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Papers of Henry Evans and Honor Courtney Maude

H. Correspondence with Particular Persons : 1957-87

The correspondence of ten friends or colleagues has been separated from the Chronological Series J and brought together here either because of its volume or particular importance at the time; but letters received before or after the dates indicated will still be found in the general series under the year of dispatch. Of the correspondents P.O. Macdonald was a close friend since 1932, when he joined the Colonial Administrative Service in the GEIC, finally retiring as Colonial Secretary, Fiji; Jane Roth was an old friend from Fiji days and later a gifted documentary searcher in London; Margaret Titcomb was our closest friend in Hawaii from 1935 until her death; and Ida Leeson, former Mitchell Librarian and the leading authority on the documentation of Oceania, was my untiring researcher and collaborator in Sydney.

Additional files received 1995-97 have been added to this series.

1. Professor J.W. Davidson, 1957-1960.

2. Mr. Edouard A. Stackpole, Mystic Seaport and Nantucket Islands, 1957-1968.
[Stackpole was curator of manuscripts at Mystic Seaport, a re-created 19th century coastal village. The correspondence is principally about sources for Stackpole's research and publications on whaling.]

3. Miss Ida Leeson, 1958-1963.
Principally regarding sources, information and contacts.
 3a. Professor Martin Silverman, 1962-71.

4. Mrs G.K. Roth, London Searcher, 1962-1972.
Principally regarding sources, information and contacts.

5. Miss Phyllis Mander-Jones. 1962-1972.
  5b. Dr John Young, 1962-80.

6. Mr. Ian Diamond, WPHC Archivist, 1963-1971.

7. Miss Margaret Titcomb, 1966-1976. [Librarian, Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Hawaii.]

8. Dr David Lewis, Pacific Navigational Research Project, 1966-1970.
Principally relating to Lewis' project work on the practical testing of long distance landfalls by Polynesian navigational methods.

 9. Mr. Lester Gaynor, 1973-1986.
Principally relating to Gaynor's work on the history of Christmas Island.

10. Mr. P.O. Macdonald, Part I, 1975-1979.

11. Mr. P.O. Macdonald, Part II, 1980-1984.
Subsequent to his career as a colonial administrator, Macdonald was Acting Archivist of the Western Pacific Archives (1976-1978) and organised the dismantling of the WPHC Archives. In this correspondence Macdonald comments widely and freely on many aspects of the colonial administration in the Pacific and on colleagues and researchers, as well as on sources for research on Pacific history and anthropology. There is much earlier correspondence with Macdonald in Series J (1934 ff).

12.   P.D. Macdonald [cont], 1984-87.

13.  Professor R.G. Crocombe, 1976-85. Principally re publication of various works by Maude.

14.  Professor Derek Freeman, 1983.
Addresses and newspaper cuttings relating to Freeman's critique of the work of Margaret Mead.

15.  Caroline Melville (Ralston), 1968-82. Principally re her thesis on Hawaii and subsequent career.

16.  ‘Duplicates of the important letters in my [service] life [in the Gilberts]’.
Letters from Grimble 1930, Sir Arthur Richards 1938 and 1939, Arthur Haddon 1936, James Hall 1941, James Michener 1946; also poem by Oscar Spate 1955. [received in 1998]

See also Part III for correspondence with other colleagues and researchers, as well as suppliers and publishers, students, publishers, booksellers, societies etc. for the period 1959-95.
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