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Papers of Henry Evans and Honor Courtney Maude

Part III

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B: Correspondence with Booksellers 1959-92

B/2     Pacific Islands publishers 1963-92
B/3      Glen Adams, Ye Galleon Press 1978-83
B/4      Maggs Bros. 1959-73
B/6      Other booksellers 1959-82
B/7      Want list 1960-72
B/8      Serial Subscriptions 1959-84
B/9      Library Accessions [letters of thanks for gifts] 1966-83
B/11    Mrs. M. Woodhouse 1963-73
B12     Australian Booksellers 1959-72
B/13    New Zealand Booksellers 1960-82
B/14    Pacificana Books 1978-82

Miscellaneous booksellers catalogues, 1927-34 and undated (early 1950s).  9 v.

Angus & Robertson 1927; Francis Edwards 1928-34, including sale of libraries of James Edge Partington and Everard im Thurn; William Dawson and Sons 1933 and 1934; Blackwell’s Oceania catalogues (undated but early 1950s); and undated catalogue of J.W. Beattie photographs of scenery and peoples of the south and western Pacific.  Some annotated by Maude to show selections/purchases.

C: [Working Correspondence] 1959-95. 30 cm.

Some of the files formerly in this sequence as working files were subsequently transferred by Professor Maude to other archival series (H, I, J).  Some files were never received and others of no research value have been discarded.
C/l      Students Correspondence, Parts 1-2.   1962-80.
C/2     Visitors to the University.  1964-79.
C/13   Requests for References & Testimonials, Parts 1-6. c1959-79. Also unnumbered file of references Confidential
C/14    Correspondence with Barr Smith Library. 1980-95 [including sub-file "Archival deposits" re gift of Maude papers 1984-93]
C/l 9    Correspondence with [son] Alaric Maude
C/22    Independence Celebrations: Gilbert Islands.  1978-79. file includes Honor's diary of the visit, 4-25 July 1979 and official program of the celebrations.
C/24    Republic of Nauru Fund Committee (includes some minutes).  1969-74.
C/26    Gilbert Islands: Cultural Affairs, Parts 1-2.  1975-86.
includes correspondence re establishment of a library/archives and museum of Gilbertese culture and re independence history; with Roniti Teiwaki, Dick Overy, Ron Crocombe, Margaret Mackenzie; with Sister Mary Eustell on visit by Kambati Uriam 1975 and subsequent correspondence with Uriam 1985-86 re thesis of Kireon Garstang and paper on Christian influences on Onotoan identity by Tiaeke Tautika; also letters to Mrs Vivienne Hayward of the Tungavalu Society and others 1975 with comments on Grimble as an administrator and anthropologist.
 [C/27 Banaban affairs - correspondence and articles re the court case and earlier source materials} transferred to Banaban action files in Series F of Part I]
C/29    University Appointments (as Hon. Professor, University of Adelaide and Hon. Fellow, ANU).   1973-84.

D: Requests for information and advice. 1958-85. 45 cm.

D/1   Requests for information & advice: General, Part 1. 1960-61
D/2   Requests for information & advice: Gilbert Islands 1958-69
D/3   Requests for information & advice: Pitcairn Island 1959-83
D/4   Requests for information & advice: Fiji, Tonga & Samoa 1963-82
D/5   Requests for information & advice: Bibliographies 1961-84
D/6   Requests for information & advice: General, Part 2. 1963-67
D/7   Requests for information & advice: Book reading reports 1965-85
D/8   Requests for information & advice: Manuscripts for comment 1965-76
D/9   Requests for information & advice: General, Part 3 1967-8
D/10 Requests for information & advice: General, Part 4 1967-73
D/11 Requests for information & advice: General, Parts 5-6 1973-85
D/12 Requests for information & advice: Gilbert Islands, Part 2 1972-83

E: Societies. 1959-88.  6 cm.

Principally correspondence re publications and subscriptions
E/l      Polynesian Society.  1960-75.
E/2      Societe des Oceanistes.  1959-87
E/3      Other Societies.  1959-88

G: Publications. 1961-96.  12 cm.

G/l   Accepted & pending. 1961-74, 1980.
G/2   Requested but declined. 1966-78.
G/3   Distribution. 1967-76.
G/4   Book reviews. 1961-81.
G/5   Reviews of personal publications [cuttings and photocopies] c1964-94.
G/6   Journal of Pacific History: Personal contributions
G/7   Lectures & addresses: Correspondence re.  1968-79.
[G/8]  Pacific Classics reprint series (proposal for). 1968-75, 1985.
[G/9]  Correspondence with the University of the South Pacific, Institute of Pacific Studies (Linda Crowl) re Maude works published by them; also re proposed festschrift for Ron Crocombe. 1992-96.
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