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Medical Sciences Club of South Australia
Minute Book and Scientific Communications

MSS 610.6 M479 (Minute Book)
MSS 610.6 M479s (Scientific Communications)


The Medical Sciences Club of South Australia was co-founded in 1920 by Professors Thorburn Brailsford Robertson, (Sir) John Cleland and Frederick Wood Jones. The purpose of the club was to promote the interaction of clinical medicine and fundamental science. The club assisted Robertson, Cleland and Wood to establish the Australian Journal of Experimental Biology and Medical Science.


Minute Book [meetings]
4 Volumes, starting with the inaugural meeting 16 April 1920 at the University of Adelaide.
   Present: Drs de Crespigny, Cilento, Hone, Newland, Pulleine, Ray, Scott, Swift and Fry; Professors Rennie,    Robertson, Wood, Jones and Cleland; and Mr Bull. Each Meeting reported on scientific communications.

Scientific Communications
Vols. for 2-20 issued as its minute book.

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