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Papers of Henry Evans and Honor Courtney Maude

A. Pitcairn Island

This series has been digitised and can be found on the H.E. Maude Digital Archive

Papers relating to administrative visits by H.E. Maude in 1940-41 and 1944, with extensive background papers. 1904-45. 12cm.

These papers consist of registered files, numbered 1/40 - 27/40 and an additional numbered manila folder. They comprise copies of official correspondence and related lists and regulations, principally for the period of Maude's visit in 1940-41 but with some earlier background material (see below).

The first 23 items relate to the visit of the Maudes to Pitcairn Island from 20 August 1940 to 7 April 1941. The material includes the relevant correspondence together with a considerable volume of unpublished notes on the island and the islanders which will be essential reading for any researcher working on Pitcairn history. Files 24-27 relate to a second visit paid in 1944.

On both visits to Pitcairn Maude was appointed a Deputy Commissioner for the Western Pacific. On the initial visit he was seconded from the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony Service, his most important task that of establishing administrative regulations for the islanders, but also with instructions to establish a Pitcairn Island postal service and to improve the local wireless service. His second visit in February 1944 was principally to accompany and facilitate the work of a New Zealand expedition, and in addition to review the working of the Constitution and Legal code, investigate the position of the Island with regard to stores and supplies and the procedures of the Post Office, and to audit the local accounts.

1. Instructions to High Commission representative.

2. Local government officials.

3. School affairs.

4. The Island Post Office.

5. Telegraphic correspondence.

6. The Island Laws, and other legal matters. Includes earlier correspondence between the Chief Magistrate, Richard E. Christian and the High Commissioner for the Western Pacific/British Consulate, Tahiti, and other background papers October 1907 - April 1938.

7. Land and other property, and its inheritance. Includes background papers 1909-37.

8. Laws and Regulations formerly in force on the island. Includes copy of 1904 Regulations and undated notes.

9. The Pitcairn Island Government Regulations, 1940. Includes original document dated October 1940 containing the signatures of native born residents over 17 years testifying to their having read and accepted the Regulations of 1940.

10. Rules passed by the Island Council.

11. Rough drafts of Pitcairn Island correspondence.

12. Instructions for the guidance of the Local Government.

13. The Island Records.

14. Matters for action in Wellington.

15. Miscellaneous correspondence.

16. Judicial Inquiries and Deputy Commissioner's work.

17. Applications to reside on Pitcairn Island.

18. Wireless Affairs.

19. Codes and ciphers: ccorrespondence re use of, September 1940 - January 1941.

20. Reports and statements regarding the Pitcairn Group.    Includes background papers 1913-38.

21. Miscellaneous correspondence and papers.    File contains considerable information on Pitcairn Island families and individuals and correspondence between Maude and Fred Christian to 1945.

22. Names of residents and genealogical tables.

23. Bibliography, archaeology and history.    Bibliography of sources re Pitcairn Island and incomplete draft of essay on Pitcairn, and mss draft of talk, undated.

24. Correspondence preliminary to second visit, 1943-1944.

25. Second visit, 1944.

26. Correspondence following second visit, 1944.

27. Report on Pitcairn Island stamps, 1943-1944.

28. Gazetteer of Pitcairn Island.    Pencil draft of descriptive listing of settlements and natural features of Pitcairn, undated.

29. Miscellaneous notes and articles on Pitcairn (including lists of historical sources; rulers of Pitcairn, compiled 1966 by T.R. Cowell; early visits by ships; arms of Pitcairn), copy of 1861 letter of William Stewart to the Rev. G.H. Nobbs.

30. List of islanders from birth and death registers, 1792-1941 (compiled by H.E. Maude).

31. Pitcairn Island commemorative stamp issue: correspondence 1960-61, etc. relating to issue, particularly in relation to the schooner Mary Ann/Louisa which took the islanders from Norfolk Island to Pitcairn in 1859/1857? Includes first day cover and stamps 1981 commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Pitcairn migration to Norfolk Island.

32. Visit to Norfolk Island 1982: correspondence, publications, newspaper articles and album of photographs relating to the return to Pitcairn by the Maudes of the "Bounty ring" discovered by Honor Maude on Pitcairn in 1941.

33. "Skeleton leaves" - collection of painted leaves, possibly made for sale as souvenirs to passing ships, with covering note.

See also Series D/14 and Part II, F files, F/7

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