for the publication “A History of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide” (2012); printouts of the related text from the book; paper by Susan Magarey “Difficulties in establishing the Research Centre for Women’s Studies at the University of Adelaide: unhappy memories” 5/3/2014
  • See also Dangerous Ideas

Book: print copy of Dangerous Ideas: Women’s Liberation – Women’s Studies – Around the World (Adelaide 2014) with ms corrections.

  • With a copy of article “Difficulties in Establishing the Research Centre for Women’s Studies at the University of Adelaide: unhappy memories” 5/3/2014, annotated with names. RESTRICTED. ACCESS ONLY WITH THE PERMISSION OF SUSAN MAGAREY
  • See also History of the Faculty of Arts publication

Cream photograph album related to articles included in “Dangerous Ideas” eg

  • Photographs from the Fourth United Nations World Conference on Women, Beijing, 4-15 September 1995
  • Clippings, leaflets and photographs from the Sixth International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women organised by the RCWS, Adelaide, 1996
  • Photographs of Magarey, Ann Curthoys and Marilyn Lake, the principal investigators of the ARC project on the History of the Women’s Liberation Movement, taken at Lake’s holiday house in Sorrento 1997
  • Photographs of the RCWS farewell to Lyndall Ryan who was moving from Flinders University to the University of Newcastle 1998
  • Photographs 7th International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, University of Tromso 1999
  • Photographs Creating Feminists Symposium, organised by Magarey for RCWS in honour of Marion Halligan’s visit 1999
  • Photographs Women’s Studies Conference, Manilla 1999, where Magarey presented a paper
  • Photographs of speakers at the party funded by Australian Feminist Studies to mark the closure of the RCWS 31/1/2000
  • Photographs of meeting with Mary Spongberg and Jill Roe of Macquarie University organising the handover of Australian Feminist Studies journal

Series 6: Correspondence  18 cm.

  • Alan Atkinson ca 1976-78, including photographs
  • Letter from Pilwha Chang, Editor in Chief, Asian Journal of Women’s Studies, 2013
  • Angela Carter, 1984-85. Letter and postcard
  • Susannah Clapp (Angela Carter book) 2012. Includes photographs, printout of article from The Guardian and a copy of “A Card from Angela Carter” / Susannah Clapp
  • Kay Daniels 1970s? Includes photographs and Order of Service for funeral 2001
  • Anna Davin & Raphael Samuel 1977-88. Includes photographs
  • Stuart Macintyre n.d. Includes typescript tribute to Ian Turner (1979) and draft typescript of Chapter 6: “Family” from Little Moscows: Communism and Working-Class Militancy in Inter-War Britain (London, 1980)
  • John Merritt, ANU, ca 1985-88
  • Elsie Morris. Letter on the occasion of Susan’s marriage 1966
  • Margaret Power ca 1980-83. Includes photographs and typescript: The 1980/81 Budget Ignores Women.
  • Bev Roberts 1970s. Mainly personal, includes ms poems. RESTRICTED.ACCESS ONLY WITH THE PERMISSION OF SUSAN MAGAREY
  • Jill Roe (Emeritus Professor Macquarie University) Includes correspondence 1965-2003, photographs, emails and reviews re Roe’s biography of Miles Franklin (2008); talk by Roe “Stella Miles Franklin and the Writing Life: her struggles, and mine” University of Adelaide 20/3/2009; articles about Roe and Miles Franklin; abstracts of papers for “Jill Roe: Festschrift” 11-12 February 2004 & New Directions in Australian Women’s History 12-13 February 2004, Macquarie University
  • Jack Snelling MP 2014 (1 letter) re Magarey’s service to the Board of the History Trust of SA
  • Gayateri C. Spivak 1986 (1 letter)
  • Marilyn Strathern 1986 (1 letter)
  • Invitation from Martha Vicinus to birthday and marriage celebration, with Nancy Simonds, 2009
  • Ellinore G. Walker 1970 re Catherine Helen Spence: includes script of Walker’s dramatic monologue “The Story of the Franchise” performed at Adelaide Town for the Golden Jubilee of Woman Suffrage, June 23rd 1944 (typescript, 5 p.); ms summary of the early days of the Effective Voting League in S.A. (4 p.); 1945 pamphlet of the Constitution of the League of Women Voters of South Australia; ms notes from the minutes of meetings of the Women’s Political Association of South Australia 1909-1910
  • Anna Yeatman ca 1977-80. Personal and academic correspondence, including re Yeatman’s edited book ‘Historical Sociological Perspectives on the Position of Women in Modern Society’ [never published] and photographs. Many of the letters concern following up articles offered for the book but not received. Susan Magarey's article "Women's Studies in Australia - Toward Trans-Disciplinary Learning" was later published, by invitation, in a Special Issue of 'JET: The Journal of Educational Thought.'
  • Miscellaneous [personal ca 1965-86] (Tom Brown, Kevin & Margaret Magarey, Rupert Lockwood, Alison Faust, Letters from India including Toohison Monden and Geoff and Ann Wright)
  • Miscellaneous: [personal and academic ca 1978-89] (Kate Young, Ann T., Shirley, Bronwen Levy, Sue E. [Susan Hosking], telegram re the continued existence of the WSRC, Robert Segall, Rosemary Pringle, Trish Crawford, Claire Williams, , Megan, Sneja Gunew, Margie Power, Rosemary Auchmuty, Jenny Oswald, Bob Connell, Teresa Brennan, John Molony, Ann Johnson, Carole Ferrier)

Series 7: Publications and talks  13 cm.

7.1. Publications by Susan Magarey

List of published articles (printout, 4 p.)

Selected publications by Susan Magarey

  • Poem: ‘Destinations’ published in Verve 1963 (Magarey was on Editorial Committee)
  • Article: Women on Campus / Susan Eade, Daphne Gollan and Natalie Staples. Australian National University News v. 7 no. 3 November 1972
  • Article: Now We are Six: a plea for Women’s Liberation. Refractory Girl March 1977
  • Article: The Position of women in China, published in Visiting China / ed. By John Reid and Anne Gollan (1979)
  • Article: 1986. I Never Wanted to be an Administrator of Anything. Women’s Studies International v.9 no. 2 1986
  • Book: A Bibliography of Australian Women’s History / Susan Magarey and Lyndall Ryan. 1991
  • Article: … Pestroika has been Bad for Women … Lumen March 1992
  • Article: The Sexual Revolution as a Big Flop, Dialogue v. 27 no. 3, 2008: Includes correspondence and drafts. See also Series 4 Manning Clark folder

Folder: Research papers 1970s-80s. Printouts and ms drafts

Folder: Papers and articles by Magarey on women’s studies in Australia 1979-2001. Including the Women’s Studies programme at ANU

Folder: Papers on women’s studies ca 1984-2006. Ms, printouts and print copies.

[Drafts of articles?]

  • Human Capital: Societies for the prevention of cruelty to children in late nineteenth-century England. Typescript, two copies. One copy with comments by F.B. Smith. Undated
  • Origins of the British Association for the Promotion of Social Science: a stage in the foundation of British sociology. Ms draft with comments. Captioned above title: “1991 Historical gossip”

Menu for launch by Dame Roma Mitchell of “Women in a Restructuring Australia : work and welfare” by Anne Edwards and Susan Magarey” at Flinders University 1995. 2 copies

7.2 Reviews

Reviews of Magarey’s publications (Catherine Helen Spence, Roma, Passions of the First Wave Feminists); notices of launches and launch speeches. Includes photographs of the launch of Passions of the First Wave Feminists, Imprints Bookshop, 2001.

7.3 Talks and guest lectures

Folder: Talks Given. Ms scripts and related correspondence 1983-88

Folder: “All Together Now, or Take-Away …”

  • Script for talk “All Together Now, or Take-Away? Visions of transformed domestic labour in early twentieth-century USA” Talk for the Queen Adelaide Club, Thursday 6 October 2011.
  • Script for “All Together Now, or Take-Away? Choices between socialization and commercialization of meal preparation in first-wave feminist visions of an emancipated future” Dept of History, 2010?

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