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Papers of Henry Evans and Honor Courtney Maude

D. Honor Maude papers

Correspondence, notes, photographs and illustrations and draft text of publications by Honor Maude on String Figures. 1946-98. 50cm.

Each item in the series consists of draft texts, illustrations and correspondence relating to the publication of four out of Honor Maude, 1960Honor Maude's six monographs on Oceanic String Figures, of which Item 1 was published by the Libraries Board of South Australia and the remainder by the Homa Press of Canberra, founded and owned by herself.
[this note relates to the first five files; other material was received subsequently]

1. String Figures of Nauru Island. Extensive notes, drafts and photographs, mostly undated, for the publication String Figures of Nauru Island (Occasional papers in Asian and Pacific Studies 2, Libraries Board of South Australia, 1971).  Also correspondence 1965-70.

2. Solomon Islands String Figures. Extensive notes, drafts, photographs and correspondence, c. 1965 - June 1982, relating to the publication Solomon Islands String Figures (Homa Press, Canberra 1978).

3. String Figures of the Tuamotus. Ditto, September 1966 - December 1979, relating to String Figures of the Tuamotus by Honor Maude and Kenneth P. Emory.

4. String Figures from New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands. Notebook, 1950 and draft of article, 1983 re String Figures from New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands. Yukio Shishido's drawings for Item 4. Original illustrations for String Figures from New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands by Yukio Shishido, and related correspondence, May 1982 - July 1984.

5.  Photocopies: ‘The String figures of Yirrkalla: a major revision’ / collected by Frederick D. McCarthy, 1948; revised and illustrated by Honor C. Maude and Mark A. Sherman. Bulletin of the International String Figure Association v. 2 1995, and Mark A. Sherman ‘Reconstructed methods for the Jayne and Garcia figures: Appendix III for H.C. Maude’s The String Figures of Nauru Island (second edition)

6. String figures from Tikopia. Draft text, notes and related correspondence, c1968-79.

7. Reprints and/or proof copies of String figures from Tonga (1986), String figures from Torres Strait (1987), String figures from Northern New Guinea [with Camilla Wedgwood] (1967), Mikronesier Fadenspiele and Polynesier Fadenspiele (1965).

8. Draft of article on String figures for the Encyclopedia of Oceania [prepared 1996]

9. Correspondence on string figures. 1963-96.
[Philip Noble 1973-83, A.P. Elkin 1963-73, Yukio Shishido 1984-89, Dr A.J. Abraham 1985-90, Felix Paturi 1982-89, Seishiro Youasa 1974-80 Hiroshi Noguchi 1978-93, Roger Smith, Wolfgang Loade and David Lister 1980-87, Mark Sherman 1983-98 and others 1971-96 (mostly 1980s)]

10. Articles by others on string figures of PNG, Easter Island, Trobriand Islands, Nauru, Australia and Torres Strait, Angola, etc. Include early works by Haddon, Compton, Jeness and Griffith and later works by Tom Storer, Felix Paturi, B. and G. Senft, Philip Noble, Olaf Blixen, Haddon and Rivers, G.A.V. Stanley, etc.

11. Misc. articles, newspaper cuttings on string figures and on Honor Maude.

12. Board of string figures     Outsize item [against wall of Strongroom]

13. Items relating to Pacific handicrafts: hibiscus bark made by Honor at Beru; coconut string; cards made of tapa cloth; ticket for items sold through Handicraft Society.

14. Talks by Honor Maude on the Gilbert Islands, Nauru, Pitcairn, Tonga and string figures. c1946-87. mss and typescripts.

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