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Papers of Henry Evans and Honor Courtney Maude

I. Publications

This series is divided into three groups of files, the first consisting for the most part of correspondence, notes and listings of sources relating to my more important publications. Drafts and revisions have not been included unless there was some special reason, and for most searchers the main value of the group will lie in the material on sources, many of which were not used or quoted in the published paper, monograph or book. More comprehensive treatment has been given to Of Islands and Men, a book generally considered to be of particular importance in the development of Pacific historical studies; and to a lesser extent to the three papers most often quoted in other literature: 'Pacific History: Past, Present and Future', Beachcombers and Castaways' and 'The Swords of Gabriel'. A complete list of publications, to 1977, by H.E. (Harry) and H.C. (Honor) Maude is given on pp.22-31 of Gunson, Niel (ed.), The Changing Pacific: Essays in Honour of H.E. Maude (Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1978).

The second group is concerned with correspondence on, and the provision of Forewords, Introductions, Endnotes or Bibliographies for, publications by friends and colleagues, including three of the 11 books in the Pacific History or Pacific Monograph Series edited by me; and the third group comprises, quite illogically, some papers by me which for one reason or another were never published.

A fourth group has been created for files on later and “pending” publications received subsequently (I[49] – I[56]), and an extensive but not complete set of Maude's articles and addresses have been collected together as Series I[57]

(1)  Personal publications
1.  ‘Islands of the South Seas’, Times (London) 5.8.1958.  Copy of the article and correspondence re publication.

2.  ‘In search of a home’ JPS 1958.  Ms and typescript drafts.

3.  ‘Spanish discoveries in the Central pacific’ JPS 1959.  [only later (1966) correspondence is contained in the file]

4.  Articles in Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1960-1967.
Copies of Maude's articles on Pitcairn and Tonga, and correspondence relating to these.

5.  'Rarotongan Sandalwood', JPS, 1962. Source Materials.
[Draft text, notes, correspondence 1960.]

6.  The Evolution of the Gilbertese Boti, 1963. Preliminary Notes.
Typescript draft. Prepared for Symposium on Ethnohistorical Interpretation, at the Pacific Science Congress, 1961.

7.  Contribution to Man's Place in the Island Ecosystem, 1963.
Correspondence, draft paper and copy of paper to be discussed by him on this topic at a symposium at the Bishop Museum, 1961-[1963].

8.  "The History of Pitcairn Island', in The Pitcairnese Language, 1964.
Correspondence 1959-1962 and typescript draft of the introduction by Maude.

9.  'Beachcombers and Castaways', JPS, 1964. Part I: Correspondence.

10.  'Beachcombers and Castaways', JPS, 1964. Part II: Construction and first draft.

11.  'Beachcombers and Castaways', JPS, 1964. Part III: Source materials.

12.  'The Coconut Oil Trade of the Gilbert Islands, JPS, 1965.
Correspondence 1959-1966, including extensive information from Ida Leeson.

13.  'The Precedence of Tarawa Atoll', Annals of the Assoc. of American Geographers, 1966. Correspondence, 1963-1966, and notes on sources. [Joint paper with Ronald Lamport.]

14.  'The Stalactite Fish Hooks of Ocean Island', JPS, 1967. Correspondence and source materials.

15.  'The Swords of Gabriel', JPS, 1967. Part I: Correspondence and source materials.

16.  'The Swords of Gabriel', JPS, 1967. Part II: Source material (WPHC MP2435/30).

17.  'The Swords of Gabriel', JPS, 1967. Part III: Source material (WPHC MP730/31).

18.  Of Islands and Men, 1968, Part I: Correspondence, 1964-1967.

19.  Of Islands and Men, 1968, Part II: Correspondence, 1968-1970.

20.  Of Islands and Men, 1968, Part III: Construction, notes and drafts.

21.  Of Islands and Men, 1968, Part IV: Illustrations and maps.

22.  Of Islands and Men, 1968, Part V: Reviews.

23.  'Baiteke and Binoka of Abemama', in Pacific Islands Portraits, 1970.
Notes, draft, correspondence 1968-1970.

24.  Presidential Address, ANZAAS 1970, 'Pacific History - Past, Present and Future', JPH, 1971. Part I: Correspondence.

25.  'Pacific History - Past, Present and Future', JPH, 1971. Part II: Criticisms and revisions. Includes early draft with extensive comments by Jim Davidson.

26.  'South Pacific: Independence and Regionalism in the South Sea Islands', The Round Table, 1971. Correspondence 1970-1971 and (?final) typescript.

27.  The Gilbertese Maneaba, 1980. Correspondence and notes.

28.  'Tioba and the Tabiteuean Religious Wars', JPS, 1981. Part I: Source materials.

29.  'Tioba and the Tabiteuean Religious Wars', JPS, 1981. Part II: Correspondence [1971, 1976, 1981-1983] and original maps and diagrams.

30.  Australian Dictionary of Biography: William Douglas Campbell (1770-1827);
Thomas Raine (1793-1860). Correspondence [1964-1965] and source material.

31.  Australian Dictionary of Biography: George Hunn Nobbs (1799-1884);
Charles Smith (1817-1897). Correspondence [1965-1967, 1975] and source materials.

(2) Forewords and other contributions to publications
32.  David R. Lewis, "Polynesian Navigational Methods', JPS, 1964. Correspondence and draft article/chapters by Lewis.

33.  C.G.R. McKay, Samoana, 1968. Correspondence 1957-1958 re its publication.

34.  Ron and Marjorie Crocombe, The Works of Ta'unga, 1968. Correspondence, Foreword and Reviews.

35.  W.E. Giles, A Voyage in a Queensland Labour Vessel to the South Seas, 1968. Correspondence and Reviews.

36.  Philip A. Snow, A Bibliography of Fiji, Tonga and Rotuma, 1969. Part I: Correspondence, 1968-1972.

37.  Philip A. Snow, A Bibliography of Fiji, Tonga and Rotuma, 1969. Part II: Correspondence, 1968-1972.

38.  Willowdean C. Handy, Thunder from the Sea, 1973. Foreword and correspondence, 1957-1974.

39.  Ernest Sabatier, Astride the Equator, 1976. Correspondence, 1974-1978, Foreword, Endnotes and Bibliography.

40.  Luelen Bernart, The Book of Luelen, 1977. Correspondence, 1972-1975, and Foreword and unpublished illustrations.

41.  Forewords and introductions (miscellaneous), mainly correspondence re. 1976-81.

(3) Unpublished papers
42.  Missions in the South Pacific, 1956.
Lecture to United Missionary Training Course in Sydney.

43.  The Bahais in the South Seas, 1956. Correspondence and Notes.
Relating to proposed article by Maude on Pacific area Baha'i activities. Discontinued at the request of the Asian Teaching Committee of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is.

44.  District Administration in the W.P.H.C. Territories, 1957.  Seminar given to Dept. of Pacific History, ANU.

45.  Australia and the New Hebrides, 1958. Memo prepared for H.F.E. Whitlam.

46.  The South Pacific Commission, 1963. Printed in Australia's Neighbours, an A.I.I.A. monthly publication – originally prepared for the Chief Commissioner at the SPC.

47.  The Bibliography of Bibliographies of the Pacific Islands. Correspondence, 1967-1976.
The bibliography was originally prepared by Ida Leeson and published in 1954. Maude contracted with Oxford University Press in 1968 for a new bibliography, but after various setbacks the agreement was cancelled in 1976.

48.  Europeans in the Pacific Islands. Correspondence, 1969-1975.
Maude originally agreed to write a book under this title for the Pall Mall Press, but it was not completed.

(4) Later and unfinished publications
[49]  The Pacific: outline text for projected ABC television series, written in association with Keith Adam, undated.

[50]  History of the Gilbert Islands.  c1934-98.
 Correspondence with Holland, 1934-36 and early draft outline; official documents, notes on sources, correspondence re the origin of the name Kingsmill Islands (1951-54) and with Ernest Sabatier 1962-65 re possible sources; abstracts of articles from the Friend and extracts/copies from the papers of the Micronesian Mission, a copy of P.Guichard’s Histoire de la famille de Teaabike et des premieres guerres de Tarawa (c1936) with an English translation by A.E. Andrew; and a typescript draft of a much later (1990s) compilation history.

[51]  Pending Publications

(1) The writing of Island History.
(2) John Adams.
(3) Benjamin Boyd and the Labour Trade (4 files).
(4) (The evolution of ) Local Government in the Gilbert Islands.
(5) Cook and the Development of Pacific Studies (3 files).
(6) The Prince Regent.
(7) Sandal wood from the Marquesas, 1810-1820.
(8) George Marina and Wallis Island.
(9) The Morison Myth.
(10) Federation of Pacific Territories.
(11) British Relations with Palau.
(12) Pacific Papers, Vol. II.
(13) The Stones of Arorae, by Brett Hilder.
(14) Autobiography.
(15) An Introduction to the History of the Pacific.
(16) The Literature of the Pacific.
(17) History of the Central Pacific.
[52]  Tungaru traditions [The Grimble Papers] (1989).
Notes, correspondence with publishers and informants, 1959-92.
Contains {folder 5} copies of some early correspondence of Arthur Grimble, biographical notes and articles on Grimble, and correspondence with his daughter Rosemary [Seligman]       see also Series L and Photographs in Part II

[53]  Traditional stories from the Northern Gilberts (1990). Drafts, proofs and related correspondence. 1987-90.

[54] The story of Karongoa (1991). [The story of Kiribati – the Karongoa Papers]
Early ms copy of the original Gilbertese text, notes and translations for a proposed publication c1960, drafts, notes on corrections for the published text, and related correspondence, 1990-91. Also file of  correspondence with those who had received a copy of the book, June-August 1991.

[55] Anthology of Gilbertese oral tradition: chapter drafts (incomplete) and correspondence 1993-94 (principally with printers/publishers).

[56] Colonisation of Nui: its settlement and people.   Draft and final typescript.  undated [c1995]

[57] Reprints of published articles 1931-81, and copies of unpublished articles and addresses, 1929-cl971  20 cm..

See also Part III, Series G
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