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Professor Neville Marsh
Collected papers 1952-2008

MSS 0129

Biographical Note

Neville Marsh was born in Watford, England and educated at Framlingham College Suffolk. He read Physiology and Zoology at Queen Elizabeth College London and graduated with a First Class Honours degree in 1965. He completed his PhD in 30 months at the Royal London Hospital Medical College and returned to Queen Elizabeth College as a full Lecturer in Physiology at the age of 25 in 1968.

In the following years, he developed his research expertise in the field of pathophysiology of haemostasis, particularly in the effects of insect and snake venoms on the cardiovascular system. He published his first paper in “Nature” in 1968 on the results from his Honours project.

In 1992, he emigrated to Australia and took up a position as Head of Anatomy and Physiology at Queensland University of Technology, first as Senior Lecturer and then as Associate Professor. In 2000, he became Assistant Dean in the Faculty of Science with special responsibility for postgraduate education.

In 2002 he was appointed Dean of Graduate Studies at The University of Adelaide and in 2003, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research). In 2006, he became the inaugural Head of the School of Population Health and Clinical Practice at Adelaide. His outstanding service to the University was recognized by the award of Professor Emeritus.

Neville Marsh retired in 2007 and returned to Queensland where he has since taken up a position as Chair of the University Human Research Ethics Committee at QUT. Over his 40-year research career, he has published some 200 refereed papers and presentations, edited several volumes of research papers on toxinology and haemostasis and published two monographs.

Neville also supervised a number of higher degree theses at Queen Elizabeth College, University of London, and Queensland University of Technology.  A Special List of these is available, with call numbers provided for those held by the University.

Contents Listing

Series 1: Framlingham College Suffolk (1952-1961)  4 cm

  • School reports 1952-1961
  • Prize essays and prize presentation programmes 1959-1961, including GCE ‘A’ level zoology project reports 1961 incorporating pressed flowers
  • Handwritten examination answers 1955-1961, and GCE certificate 1958 (photocopy)

Series 2: Queen Elizabeth College, University of London (1962-65)  35 cm

  • Admission papers, examination papers, graduation booklets etc
  • Undergraduate notebooks in physiology, zoology, with some assessments (4 folders)
  • Undergraduate zoology practical and theory notebooks, including laboratory drawings (3 folders)
  • Physiology experimental practical reports (5 folders, 1 notebook)
  • Miscellaneous papers, including seminar and discussion group flyers featuring Neville Marsh; QEC examination papers; timetables for Neville Marsh’s first lectures, October 1968

Series 3: The Royal London Hospital Medical College (1965-68)  9 cm

  • Appointment correspondence
  • PhD laboratory books (unpublished data) 6 notebooks
  • Correspondence relating to Marsh’s first publication, and reprint “Arm length and arm damage in Asterias rubens” [Neveille Marsh’s BSc Honours project subsequently published in Nature v 218 no 5147 (June 22, 1968) p. 1175-76]
  • First draft of Marsh’s PhD thesis “Altered fibrinolysis during extreme proteinuria”, with diagrams and additional prints

Series 4: Queen Elizabeth College, University of London (1968-1991)  31 cm

  • Appointment, promotion and general QEC correspondence
  • Teaching and lecture notes
  • Laboratory books 1970-93 (unpublished data) 9 notebooks
  • Historical presentations of the Langendorff isolated perfused heart preparation, including Langendorff biographical material, slides, reprints etc
  • Recordings: including polygraph recordings from undergraduate ECG practicals and recordings from isolated organ preparations etc. Also smoked drum kymograph recordings 1937-1979, some using kymograph donated by Neville Marsh to the University of Adelaide Heritage Collections
  • 16mm films (all silent) – to follow
    1. Experimental air embolism: 8 mins
    2. Control of arterial pressure demonstration: 11 mins
    3. The Artificial Circulation: 7 mins
    4. Sao Paolo and Venezuela 1973-75: 19 mins
    5. South American caterpillar expedition (8mm)

Series 5: Queensland University of Technology (1992-2002)  36 cm

  • SEDA (QUT Staff and Educational Development Association) accreditation and teaching portfolio
  • Teaching lecture notes, School of Life Sciences: Advanced physiology, Blood & haemostasis, Cardiovascular physiology, Endocrinology: including examination questions and practical tests. Also Course unit outlines, and student evaluations of teaching results
  • Australian College of Natural Medicine. Teaching / lecture notes: Clinical medicine
  • Research Concentration in Biomedical Sciences (RCBMS) papers: includes reports, correspondence, flyers, accounts etc
  • Correspondence with PhD students, examiners reports, newspaper cuttings re student research
  • Balacci consultancy reports: reports of research undertaken for Laboratory Baldacci SpA, Pisa, Italy. Includes some experimental data
    • The effect of ateroid and defibrotide on the growth of cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells … July 1989
    • The effect of unfractionated sanofi heparin (calciparene) and low molecular weight heparin (fraxiparine) on the growth of cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells … July 1989
    • The effect of enoxaparine and unfractionated pharmuta heparin on the growth of cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells … July 1989
    • In vivo and in vitro effects of heparin sulphate on the human fibrinolytic enzyme sytem and on platelet function / GVR Born & NA Marsh, May 1987
    See also Series 7
  • Papers relating to dispute between Ms Judy Craft and Prince Charles Hospital, including interview tape *(restricted access until 31 January 2021)
  • applications for Professor and Head of School of Life Sciences QUT 2000

Series 6: The University of Adelaide (2002-2006)  20 cm

  • Appointment and performance papers *Restricted access until 27 June 2016
  • Dean of Graduate Studies daybooks *Restricted access until 5 December 2026
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) daybooks *Restricted access until 5 December 2026
  • Inaugural lecture papers, with DVD recording (to follow)
  • Various presentations to Council, Senior Staff etc., Graduation Day speech
  • Miscellaneous photographs and correspondence: including invitations to events, newspaper cuttings, information re smoked drum kymograph machine donated by Marsh to the University of Adelaide Heritage Collections
  • Ballets Russes correspondence: including correspondence re project to reprint the Trevor Clare/Darien Smith book, articles, photographs, project reports etc

Series 7: Publications and writings  29 cm

7.1 List of books, chapters and edited volumes 1981-2005
Note: copies of

  • Fibrinolysis (Wiley 1982),
  • The History of Queen Elizabeth College (King’s College London 1986)
  • Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis vol. 3 no. 8 (August 2005) “State of the art: XX Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis” edited by Marsh
    have been catalogued separately for the University Collection

7.2 Referred journal articles 1967-2007 (reprints/photocopies of articles in 3 folders) Includes typescript,
        proof and correspondence re Marsh’s first submitted article 1967
7.3 Published conference papers 1977-2002 (photocopies/reprints in folder)
7.4 Published refereed communications to learned societies and conferences, published as abstracts
        1970-2004 (abstracts/photocopies/reprints in 2 folders)
7.5 Scientific presentation scripts 1966-2003 (typescripts/ms reports/presentations to meetings, societies
        etc, largely unpublished)

Printed lists are available for 7.1-7.4

Series 8: Correspondence  69 cm

8.1 General correspondence (arranged chronologically as received)

  • 1965-1986
  • 1987-1991
  • Sydney 1988-August 1989
  • 1991-2003

8.2 Correspondence with Dame Miriam Rothschild FRS  and Sir Cyril Clarke FRS (1971-1989)
8.3 Correspondence with Carmen Luisa Arocha Piñango 1972-2003 (miscellaneous venom activities)
8.4 Correspondence with Avril Fox 1975-1981 (Fox collected butterflies for Marsh in South America and they
        formed a close friendship)
8.5 Correspondence with Gianni Losgno 1979-2001
8.6 Correspondence with Armando Yarleque 1982-2005
8.7 Correspondence and paper re gaboon viper envenomation 1984-2005

Series 9: Societies  4 cm

  • Haemostasis Club (UK) 1972-2000. Includes constitution, minutes, finances, reports of meetings, correspondence, Parton Medal award
  • International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) Scientific and Standardization Committee (SSC) Correspondence 1993-2007. Also SSc Registry of Exogenous Hemostatic Factors [subcommittee] agendas and minutes, newsletters 1998-2008

Series 10: Biographical  1 cm

Curriculum vitae 1968-2006; biographical note


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