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Francis Hugh (Tim) Mares (1925-2001)
Papers 1948-2000

MSS 0079

Biographical Note

Francis Hugh Mares – always known as Tim – was born in England and graduated from Durham and Oxford (B.Litt 1954) before emigrating to Australia to take up a teaching position at the University of Western Australia.  In 1958 he was appointed to the English Department at the University of Adelaide, where he lectured, undertook administrative responsibilities as chairman of the Department (1971-74) and dean of the Faculty of Arts (1975-78) and pursued research until retirement in 1986.  Mares’ specialist areas were Shakespeare and Elizabethan and Tudor drama, and he edited the Revels Plays edition of The Alchemist in 1967 and Much ado about nothing for the New Cambridge Shakespeare series in 1988: the Bell Shakespeare Antony and Cleopatra on which he was working at the time of his death was published posthumously.  He also taught more widely, notably on linguistics (in which he undertook an M.A. at the University of Essex in 1971), creative writing, the theatre and Australian literature, not only at the University but also to adult education classes and later at the University of the Third Age.  He also assisted in the establishment of an Australian literature course at Charles University in Prague, teaching there himself in 1993.

Tim was very active in bodies concerned with theatre and performance in Adelaide, teaching and directing as well as serving as Chairman of the Adelaide University Theatre Guild, on the Board of the SA Theatre Company, the University’s Special Committee on the Place of the Theatre in the University and its Committee for the Performing Arts.  In ‘retirement’ he also served as Chair of the Cornell Chapter of the Alumni Association and on Senate and other University committees.  His research interests were many and in addition to the Jonson and Shakespeare editions and The memoirs of Robert Carey he published numerous articles and book, radio and play reviews.  He was elected a fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities in 1974.

Contents Listing

Papers as student at University of Durham 1948-53 Series 1
Papers relating to M.A. at University of Essex 1970-71 Series 2
Papers relating to teaching and research within the English Department, University of Adelaide 1957-90 Series 3-7
Papers relating to teaching in Saarbrucken 1989-90 and Prague 1993-94 Series 22-23
Papers relating to involvement with the Theatre Guild, Alumni Association, Southern Review and other University of Adelaide bodies and committees, and with the University of the Third Age (U3A) 1967-2001 Series 8-18
Personal and professional correspondence 1950, 1958-2000 Series 19
Celebrations and obituaries of colleagues and friends Series 20
Projects, publications and papers 1959-98 Series 24 and 26
Papers of conferences, seminars and workshops 1958-2000 Series21
Book, radio and play reviews c1957-85 Series 25
School broadcasts and papers on secondary education 1957-58 Series 27

1.  University of Durham, St Cuthbert's.  English essays, exam papers and notes.
1948-53.  5 cm.
[including lecture notes on Bibliography with H.J. Davis and Palaeography with N. Ker in 1952-53]
See also Series 5

2.  University of Essex, M.A. in Theoretical Linguistics.  Assignments, notes and draft M.A. thesis 'Unnecessary order and necessary disorder'.  1970-71.  4 cm.

3.  University of Adelaide, English Department.  Departmental matters, including Report on Departmental Government 1972, minutes of departmental meetings (with some related correspondence) 1985, Departmental Review 1987 (copy of the Review and Mares' submission).  5 cm.

4.  University of Adelaide, English Department.  Reading lists: English 1957-72 (selective); Honours (reading lists and notes) 1969-70, 1976, 1985; Linguistics (reading lists and lecture outlines c1975-79.  5 cm.

5.  University of Adelaide, English Department.  Notes for lectures etc given by F.H. Mares 1956-91.  15 cm.
[also includes Department of Adult Education lectures 1961, 1963 and 1965 on Australian writing, 1962 Dunedin lectures, Radio VL5UV lectures 1973 on The Writer as Critic of Society, and U3A lectures 1990-91. Note that some files include lectures taken by Mares as a student at St. Cuthberts]
see also lectures on Australian and American literature given in 1989-90 in Germany and 1993-94 in Prague in  Series 22 and 23

6.  University of Adelaide, English Department.  Creative Writing group.  Handouts and student writing. c1960-68.  5 cm.
[Mostly poetry, apparently collected later for proposed publication]

7.  University of Adelaide, English Department. Study leave papers 1958-81.  15 cm. [Correspondence, itineraries, reports and other papers relating to Mares' overseas study leave]
see also Saarbrucken and Prague papers, Series 22 and 23 and some relevant correspondence in Series 19

8.  University of Adelaide, Theatre Guild. Minutes, reports, correspondence relating to visit of Margaret Webster (1969), circular correspondence to member, papers (budgets, publicity, reviews and occasional photographs) re individual productions (Dingo and Richard II, 1969, Saved 1970), financial statements. c1967-70.  6 cm.

9.  University of Adelaide, Special Committee on the Place of the Theatre in the University 1969. Minutes, submission and related correspondence, background papers (including 1949 report by Tyrone Guthrie on Australian theatre).  3 cm.

10.  University of Adelaide, Committee for the Performing Arts.  Minutes, agendas and correspondence 1976-87 [not complete].  2 cm.

11.  South Australian Association for Studies in the Performing Arts (SAASPA). Minutes, agendas, constitution, budget/funding papers and related correspondence. 1987-89.  5 cm.
[initial proposal under varying names - Institute of Theatre Research, Centre for Theatre Studies, Centre for the Performing Arts]

12.  University of Adelaide, Department of Adult Education.  Seminar on Government Aid to the Arts, November 1968.  Report of group discussion on theatre/drama (chaired by FHM) and circular papers.  1 cm.
see also file of notes for lectures by F.H. Mares on Drama for 1961 Adult Education Summer School in Series 5 and UNESCO seminar in Drama and education 1958 in Series 21.1

13.  Southern Review [journal] Minutes of committee meetings, correspondence, grant/subsidy applications, financial statements, correspondence, 1984-88 and 1992-93; also summary of the origins of the journal, correspondence re its management 1966, copies of constitution as drafted/approved 1968-69, and House Style Manual 1974.

14.  University of Adelaide Alumni Association, Cornell Chapter. Minutes, correspondence, memoranda, arrangements for functions (including separate file on launch of Rob Amery’s Warrabana Kaurna February 2001). 1997-2001.  8 cm.

15.  University of Adelaide Faculty of Arts, External Relations Committee.  Memoranda and correspondence. 1997-98.  1 cm.

16.  University of Adelaide, Select Committee of the Senate [on future of the Senate].  Minutes, correspondence, memoranda and related correspondence.  2000.  2 cm.

17.  University of Adelaide and Flinders University Joint Matriculation Committee, Sub-Committee on English Expression.  Memorandum by F.H. Mares.  undated (late 1983 or early 1984).  1 cm.

18.  University of the Third Age (U3A).  Lectures for course by FHM, newsletters, class lists and related correspondence c1988-2000; also papers re establishment and program of U3A Adelaide Hills 2000-2001.  5 cm.
[includes lectures on Nature of Language 1988 and program of U3A visit to Central Australia (with poem ‘The Uluru Pilgrims’ by FHM and Robin Eaden) 1999]
See also lectures in Series 5

19.  Correspondence (personal and professional) 1950, 1961-2000.  15 cm.
[Includes one file of miscellaneous correspondence 1950-2000; and separate files of departmental and professional correspondence 1967-72, correspondence with Alan Brissenden 1968, Oxford University Press (publication of Carey Memoirs) 1970, re summer lectureship at University of Virginia 1977, re acquisition of Alan Wilkie books 1981, re exchange professorship at Trondheim, Norway 1982-83, and with James Harrison 1982 and Richard E. Sherwin 1984-85 (with copies of his poetry)]
RESTRICTED - includes letters from friends and colleagues on personal matters

20.  Celebrations and obituaries: Colin Horne (1980 and 1999/2000), Brian Elliott (1991), Geoffrey Dutton (1998), Wendy Abbott-Young (1996) and Douglas Muecke (1994?).

21.  Conferences, seminars and workshops.  1958-2000. 10 cm

21.1 UNESCO seminar in Drama and Education, Sydney 1958: paper by FHM ‘Lecture room and theatre’ and other papers, program and correspondence see also a revision of this paper offered to Vestes in 1960 in Series 24.5
21.2 Shakespeare seminars, Stratford Ontario 1966: program and correspondence
21.3 Australian UNESCO seminar on Support for the Performing Arts, Australian National University 1969: papers and program
21.4 International Shakespeare Conference: paper by FHM ‘Interpretation and characterization in Henry IV, Part I’ for 19th conference, 1980, with program and related correspondence; also miscellaneous papers relating to 20th, 21st, 27th and 29th conferences and other Shakespeare conferences attended to 2000
21.5 Australian and New Zealand Shakespeare Association conference, Adelaide 1992: program (with abstracts) and correspondence; also Conference guide for 2000 conference
21.6 Australian Studies workshop, University of Adelaide 1989; paper by FHM on ‘Australian studies in theatre research’, program and related correspondence.

22.  Papers relating to teaching in Saarbrucken (Universität des Saarlandes) and other European institutions. 1989-90.  3 cm.
[Official and personal correspondence, notes for lectures on Christina Stead, Moselpop and American theatre and literature]

23.  Papers relating to teaching in Prague 1993-94 and re subsequent visit to Adelaide of Martin Prochazka 1996-97.  13 cm.
[Official correspondence, lecture notes, personal correspondence of FHM and Robin Eaden with family and friends while in Prague and talks and articles on the visit]

24.  Projects, publications, draft papers and [work-in-progress] 1959-98.  70 cm.

24.1 untitled paper on [H.W.] Arndt, Burton and Socialism (undated)

24.2 ‘Popular plays of the late Elizabethan period’ (undated paper and notes)

24.3 ‘Elizabethan drama before 1576’ (draft chapters for proposed OUP publication 1959-60)

24.4 ‘Vice in the development of some fools and villains of the Elizabethan stage’ (draft paper, comments and correspondence 1958-59)

24.5 ‘Drama in Australian Universities (revised version of paper given at UNESCO seminar on Drama and Education 1958, with related correspondence re possible publication in Vestes 1960)

24.6 The Alchemist - Revels Plays series (contract, comments and reviews, correspondence with the publishers Methuen 1960-71 and later correspondence with Manchester University Press re royalties), also paper ‘Staging of the Alchemist’ (drafts and correspondence1960-61)

24.7 ‘Science fiction and social criticism’ (typescript and correspondence re proposed publication in Southern Review 1963)

24.8 ‘Henry Kingsley, Marcus Clarke and Rolf Boldrewood’ - chapter for the Pelican Guide to Australian Literature 1963

24.9 Hamlet – Critical Commentaries for Schools series (proofs and correspondence with the editor, Geoffrey Dutton, 1964)

24.10 Mary Gilmore  - proposed study for Twaynes World Authors series [never completed]. Extensive notes, extracts and copies of printed and manuscript sources (including copies of letters from the Palmer and Chisholm collections and microfilm of letter-journal written in Paraguay), correspondence with publishers, fellow researchers, librarians and other, etc. c 1964-69.

24.11 A true and sincere declaration… - Virginia Pamphlets series (copies of mss, typescripts of transcribed and edited version, notes on the work and on George Percy, and related correspondence 1969-85)

24.12 [proposed contribution to] Dictionary of Australian English (proposal only, 1970s)

24.13 [proposed contribution to] Essays in Elizabethan Drama to be published by English Department in celebration of the Centenary of the University (proposal only, undated but c1973)

24.14 Much ado about nothing (contract, correspondence with the publisher Cambridge University Press, proposal for revised edition, 1977-96)

25.15 Henry IV Part I - York Notes series (contract and correspondence with publishers 1977-88, 1996)

24.16 Antony and Cleopatra – proposed edition for Critics Debate series (Macmillan) 1984-90 and subsequently for Bell Shakespeare series (Science Press) 1991-98 (drafts [most on disk], correspondence with the publishers and co-authors/editors, notes)

24.17 Sejanus, his fall – paper for festschrift for Peter Dixon (draft paper and related correspondence 1991-93) and papers related to a production of the play directed by FHM for the University Theatre Guild in July 1999 (cast list, program, notes and report).

24.18 [Helen Darville/Demidenko] Articles and letters to the press by FHM and others on ‘The Demidenko affair’ 1995.

24.19 Articles for the Dictionary of National Biography and New DNB on Ben Johnson, William Penkethman, Henry Norris and Richard Estcourt, with related correspondence 1998-2000.

24.20 Drafts of article on King Lear for collection of English Department essays edited by Di Schwerdt and Sue Hosking, 1998 and of Everyman in the 21st century, undated

See also collection of reprints and other publications Series 26

25.  Book, radio and play reviews c1957-85.  12 cm
[Arranged by publications in which appeared (Advertiser, Bulletin, Meanjin etc) or name of author (Judith Wright, Robert Fitzgerald, Mary Gilmore, Jean Genet), plus a collection of intended for “ a possible Australia volume”]

26.  Publications by F.H. Mares: articles and books 1958-98 and book reviews 1960-81.  18 cm.
See also Series 24 and 25

27.  School broadcasts on Shakespeare, novels and poetry (notes, program transcripts, correspondence and contracts) 1956-64.  6 cm.

28.  [Secondary education and Education Department] Articles and letters on education and the syllabus by FMH, including typescripts and cuttings and letters in response.  1957-58 and undated.  2 cm.
See also memo on English expression in Series 17

29.  Notebooks: translation of Beowulf, undated (1950s); preliminary work on ‘Popular concepts of the Romance hero in Tudor and Jacobean drama’ [thesis at Oxford], 1959.  2 v.

30.  Miscellaneous files: notes on censorship 1963-65 and  ‘The red book of Clan Ranald’ (notes and correspondence) 1958-60.  2 cm.

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