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Papers of Henry Evans and Honor Courtney Maude
MSS 0003

Part II: Resources for Central Pacific Islands history, including original notebooks, research and reference files, photographs and copies of source documents

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Part II/1. Group "A" (ringbinders): 1-{45}

Manuscript and typescript notes from manuscripts, newspapers, journals, books, official reports, etc. and references to sources in particular collections.

note this material is also indexed by a card index compiled by Professor Maude [in filing cabinet in SC workroom];

1. Gilbert Islands (General): from Western Pacific High Commission Archives & other sources to 1869
see also no. 23, 30, 38
2. Islands: from Western Pacific High Commission Archives & other sources.
Cook Islands (general), Northern Cook Islands, Palmerston Island, Suwarrow Island, Tokelau Islands, Marshall Islands, Caroline Islands, Tikopia Island.
3. Subject filings (1): from Western Pacific High Commission Archives & other sources.
Labour Trade, Hawaiian-Fiji relations, Western Pacific High Commission (General), Native Laws: Central Pacific Islands, Naval Matters (General), Biographical Data (by person).
4. Trade
Whaling, Beche-de-mer, Pearling,
see also 17, 18
5. Islands (by Groups)
Ellice Islands, Phoenix Islands, Nauru Island, miscellaneous islands.
6. Guano Islands
see also 11
7. The Tahitian Pork Trade 1800-1827. Vol. 1.
8. The Tahitian Pork Trade 1800-1827. Vol. 2.
9. Pitcairn Island: references & bibliographical data.
10. Pitcairn Islands (General)
From the Mutiny to the landing (1789-90), from the Landing to the death of John Adams (1790-1829). (Classified by subject)
cont. in file 24.
11. Naval Correspondence on the Guano Islands and the Peruvian Slave Trade (transcribed from microfilm) and notes from Ward's thesis on "Polynesian Emigration to Peru ".
12. Subject Filing (2) from miscellaneous sources.
Discoveries, Peruvian Labour Trade, Boki's Expedition to the New Hebrides, Hawaiian Protectorate over the Gilbert Islands.
note Peruvian Labour Trade section removed to separate file [44]
13. Boston Mission Correspondence: from A. B. C. P.M. microfilms and other sources.
14. Benjamin Boyd [sources]
see also 22
15. [Gilbert Islands] - extracts from Journals of voyages/visits to Pacific Islands
Includes Personal Journal of John S. Whittle as Surgeon of the USS Vincennes & Peacock 1838-1841 and labour and trading vessel narratives.
16. [Gilbert Islands] Report on a cruise through the Western Pacific on board H.M.S. 'Espiegle', 18.5.83-3.10.83 by J.R. Le Hunte, Judicial Commissioner for the Western Pacific.
17. Sandalwood
General, Fiji, Marquesas, New Hebrides, other localities.
18. Early Trade
General, Traders & ship owners, Shipping, List of ships' logs and  journals, abstracts from ships' logs and journals, Ships' Captains.
19. Polynesia - Eastern
Tahiti & the Windward Islands of the Society Group, the Leeward Islands of the Society Group, the Marquesas Islands, the Tuamotu Islands.
20. Flags of the Pacific Islands
General, Hawaii, Tahiti, Society Islands, Mangareva, Austral Islands, Tonga, Cook Islands, Samoa, Niue, Fiji, Gilbert Islands, Elllice Islands, Tokelau Islands, New Zealand.
21. Indexes, microfilm contents lists & special bibliographies  
Newspapers & periodicals, microfilms, bibliographic lists on special subjects.
22. Charles St Julian, John Webster & Sikaiana.
Sections III and IV of Benjamin Boyd and the South Sea Islands
see also no. 14
23. Gilbert Islands (General): from Western Pacific High Commission Archives & other sources 1870-1879.
see also no. 1, 30, 38
24. Pitcairn Island (General)
From the death of John Adams (1829); material for gazetteer.
cont. from no. 10
25. Fiji, Tonga & Samoa
26. Subject Filings (3): from miscellaneous sources
O'Connell and the discovery of Ponape, Bligh and the breadfruit, Alexander Mackonochie.
27. Kuoko'a Translations from the Hawaiian mission periodical 1862-73
28.* Articles & papers: published & unpublished typescripts. Part 1. [by others] cont. in 40 and 41
29. [Translations of part of] E. Sabatier, Sous I'equateur du Pacifique: Les iles Gilbert et la Mission Catholique, 1888-1938 and Hawaii, Ostmikronesien, Samoa by Augustin Kramer.
30. [Gilbert Islands: from Western Pacific High Commission Archives and
other sources, 1880-1889.]
31. [Notes on manuscript collections relating to the Pacific held in the Fiji Museum, WPHC archives, German naval and admiralty files, Petherick and Marsden papers, London Missionary Society, microfilms by the SPC, etc]
32. Notes on the Line Islands
33. Addresses & reports: personal [i.e. by Maude, c.1936-56]
34. Source material in United Kingdom Libraries: notes on. [not extracts]
35. Guano Islands. 'Arundel, John: biography of' / Aimee Bright. 2 parts, c. 1921 (typescript, photocopy); Correspondence 1889 (John Arundel letter), & 1959-72 with Mrs Sydney Aris re Arundel papers (John Arundel's daughter); 'Material gathered concerning John Thomas Arundel' / Miss I.E. Fletcher (on the association of Arundel with the London Missionary Society) 1960 (typescript)
36. Merged with 35.
37. London Missionary Society Archives
Abstracts & excerpts from the material relating to the Gilbert Islands, compiled by Dr. J.D. Freeman.
38. Gilbert Islands (General): from Western Pacific High Commission
Archives & other sources 1890-1899, 1900-.
39. Maiden Island.
40. Articles & papers: published & unpublished. Part 2. [by others] cont. from 28
41 .*  Articles & papers: published & unpublished. Part 3.
42.*   Bibliographies & reference lists: part 1.
43.*   Bibliographies & reference lists: part 2.
[44]  Untitled - Peruvian Labour/Slave trade.

N.B. where the contents page of a file refers to items transferred to other files, these refer to other files in this group

Part II/2. Group "B" (files): A-F

Extracts from and photocopies of source materials on the central Pacific generally, particular islands, and island history subjects, with notes and cuttings.

A. Gilbert & Ellice Islands
A/1  Gilbert Islands (general)
A/2  Ellice Islands (general)
A/3  Makin & Butaritari
A/4  Marakei & Abaiang
A/5  Tarawa & Maiana
A/6  Abemama, Kuria & Aranuka
A/7  Nonouti [see also A14]
A/8  Beru, Nikunau & Onotoa
A/9  Tamana & Arorae
A/10 Nanumea, Nanumanga & Niutao
A/11 Nui, Vaitupu & Nukufetau
A/12 Funafuti, Nukulaelae & Niulakita
A/13 Gilbert & Ellice Islands (general)
A/14 Tabiteuea [copies from the Garstang papers added to this file later]
A/15   Establishment of Protectorate [incomplete]

B. Phoenix Islands
B/1 Phoenix Islands (general)
B/2 Canton & Enderbury
B/3 Phoenix, Birnie & McKean [folder empty]
items received in 1997 with no reference number but possibly originally from this file, consisting of correspondence re the Settlement Scheme 1938, have been added to Part I Series E file 2
B/4 Hull, Sydney & Gardner
B/5 Howland & Baker

C. Line Islands
C/l Line Islands (general)
C/2 Palmyra & Kingman Reef
C/3 Fanning & Washington
C/4 Christmas
C/5 Caroline, Vostok & Flint
C/6 Maiden, Starbuck & Jarvis

D. Other Groups & Islands
D/1 Tokelau Islands (general)
D/2 Cook Islands (general)
D/3 Nassau
D/4 Pitcairn (2 parts)
D/5 Henderson, Oeno & Ducie
D/6 Wake & Johnston
D/7 Ocean Island & Nauru [subsequently expanded by a compilation for a proposed history of Nauru, c1997.  Includes notes by Jack Mullins who worked as an engineer for the BPC on Nauru, letters to Elkin and fieldnotes of a researcher on Nauru in 1935, and articles and sources documents [of/from/for Nancy Viviani?], including a letter to John Arundel from A.C. Walkup on Butaritari, 21 November 1900 and 21 August 1901]
D/8 Tonga Islands
D/9 Fiji Islands
D/10 Rambi [Rabi] Island
D/11 Other islands

E. Subject Files
E/l Cruise of the "Nautilus" and origin of the name Kingsmill
E/2 Richard Randell & Hugh Fairclough
E/3 Flags of the Pacific Islands
a note inside says "contents moved to Series A file no. 20 " - i.e. the Group A ringbinders v.20
E/4 Gilbert & Ellice Islands Protectorate & Colony: King's regulations & ordinances
E/5 German Reports (miscellaneous)
E/6 German Foreign Office Archives
E/7 Nan Kivell Collection, National Library

F. History of the Central Pacific
F/l Discovery of the Islands (general)
F/la Spanish discoveries
F/lb Russian discoveries
F/lc Discovery of the Phoenix Islands
F/2 Castaways & beachcombers
F/3 Whaling
F/4 Wrecks & attacks on ships
F/5 Traders *
F/6 Trading vessels *
F/7 Trading firms
F/8 Mission (Boston)
F/9 Mission (L.M.S.)
F/10 Mission (R.C.) *
F/l 1 Labour Trade
F/l2 The Guano industry
F/l3 American claims to the Islands

* initially these listed files were not received, but in 1997 files on these topics, but without file references, were received, and have been restored to this sequence

Part II/3. Group "F" (files): 1-8

Bibliographies and other source material, notes and articles on the Gilbert and Ellice Islands, Pitcairn, the Central Pacific and Pacific History generally.

Eight numbered files, compiled by Maude:
Fl. Bibliographies of the Central Pacific.
F2. Items on the Gilbert and Ellice Islands.
F3. Pacific History: bibliographies, indexes and courses.
F4. Miscellaneous papers relating to Pacific History.
F5. Miscellaneous material on the Pacific Islands.
F6. Bibliographies and indexes of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands.
F7. Miscellaneous papers relating to Pitcairn Island
consists of typescript and mss drafts of Maude's "Social and administrative history of Pitcairn"
F8. Gilbert Islands: oral history.
Detailed listing by Maude held with the Series

Part II/4. Notebooks and other source materials: Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony, Pitcairn, Tonga and other islands

This series has been partially digitised and can be found on the H.E. Maude Digital Archive

1. Old Beru Files "classified by subject"
[listing and description from Maude. Note that these files do not necessarily refer only to Beru; rather they were created by Maude while District Officer based on Beru]
1. Societies and clubs. 1937-46
2. Gardens and vitamins, (empty folder, title crossed through)
3. Polynesian Society. 1931-43
4. Native Co-operative Societies. 1933-35
5. Gilbertese cross-words, undated
6. Honolulu Conference on Education. 1936-38
7. Notices and announcements. 1933 & undated
8. Line Islands Settlement Scheme. 1936-39
  includes (undated) proposal for a women's club to make articles for sale
9. Revised Island Regulations.  1937-38
10. Revised Island Regulations - Part II. 1938-39
11. Medical Reports [Young on cervical adenitis 1930; Lambert’s health survey report 1924]
12. The Gilbertese Language. undated
see also (14) below and files and notebooks on language in section 4
13. Census Enumeration - 1931. 1931-32
14. Gilbertese words for Dictionary. 1935 & undated
see also "Languages" file and notebooks
15. Translations for the Government. 1937-38
16. Personnel - Transfer to Zanzibar & re-transfer
[this file not received, but see Part I, Series G2]
17. Wild Birds: Protection of.  1916-24
18. Correspondence with the Bishop Museum
[this file not received, but see Part I, Series H7]

2. Gilbert and Ellice Islands Files
[1-16 as numbered by H.E. Maude, with some un-numbered files added]
1.  not received.
2. Genealogies
3. Maneaba plans, Clan Lists and Kainga Maps.
4. The Maneaba - Miscellaneous Notes.
5. The "Tabo-n te Bike" Maneaba.
see also in file 3 above
6. Banaba Part I includes letter from T. Rotan 1938
[7- 8 not received]
9. Population and Vital Statistics - Part I.
10. Population and Vital Statistics - Part II.
{a later file "Gilbert Islands Population Records", with annual statistics of births and deaths on each island for 1898-1937 (1905-1937 for Arorae) has been added}
11. Adoption.
12. Social Anthropology - Miscellaneous Notes.
Includes notes on partition of lands, justice, dances (Beru) and a Nonouti chant
13. Games - including Banaban games
14. Material Culture - Miscellaneous Notes.
{some additional material received in an untitled file has been added; relate to Beru, Banaba, Tarawa, and unidentified}
15. Fishing, Fish Hooks and Fish Lures [mainly Beru]
16. Bibliography of Works on the Colony {early notes}
{17} "Anthropological notes awaiting filing"
[impossible now to attribute - probably taken from files 12 and 14]
{18} "Songs - Gilbertese"
{19} "Languages"
(lists of words in Bingham; words for administrative and military personnel and functions, notes for a Gilbertese political vocabulary)

3. Gilbert and Ellice Islands notebooks
Numbered notebooks on Gilbertese material culture, tradition, ethnography. In English and Gilbertese. <12 v.>
1. [not received]
2. Relationship and Rites de Passage (on tinaba, eiriki, marriage, relatives, etc - various islands)
3. Two Banaban stories (dated May 1922, signed Ngai Nei Beteua)
[4-5 not received]
6.  Elementary social organization (Grimble's first field compilation)
7. Gilbertese myths and legends Book III
8. Banaban fishing methods (undated, unknown hand)
9. Miscellaneous Banaban notes - Ete
(includes nine Banaban words with Gilbertese equivalents)
10. Nikunau Island - Nei-n Riiki and the coming from Samoa
11. Notes on Banaban ethnography
(on the terraces of Tabwewa and Tabiang; also scraps {not in Maude's hand} on the maneaba of Um-a and Tabiang)
12. [not received]
13.  Articles on the Gilbert Islands - Lists and extracts Part I
14. ditto Part II
15. Notes on the ethnography of Nui island
16. Notes on the ethnography of Onotoa island
See also Grimble notebooks in Part I, Series L

4. Un-numbered notebooks - Language and culture
[1] Gilbertese words and meanings not found in Bingham's dictionary.  1 v.
see also "Vocabulary of words not to be found in Bingham's dictionary" among Grimble’s notebooks in Series L
[2] Notes on Gilbertese language. 2 v.
[3] Gilbertese words and phrases.  1 v.
[4] Notes on words for family relationships (Ellice Islands and Banaba) and on the structure and customs of particular clans. 1 v. [most in Grimble's hand?]
[5] Notes on Gilbertese language, customs and material culture, with list of purchases for Maude's South Sea Islands library, undated (c1930-35). 1 v.
[6]-[12] Unidentified notebooks (mostly in Gilbertese, one Tuvaluan?, and some not in Maude's hand, re clans, maneaba, genealogy, oral traditions, etc), undated. Includes words and music to two hymns. 7 v.  Two identified as [by] Ete, Beru/Tabiang

5. GEIC - Administrative and Lands matters - notebooks and files
1. Reference notes on administrative matters [Air Services to Wage Rates], probably compiled by Maude for his successor, undated (c. 1945). 1 v.
2. Ditto on people, places, protocol, services [Air Transit to Whale Boat]. 1 v.
3. Administrative record, including draft copies of reports and memoranda, record of meetings and trials, etc. 24 January 1934-16 April 1938.  1 v.
[with record of Gilbert Islanders' facial measurements in front of volume and annual statistics of births and deaths 1905-1937 for Arorae Island in back)
4. Administrative record (mainly legal matters), 6-29 June 1934 . 1v.
5. Charge book, September 1931-October 1935. 1 v.
[official, not in Maude's hand. Notes in Gilbertese in second part of volume]
6. {Banaba} Record of villagers, by village, with age, occupation, birthplace, parents and physical characteristics - Tabwewa, Buakonikae, Uma and Tabiang villages (only 6 p. of volume used). 1 v.
7. Native government officials: records of service. 1 v., undated
8. Diaries {tour of District} 9 Sept. -11 Nov. 1933. 3v.
9. Administrative notebooks, primarily on land matters. 7v. all undated
- 9.1. "Lands entering book" (record of claims to be entered) {Beru}
- 9.2. Untitled - includes "Deceased estates to be partitioned", "Sums paid for land disputes", etc. {Banaba, with one sheet on Nikunau)
- 9.3. Untitled - also on lands to be partitioned {Banaba}. Includes genealogies, notes on adoption as nati; also notes on tattooing on Banaba.
- 9.4. Untitled - complaints and depositions, land claims {Nikunau?} Includes story of the fish pond and method of fishing the pond. At back of volume, evidence of witnesses in trial of Koru for murder.
- 9.5. Untitled - notes on inspection of villages and houses {Beru?} in Grimble's hand? Also (in Maude's hand) notes on Pitcairn Island place names.
- 9.6. Untitled - includes land disputes {Nikunau, Arorae and Onotoa} (statistics only) and notes on Enderby Island.
- 9.7. Untitled - misc. notes on financial record-keeping matters]
10. "Miscellaneous Lands Records" 1 file
Typescript copies of official Lands Commission Office memoranda, correspondence and ordinances, 1922-23, 1937-40, 1944, 1949-51, and notes by Maude on Land customs on Beru, 1933.
11. Lands Commission minutes [Ellice islands] of A.G. Lake, May-July 1948.
  [Photocopy of originals in Tuvalu archives, made for Maude in 1992]

6.   Ocean Island/Banaba
1. Bibliography of Banaba 1900-1990 [by H.E. Maude] typescript
2. Documents relating to the Japanese occupation/administration of Ocean Island October 1942- May 1943: circular notices issued in Japanese and Gilbertese, and translation of these in 1970 by Reid Cowell.
3. Tabwewa account of the coming of the Beru settlers.  2 p. typescript, undated.
4. Miscellaneous notes on Banaban social organisation and custom.
5. Published and typescript material on the archaeology and history of Ocean Island c 1902-1975
6. Short history of the Banabans by Stacey M. King 1993 (10p. typescript) and correspondence with Stacey King and related copies of newspaper articles, documents and transcripts of interviews conducted and stories collected by her.
7. Issues of Bwanaan Rabi no. 17-18, September 1993 and Banaba/Ocean Island News no. 1- 23, 1993-1996.
8. "Administration of the Banaban  royalties."
See also in Sections 1-5 above and Group F files, F2 (12) – (17)

7. Nui Island
"The settlement of Nui: Introduction" (includes various typescripts and notes by Maude on the history, legends and related ancestry/genealogy of Nui) and  "The settlement of Nui - source material: Gilbertese text".
- Traditions and legends of Nui in Tuvalu; translated from the Gilbertese of Anetipa (Anetiba) of Nui by Reid Cowell. 2 files. Includes two original letters from Anetipa to Grimble, March 1921 and a letter about Anetipa by A.K. Seluka November 1991.
- The legend of the Tree of Tarawa (given by Anetipa of Nui)
- "Wa ake Teniwa aikai also Taekan te Borau" {typescript text}.
- "Bingham's visit to Nui 1867-68": copies of his report from the Letters and Papers of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in the National Library of Australia.

8. Raine Island
Correspondence re history and restoration of the Raine Island Beacon, historical sources and notes on the Island's history (including on George and Ann(i.e.) Eliza Ellis and J.T. Arundel); printed information on the present condition of the island (including Reports of the Raine Island Corporation). 1988-89 and sources of earlier date. 5 cm.

9.  Newspaper cuttings (book reviews, the Pacific, and history generally). 1930-80 [but principally c1950]. 3 v.

10.  Philately magazines 1935-49, including re the stamps of the Gilbert Islands, and stamp auction catalogues for 1947 and 1950.

11. Source materials - Photographic copies of records and manuscripts

11/1.  A collection of numbered photographic and other copies of official records, manuscript sources, newspaper cuttings and rare printed works relating to various islands, particularly the Gilbert and Ellice Islands and Pitcairn.  1805-1975 and undated.  20 cm.
see card index to these, compiled by Maude and his partial typescript/manuscript "List of Photostats", held with the series.

11/2.  A further collection of un-numbered photographic and other copies of official records, manuscript sources, newspaper cuttings and printed works relating to various islands, particularly the Gilbert and Ellice Islands and Pitcairn.  1788-1977 and undated.  40 cm.
[No lists were received with the group, but a more detailed listing, compiled on receipt of the collection, is held with the series, and is reproduced below.]

11/3.  Maps, charts and illustrations.  1788-1861.
[Chart of the Great Ocean or South Sea conformably to the account of the voyage of discovery of the French frigates La Boussole &   L'Astrolabe 1785-88
Islands discovered by Thomas Gilbert of the Charlotte 1788 Copies of paintings of Tahiti by George Tobin 1792
Copies of charts drawn by Johan Adam Graaner during De Peyster's voyage in the Pacific 1819
Carte del' Archipel des Isles Gilbert 1827
Sketch of George Elliot [Hill] 1861]

11/4.  Microfilm copies of source materials.  30 cm. (3 boxes, last box unlisted)
 [Partial ms list supplied by Maude and held with the series].

12.  Photographs and negatives c1908-96.  1.4 m.

Folder 1: Harry and Honor Maude cl908-2006?
- Walter Maude and damily: Muriel, Father, Maudie, Mother, Mabel, Walter (jr), Dolly (cousin), Mary, Harry in front, plus negative
- Harry Maude as a child in boat
- Harry and Honor Maude wedding Sept 1929
- Maude match rifle shooting at Bisley c1926
- Harry in the Gilberts 1938 and in his WPHC office, Suva 1942 – 6 photos
- Honor and string figures x 2, 1960s
- Harry and Honor in Canberra late 1980s-1990s (11 photos including at exhibition of their papers at ANU- Harry Maude with granddaughter? ca 2006)
- letter for reference for Maude from his Boarding School master, Highgate School, 26 March 1929
[some photographs previously listed eg Maude at Cambridge and Honor with her mother and sisters c1914 were not returned from the printer of his biography]

Folder 2: Visit to Ivanhoe station 1935? (Western Australia, on the Maude's way to England)
- 3 unidentified

Folder 3: Paddy Macdonald
- Professional photo ‘Neil’s christening: Sir Harry Luke & Honor Maude Delia & Paddy Macdonald and their son Neil n.d.; Paddy Macdonald at Harvard Yard, Cambridge Mass. 1977

Folder 4: Major Holland
- Photos of Major Holland; Mrs Holland her daughter Barbara and Jean Cummings (from Lovering late 1940) [presented by Katherine Cummings 2003]

Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony 1929-1940s?

Folder 5: Ocean Island: including Harry and Honor Maude with Grimble and staff 1932 (5 photos), Honor at Barley’s weekend camp mid-1930s, and copies of earlier photographs from other collections (12 photos plus duplicates)

Folder 6:  Photographs and negatives used in Tungaru traditions

Folder 7: Ocean Island and Beru album 1929-1933 (127 photos, mostly annotated)

Folder 8: Album Ocean Island and Tarawa 1940s (21 photos incl. Maude residence)

Folder 9: Gilbert Islands: unidentified: scenes, ethnographic/material culture (including of items donated to the Auckland Museum by the Maudes)
Folder 10: 15 maneaba photographs plus duplicates

Folder 11: Miscellaneous, including Tamana
- 12 Gilbert Islands photos including Kiribati Council meeting, two of village cooperative store, Kiribati dated 1931, moving the roof of a hut (pandanus thatch)
- Gilbert Islands 1930s: 13 small photos, one labelled native garden Babai?
- prints made from negatives for Mark Sherman's string figures tribute to Honor. 16 photos plus 2 negtives
- miscellaneous: mostly Tamara 1938. 17 small photos plus 2 negatives in Kodak photo sleeve
Folder 12: 4 sets of postcard photographs published by Father Bermond 1980?

Folder 13: Tarawa (8 photos + 17 photos 1938), also Butaritari and Makin (3 photos 1943-44), Tabiteuea (10 photos 1930s) and Arorae (1 photo), and plasticine model of Tarawa, made by Honor Maude

Folder 14: Beru
- Beru? 87 photos, 4 annotated 1930
- 7 photos including Honor on jetty 1933, staff, islanders and houses
- 8 photos 1931-31
- 13 photographs, including children playing at low tide 1932; playing Oreano? [ball game?] 1930s; women demonstrating grass skirt making 1930s; canoes; Government Station; Maude's house; group photo of islanders dated September 1964; 2 panoramas of District Officer;s house 1933

Folder 15: Ships
- colony yacht 'Nei Nimanoa' 1942
- medical vessel Kiakia 1938 [presented by Katherine Cummings in 2003]
- Tabiteuea baurua (large canoe) 8 photos plus dups
- Grimble's outrigger canoe 1930s
- canoes Beru
- Gilbertese canoes
- canoes and canoe houses
- ‘RMS 'Royalist'
- ‘Hiram Bingham’

Folder 16: Rabi [Fiji, home to Banabans of Ocean Island after WWII]
- 2 photos of the memorial stone on Rabi, one with Sir Albert Ellis

Folder 17: Phoenix Islands c1937-38
- Approx. 200 photos (most unidentified) from the settlement scheme undertakings of 1937-38, some in box
- 38 photos 1938, annotated

Folder 18: Christmas Island (Jack Pedro and his son, January 1941) and Fanning Island (2 photos, unidentified)

Folder 19: Pemba (Zanzibar) 1936
- 19 photos 8x5 cm

Folder 20: Tonga 1941
- 54 photos, including home-made ‘album’ of 1941 featuring opening of Parliament, funeral of Tungi, Queen Salote, Palace, scenes and people
- 1982 photo of British High Commission Nuku`alofa
- a ms index to Margaret Armstrong’s journal and photocopies of the pages re Maude’s departure and death of Tungi

Folder 21: Miscellaneous Pacific views, including postcards and reproductions from earlier publications

22. Photograph of maneaba donated by Catherine Cummins, Digital files of additional photographs are availabale.

Pitcairn 1940-41 (REHOUSED IN Allbox album)
- 1941 photo survey, annotated in home-made ‘album; plus 64 + 19 photos 8x5 cm 1941
- 2 packets Pitcairn photos 1940-41
- 3 larger photos of Pitcairn Island and Bounty Bay (1 a reproduction of 1825 watercolour of Bounty Bay by F.W. Beechey)
- 2 photos of group inspecting new stamps etc 1944?
see also Part 1 Series A file {32} for photos of Pitcairn and discovery of the "Bounty ring" by Honor Maude on visit in 1982

- Glass negatives of Gilbert Islands (islanders, dress, artefacts, scenes) c. 1930s. 2 boxes, one of 50 and one of 34 slides, with brief description on lists within the boxes.
- Paper negatives of photographs (from the 1930s and 1940s, most unidentified but many represented in the print collections). 1 box.

Framed photographs and sketch
- Beru Island 1931: photograph of Gilbertese using pump drill with shark tooth point, wearing necklace of human teeth
- Beru Island 1931: photograph of Gilbertese wearing a whale tooth necklace, dancing gear shells on arms
- Beru Island 1931: photograph of girl in full dance dress
- Beru Isaland 1931: photograph of man who never had his hair cut
- Beru, Kiribati: photograph of two Gilbertese women in garden of District Officers house
- Beru: photograph of Gilbertese canoe with mat sail
- Beru? Watercolour of beach scene by G.E. Hard, Jan. 1932

Part II/4. Section 11/2: Photographic copies of records and manuscripts  (un-numbered items)

1.  Official records and manuscript sources.
a) 1788-1893, 1923 and undated, arranged chronologically
b) "Photostats from U.K." Mainly PRO lists of Pacific material; also Prospectus of Pacific Pearl Fishery Company; summary of Jardine Matheson Archives; shipping to Gilbert and Ellice Islands 1865-99; catalogues of Pacific Ocean and Cook’s voyages maps and charts in British Museum, numbered 1-22 (nos. 2 & 22 not received)
see also a file of manuscript sources and newspaper items re Auna in group 2 below

2.  Newspaper and magazine articles and book extracts. 1797-1977 and undated, arranged chronologically.
- "Among the inhabitants of Otaheite" Evangelical Magazine Jan.1797
- "Otaheitan priesthood" and "Otaheitan sacrifice" ditto Feb. and March 1798
- "Newly discovered islands" Naval Chronicle July-Dec. 1806
- Proceedings of a meeting to establish The NSW Society for affording protection to the natives of the South Sea islands... 1813
- Items re sandalwood collection and attacks on ships from Sydney Gazette 1815-16
- {Account of William Campbell 25 Feb. 1815; attack on brig Campbell Macquarie in Fiji 11 March 1815; trip of ship Endeavour 5 October 1816); extract from Camille de Roquefeuil A voyage round the world between the years 1816 and 1819, 1823}
- Rescue of American seaman from Marquesas Sydney Gazette 9 November 1816
- "Henry v Eagar" court case (re pork trade, Tahiti) Sydney Gazette  25 August 1821
- "Pacific Pearl Fishery Company" Sydney Gazette 8 December 1825
- "Wallis island" Nautical Magazine July 1833
- "Ascension" (account of Ponape in 1835) The Colonist 23 June 1836
- "Directions for sailing from Chili to Sandwich Islands" Nautical Magazine 1838
- "Importation of South Sea islanders" Sydney Chronicle 2 October 1847
- [Account of introduction of New Hebrideans into NSW as labourers] The Times 23 August 1848
- [Information from F.W. Plank, commander of barque Maria, on islands on northern route where vessels can be supplied] Shipping Gazette 13 July 1850
- [Bankruptcy proceedings against Mark Boyd referring to Benjamin Boyd]  The Times 17 and 27 June 1856 and May 25 1856
- [Wreck of American barque Sarah Moirs on Raven Island] (Carolines) Shipping Gazette 21 July 1856
- [Account of wreck of American clipper Wild Wave off Oeno] Messager de Tahiti 12 September 1858
- The island of Manihiki (Humphrey’s Island) The Friend October 1868
- "Presentation to Mr. St Julian" (on appointment as Chief Justice of Fiji) Sydney Morning Herald 30 April 1872
- "The South Sea Island Trade" Sydney Mail 11 July 1874
- [Discoveries of De Quiros]  Journal Officiel des Etablissements Francais de l’Oceanie 29 May 1884
- Caroline Islands Times 15 Sept. 1885
- Items on Gilbert and Ellice Islands 1885-6 and undated
 (three items re annexation of Gilbert Islands and WPHC
unidentified cuttings book; extract from Viaggio di circumnavigazione della regia corvetta Caracciolo 1885-86
- German and Russian printed sources on Nauru 1898-1904, 1969 and undated
- "A South Sea parson’s wife" (Sarah Nobbs) and "The Romance (?) of the South Seas" Pall Mall Gazette  1899
- Series of articles "54 years ago" by G.W. P in Samoan Herald June-Sept. 1933
- Extracts from journal of Edward Robarts New Zealand Herald 3 January 1970
- Samuel Marsden Sydney Morning Herald 20 August 1977
- Bully Hayes Wellington School Journal 1977

undated items:
 - "A Tokelau tragedy" (description of Gilbert Group by T.H. Prichard) Mitchell Library newspaper cuttings
 - "A bit of Australian history" (re George Browning) Mitchell Library newspaper cuttings

Items without a date or source:
- "A Massacre" (at Rarotonga)
- "Loss of the Whale ship Mozart" 1847
- "Das Amerikanische 1859"
- Narrative of Thomas W. Smith

Items re Pitcairn 1819-1967 and undated {separate folder}
- Articles in Calcutta Journal 1819 and an undated list of subscriptions for islanders
- extract from the journal of Captain Henry King {1820}
- "Tahiti and the Pitcairn islanders" Evangelical Magazine 1832
- "Recent accounts of the Pitcairn islanders" Journal of the Royal Geographical Society 1833
- "Pitcairn’s islands" from C. Shipley Sketches in the Pacific 1851
- extract from the journal of John A. States, Marine Historical Association publication 1931
- Pitcairn Island: the ideal state" reprinted from San Francisco Chronicle 1967
- "Account of the mutineers of the ship Bounty" (2 copies), undated
- ‘Trois documents pouvant servir a l’histoire de l’ile Pitcairn’ (no date or source)

Items (from mss. official records and newspapers) re native teacher Auna of Raiatea 1824-37 and undated {separate folder}

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