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Papers of Henry Evans and Honor Courtney Maude

C. Publications: Slavers in Paradise

Correspondence, notes, drafts and copies of source documents for H.E. Maude's Slavers in Paradise (A.N.U., Canberra, 1981). 1970-81 and source material of earlier date. 50 cm and 4 reels m/film.

This series shows in detail every stage in the preparation of a book on history from the preliminary correspondence to the final text as sent to the printer. It should be helpful, as a practical guide to those aiming to embark on writing a scholarly book, reproduce the thousand or more items constituting the source material on the Peruvian slave trade in Polynesia (in English, French or Spanish). Such a comprehensive collection can never, in all probability, be assembled again and should prove invaluable to a researcher working on almost any aspect of 19th century Polynesian history.

[1] Preliminary correspondence

1.  Correspondence, Part I. Correspondence with researchers, libraries and colleagues, January 1970 - April 1978.
2.  Correspondence, Part II. Ditto, January 1978 - July 1981.
3.  Correspondence on, and credits for, illustrations. Ditto, February 1980 - February 1981.
4.  Grant McCall: reports and correspondence on visit to Peru. Report by McCall on his research during visit to Peru April 1972 - April 1973, funded by the A.N.U. and Maude, and correspondence with Maude, 1975.

[2] Source material

5. London Missionary Society and Consular letters.
6. British Admiralty, Consular and N.S.W. letters.
7. British Tahiti Consular Papers, Part I.
8. British Tahiti Consular Papers, Part II.
9. Messenger de Taiti. [5 - 9, 12 - 15. Extensive photocopies.]
10. Notes on French microfilms. [.Manuscript notes.]
11. Eucher and related French reports. [Typescript and ms. extracts and transcript.]
12. Photocopies of source material.
13-14. Miscellaneous photocopies, Part I and Part II.
15. English excerpts of Spanish and French documentation,
16. Miscellaneous documentation. [Typescript extracts from various sources.]
17. Library references for checking. [Notes.]
18-19. Preliminary notes, Parts I and II
20.  Preliminary draft
21.  Corrections to final  text
22.  Book format final draft and draft covers
23.  Primary source materials received after publication (photocopies and 4 microfilms)
24. Correspondence with publishers 1982-85
25. Advertisements and reviews
26. Correspondence re translations 1982-85
27. Post-publication 'despatches and acknowledgements' 1981-83
28. Drafts of a seminar paper on Peruvian labour trade
29. Original artwork for covers by Phil Belbin (In Map Cabinet)

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