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Geoffrey Narramore Moon (1937-2008)
Research papers on Robert Schumann

MSS 0120

Biographical Note

Geoffrey Moon was awarded a PhD at the University of Adelaide in 2001. His thesis, The inner musical workings of Robert Schumann, 1828-1840 (University of Adelaide, 2001) explored Schumann’s secret musical language and the development of that language into a highly complex system of extra-musical meanings expressed in tones, special motifs, harmonic progressions and keys. Relying heavily on Schumann’s diaries and letters, as well as a detailed analysis of selected works for voice and solo piano, this study showed the extra-musical meaning to be ultimately concerned with Schumann’s wish to marry Clara Wieck and her father’s unyielding opposition to the idea.

Series 1 to 4 of these papers are comprised of Moon’s personal research material related to his thesis on Schumann, including photocopies of Schumann manuscripts and early editions sourced from Germany, Moon’s translations of Schumann’s diaries and analyses of works, correspondence with Professor Heribert Esser and bibliographies. Series 5 relates to other personal research projects.

The papers were presented to the Barr Smith Library by Diana Weekes in September 2008 following Moon’s death.

Contents Listing

Series 1: Drafts of thesis chapters  50 cm.

  1. Chapters 1-5: Introduction; Foundations of a compositional habit; Schumann and Jean Paul; Schumann and music theory; Cracking the code. Last draft.
  2. Chapter 6: Wedding keys. Draft and supplementary material
  3. Chapter 7: Clara’s keys. Draft and supplementary material
  4. Chapter 8: Robert’s keys. Draft and supplementary material
  5. Chapter 11: A hero in disguise. Draft and supplementary material
  6. Chapter 12: Doubles and trouble. Draft and supplementary material
  7. Chapter 13: Detours through the alphabet. Draft and supplementary material
  8. Chapter 14: Two laments for Clara, Opus 14 and 17. Draft and supplementary material
  9. Chapter 15: Solemn as the pause. Draft and supplementary material
  10. Chapter 16: The mad musician. Draft and supplementary material
  11. Key characteristics: Inner workings – Songs

Lacks Chapters 9 and 10

Series 2: Text and Moon’s English translations of Schumann’s Tagebücher (diaries)  28 cm.

  1. Tagebuch 2
  2. Tagebuch 3
  3. Tagebuch 6
  4. Tagebuch 7
  5. Tagebücher 8-11

Lacks Tagebuch 1

Series 3: Analyses of works relating to thesis  22 cm.

  1. Carnaval, op. 9 (Op. 99:6, Op. 124:4, 11, 17); Études symphoniques, op 13; Davidsbündlertänze, op. 6 (op. 124:8); Fantasiestücke, op. 12; Kinderszenen, op. 15; Kreisleriana, op. 16     (2 folders)
  2. Noveletten, op. 21; Bunte Blätter, op. 99
  3. Songs from A-G miscellaneous (rejects from thesis)
  4. Songs February 1840-July 1840 (incl. Opp. 24, 25, 39, 48, 42)
  5. Songs July 1840-

Series 4: Additional material relating to thesis  23 cm.

  1. Notebook entitled Schumann’s Idée fixe (includes memo from Professor Heribert Esser)
  2. Notebook entitled Schumann and the Cycle of fifths
  3. Notebook containing miscellaneous material
  4. Correspondence between Professor Heribert Esser and Moon 1996-99 and additional material
  5. Small notebook (bibliography)
  6. Wooden catalogue card case (bibliography)
  7. Schumann sources and correspondence
  8. Photocopies of manuscripts of songs from Berlin Library
  9. “Miscellaneous Schumann translations”, mainly songs
  10. Photocopies of manuscripts of various works by Schumann and photocopies of early printed editions
  11. Photocopies of Schumann’s Myrthen (with translations and some chordal analyis)
  12. Photocopied extracts of print material, annotated:
  • “Wolff book”
  • Early letters of Robert Schumann … 1888
  • Horn of Oberon: John Paul Richter’s school for aesthetics. 1973

Series 5: Other personal papers (not directly related to thesis)  26 cm.

  1. Chordal analyses of Chorales by J.S. Bach
  2. Original composition (?) entitled Resolutions – for pianoforte.
  3. Analyses of Piano works by Liszt (3 folders)
  4. Analyses of Songs by Liszt (1 folder)
  5. Notebook containing notes on J.S. Bach’s St Matthew Passion
  6. 3 seminar papers written for Part A, MMus degree (on Delius’ “Paris”, Berg’s “Wozzeck” and Purcell)
  7. Sketch pad with analytical extracts from Alban Berg’s Wozzeck

Listed by Denise Tobin and Cheryl Hoskin
October 2008

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