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Sir Marcus Laurence Oliphant (1901-2000)

MSS 92 O4775p

Series 7: Photographs c1840s-1996 (many undated). 40 cm.

Rearranged and relisted in 2017 to incorporate additions from the family of Vivian Wilson.

7.1. Sir Mark Oliphant individual / group photographs (chronological)


James Oliphant (Sir Mark's great grandfather and wife Eliza?) 1840s? 1 daguerrotype annotated "James Oliphant. Died in Australia"
[Male Oliphant ancestor? in leather carry case] (photographer Martin Jacolette, South Kensington & Dover) [Jacolette practiced ca 1891-1908]


Mark Oliphant in academic gown, after graduation (1922) 1 b&w photograph


Mark, Keith, ‘Baron’, Nigel and Robert Oliphant, 1931. 1 b&w photograph

Cavendish Laboratory staff 1932 (Rutherford front row centre, Mark Oliphant second row fourth from left) OVERSIZE

Lord Rutherford, Chairman of the Academic Assistance Council, introducing Professor Einstein - Einstein’s first public address on a general subject ‘Fair play for the oppressed’, Albert Hall, London 1933
Geoffrey Oliphant, aged 2 (Mark Oliphant’s son who died of meningitis), 1933? 1 b&w photograph

Joan Dockerill and Michael. 1 b&w photograph

Rose and Mark Oliphant with son Michael, on beach in North Wales while at Celyn with Rutherfords. 1 b&w photograph

Mark Oliphant, in suit and tie. 1 b&w photograph

Undated 1930s
Sir Paul Harteck, German chemist, collaborated with Oliphant on heavy water research at the Cavendish
Mark Oliphant in garden with dogs


Mark Oliphant passport photographs

‘Dee, Skinner, Atkinson, Centimetre Group Hut, C site Worth Matravers, Summer 1940
Mark Oliphant in old Radiation Lab at Berkeley (picture by Dr Cooksey), September? 1941
Mark Oliphant and E.O. Lawrence in front of the cyclotron magnet at Berkeley, 22 September 1941. 1 b&w photograph (annotated on reverse)
Mark Oliphant and E.O. Lawrence in front of the 184” cyclotron pole at Berkeley. 1 b&w photograph (3 copies)

Mark Oliphant, J.D. Cockcroft and Prof. Oppenheimer at Nuclear Physics Conference, Birmingham September 1948. 1 b&w photograph
Mark Oliphant, Sir Keith Hancock and Howard Florey inspecting site proposed new Australian National University. 1 b&w photograph, plus negatives

Mick Cornick, Oliphant’s laboratory manager in Birmingham and Canberra (‘”The face that sank a thousand schooners”). 1 b&w photograph
Technicians ‘Jimmy’ Edwards and Mick Cornick: “My most important colleagues and assistants.” 1 b&w photograph

Undated 1940s
Ernest Lawrence demonstrating isotope separation equipment at Berkeley. 1 b&w photograph


Rose, Michael, Mark and Vivian Oliphant: sailing day on SS Orcades. 1 b&w photograph
‘Peto’: Oliphant’s house in Worcestershire in 1950. Paving and side wall laid by Mark Oliphant. 1 b&w photograph
G.B. Central Office of Information photographs of Birmingham Proton Synchrotron, June 1950. Photos by Richard Stone. 14 b&w photographs of synchrotron, one with Oliphant standing in front of synchrotron, all annotated. With information sheet and original envelope
Photographs of the Birmingham proton synchrotron are available online via the Adelaide Research & Scholarship digital repository

Members of the ANU Conference on Geophysics (grew into ANU Research School of Earth Sciences). 1 b&w photograph. Not annotated with names, except for Canadian geophysicist Tuzo Wilson
Passport photograph of Rose Oliphant

Philip Moon, Rose, Mark Oliphant and children Tony and Sally on return visit to B.C. 1 b&w photograph
Photograph of group having afternoon tea on lawn. Philip and Winifred Moon identified as second and third from left, Mark Oliphant first right. 1 b&w photograph

Group photo: Australian Academy of Science members outside building, attending probably the first AGM of the Academy, 1954? 1 b&w photograph
Mark Oliphant at his desk in his ANU office, 1954? 1 b&w photograph
Opening of the Cockcroft Building at ANU: Sir Douglas Copland, Dr Coombs, R.G. Menzies, Roy Hohnen, Dr Evatt and Mark Oliphant seated, Sir John Cockcroft speaking. 1953 or 54? 1 b&w photograph
Arrival of the Governor General, Sir William Slim, for visit to ANU Physics lab, being met by Dr H.C. Coombs, Mark Oliphant in lab coat with back to camera. 1 b&w photograph
Governor General, Dr Coombs and wives(?) with others in front of Academy Building. 1 b&w photograph
Governor General inspects the magnet of the homopolar generator. Includes 6 Physics staff, Dr H.C. Coombs, Sir Leslie Melville, Sir William Slim (G.G.), the ADC, Professor Oliphant, Mr R. Purchase and Dr Blamey
Stages in the production of the rotors for the homopolar generator, School of Physical Sciences, ANU. 18 b&w photographs (Australian News and Information Bureau) 1954?
Lord Bruce, Chancellor of ANU, conferring doctorate on Antoni Przybylski, 1954 – first PhD awarded at ANU. Przybylski was on staff of Mt Stromlo Observatory. 2 b&w photographs
Furniture for the Australian Academy of Sciences building, designed by Fred Ward. 11 b&w photographs
Rosa Oliphant in garden. 1 b&w photograph

ANU Physics Dept Students Lab Committee: ?, A.V. Osten, Louis Louis, C? Pettinger, J.H. Bashir, H.A. Wills, J. Madsen, F.W.G. White, Mark Oliphant, C. Hutcheson. 1 b&w photograph
Mark Oliphant and another man in front of the Kingsford Smith Southern Cross Aircraft at Armidale Airport (identified incorrectly as Donald Shand on reverse); Southern Cross airplane at Armidale Airport. 2 b&w photographs. The Southern Cross toured the Australian coast in 1957

2nd Pugwash Conference, Lac Beauport, Quebec. 7 sheets of group and individual b&w photographs and conference centre. Not annotated with names.

Sir Mark Oliphant being invested with Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, 7 May 1959. 1 b&w photograph

Undated 1950s
Mark Oliphant in suit jacket, vest and tie. 1 b&w photograph (multiple copies)
ANU Physics staff, including Mark Oliphant, Sir John Cockcroft, and 2 others. 3 b&w photographs
Studio portraits of Mark Oliphant. 5 b&w photographs (multiple copies) PLUS 3 additional copies, mounted (OVERSIZE)
Image of the NGC 55 galaxy taken with the 74” Mt Stromlo telescope, with ms description on separate slip “Not bad for a cracked 74 inch mirror” [after installation in 1955 but before the defective mirror was sent back to UK for repairs. Telescope finally operational in 1961] 1 b&w photograph OVERSIZE


Group in academic dress including Professor Bart Bok, Dr Richard Woolley (later Astronomer Royal) and Professor ‘Pansy’ Wright. 1 colour photograph
Delegates of Conference of astronomers outside the Academy of Sciences building, Canberra. 1 colour photograph

Photographs taken during search for suitable site for new Australian observatory, including erection of dome at Mt Burgess, Coolgardie, January 1962. 7 b&w photographs, annotated on reverse
Silver letter-opener presented to Sir Mark on 27th November 1962, on the occasion of the inaugural A.D. Ross lecture, ANZAAS WA Division. 2 b&w photographs
Christmas card with photograph of industrialist, W.S. Robinson

Sir Mark with 2 students at graduation ceremony for conferring of PhDs for Ian Stuart Falconer and Geoffrey David Symons, ANU 1963. 2 b&w photographs with commemoration booklet

Sir Mark passport photographs, September 1964. 2 copies b&w photograph
China trip October 1964 as part of a delegation of Fellows from the Australian Academy of Science. 3 b&w photographs with presentation envelope. Also 6 b&w photographs of Chinese academy(?) or teaching building with library and lecture room, plus 58 colour slides (some captioned)
Group photo of farewell event in U. of Adelaide Physics Dept for George Fuller, former Senior Lecturer (Mrs Iliffe, Sir Kerr Grant, Mrs Fuller, Mrs Burdon, Mr Fuller, Mr Iliffe, Dr Burdon, Sir Mark Oliphant, Professor Carver). 1 b&w photograph, 2 copies (1 copy annotated with greetings from Clem and Margaret Appleby)

Yosemite, California, trip, 1965. 12 b&w photographs of Rosa Oliphant, Sir Mark, scenery and unidentified man and woman
Michael and Monica Oliphant (Sir Mark’s son and daughter-in-law) and Nigel Oliphant (Sir Mark’s brother) and Nigel’s wife, Petticoat Lane 26 December 1965
NASA space photographs from Mariner IV, Surveyor I, Lunar Orbiter I and Orbiter II, 1965-67. 16 b&w photographs, annotated on reverse

Birthday lunch for Professor Chadwick 20 October 1966. Not annotated with names but signatures of guests included on blackboard in background. 1 b&w photograph OVERSIZE

Pugwash, Melbourne, opening session. Group with Sir Mark, Professor Macfarlane Burnet, unknown, and Joseph Rotblatt, February 1967. 1 b&w photograph with letter from Walter Boas

Sir Mark with staff / conference? at Australian Museum, Sydney(?) 16 February 1968. 6 b&w photographs

Undated 1960s
Sir Mark at drawing board. 1 b&w photograph (multiple copies)
Sir Mark with Sir John Cockcroft (pre-1967). 1 b&w photograph (multiple copies)
ANU Physics Dept Christmas party, including Sir Mark dressed as Professor Harry Messel, Professor and Mrs Bart Bok, Dr Arthur Hogg and Sir Mark and Rosa Oliphant
10 b&w photographs, some extra copies
Group in academic gowns: Sir L. Huxley (appointed VC 1960), unknown woman, Dr Coombs, Dr Dale Trendall. 1 b&w photograph
Early silverware made by Mark Oliphant (candlestick and bracelet).2 large and 2 small b&w photographs (multiple copies), plus negatives
Australian National University: Oliphant Building and John Carver Building. 4 b&w photographs, mounted on card. OVERSIZE


Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant: first official photographs at Government House, December 1971. 3 b&w photographs, plus extra copies (Rembrandt Studios)

Lady Oliphant, first visit as Divisional President of SA Division of Australian Red Cross Society, January 1972. 3 b&w photographs (Hans Waverling & Associates)
Presentation of colour parade, RAAF No. 24 Squadron, to Sir Mark, April 1972. 6 b&w photographs (Royal Australian Air Force).
Anzac Day April 1972. 3 b&w photographs: parade presentation to Governor, at the service, blessing of the colours (Messenger Newspapers)
Police escort at the Adelaide Cup, May 1972. 4 colour photographs in presentation folders, plus letter of presentation to Lady Oliphant from the Commissioner of Police
Adelaide Cup state reception at Government House. 1 group photograph & 1 Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant in evening dress (multiple copies), b&w (Advertiser Newspapers). Also 1 large b&w copy mislabelled Queen’s Birthday Reception 1976
Inspection of RAAF troops by Sir Mark, Adelaide Cup Race? May 1972. 3 b&w photographs (Royal Australian Air Force)
Visit of Sir Mark to Philips Industries Holdings Ltd, June 1972. 7 b&w photographs, annotated on reverse with names of staff, equipment and department
Visit of Sir Mark to RAAF base, July 1972. 12 b&w photographs (Royal Australian Air Force)
Sir Mark with his grandson Michael Wilson at his second birthday party, Government House, December 1972. 1 colour photograph
Visit of Sir Mark to Adelaide Refinery, Port Stanvac, 27 June 1972. 3 b&w photographs, annotated with names of managers / staff OVERSIZE

Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant at unidentified function, January 1973. 3 colour photographs
Sir Mark’s visit to Loxton Historical Village, meeting teachers on Loxton Oval and Rest Home, during visit to open the Kingston-on-Murray Bridge, July 1973. 19 b&w photographs
Sir Mark giving Bible reading at eagle lectern at Holy Trinity Church (inscribed with compliments from Lance and Joan Shilton – Rector of Holy Trinity) 1 b&w photograph
Sir Mark’s Christmas card, December 1973, with image of naming QANTAS plane ‘Spirit of Adelaide’ in Seattle, August 1973. Also b&w photograph misdated 1976.

Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant welcoming the Duke of Edinburgh to Adelaide, March 1974. 1 b&w photograph (PMG Dept)
Sir Mark’s visit to Flinders University, July 1974. 4 b&w photographs, with letter from the Vice-Chancellor’s secretary plus 4 colour photographs
Sir Mark with Lady Mawson at Mawson House, Stirling, shortly before her death. 1 b&w photograph
Sir Mark with koala, Cleland National Park. 1 b&w photograph. Also negative of Oliphant holding koala.

Sir Mark’s visit to Weapons Research Establishment and Woomera, April 1975. 6 b&w photographs, annotated on reverse with staff names and area visited

40th anniversary dinner of the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Berkley, California, November 1976. 6 colour photographs of high table, including Mark Oliphant seated and as speaker
Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant in Government House gardens with pet dog. 2 b&w photographs
Sir Mark at head table, Adelaide University Centenary dinner. 1 b&w photograph
Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant at wedding of Lieutenant Clark Stizt and Jill Treloar, December 1976
Sir Mark with crew of RAAF Orion, February 1976 (crew includes Lt. C. Stizt, former A.D.C.) 1 b&w photograph, annotated with names on separate slip
Opening of South Australian Parliament 8/6/1976 by Sir Mark Oliphant, plus Oliphant delivering opening speech. 2 colour photographs in folder, with Legislative Council Address in reply … OVERSIZE
Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant inspecting mounted police before opening of Parliament. 1 b&w photograph (The Advertiser) OVERSIZE
Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant at Masters Exhibition at the Royal South Australian Society of Arts, with letter of presentation from Barry T. Anderson 11/4/1976. 1 colour photograph OVERSIZE

Investiture of Lady Oliphant and Lady Kerr in the Order of St John in Australia, March 1977. 1 group b&w photograph (2 copies), plus letters re granting of the order
Sir Mark being invested with Companion of the Order of Australia by Sir John Kerr, April 1977
Sir Mark with academic dignitaries at presentation of honorary degree from Flinders University at Festival Theatre 27 April 1977. 1 colour photograph
Academican Markov (USSR) and unidentified man, Pugwash, Munich, August 1977
Government House staff, end of term of office, November 1977: Martine Hodge, Dick Henderson, Elizabeth Bolton, James Begge, Clark Stitz and Millie (the dog). 1 colour and 2 small b&w proofs
Sir Mark being presented with medal ‘With compliments from The Sciences Club, Victoria.’ 1 b&w photograph
Sir Mark as guest of honour at Pt Lincoln High School. With head prefects Stephanie Dorward and Kym Holman
Photocopy of sketch study by John Dowie for bronze head of Oliphant
Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant with 'Millie' in grounds of Government House, photographer David Simpson, signed by Mark and Rose Oliphant. 1 b&w photograph (donated by Jane Hall, 2013)

Unveiling of the bust of Sir Mark on North Tce by the Governor General, March 1978 (Sir Mark was unable to attend due to illness). 5 colour and 4 b&w photographs
Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant on driveway of their Canberra home, October 1978

Undated 1970s
Lady Oliphant on a visit to child care centre (Messenger Newspapers) 4 b&w photographs
Sir Mark visit to bike safety school. 2 b&w photographs
Jane-Egerton-Warburton with some of her dogs (U.K.) [lady-in-waiting, Government House in the 1970s] 1 b&w photograph
Sir Mark with ? Lipman. 1 b&w photograph
Sir Mark and managers on visit to Highways Dept. 3 photographs, one includes J.D. Crinion, Senior Traffic Engineer
Sir Mark with unknown man. 1 b&w photograph
Sir Mark passport photographs
Sir Mark head portraits. 2 small b&w photographs
Sir Mark head portraits. 2 8x10 b&w photographs (multiple copies of each)
Sir Mark with officers on visit to Australian Navy vessel. 2 b&w photographs
Group portrait of conference delegates in Darwin: Sir Mark and Acting Vice-Chancellor of proposed new university for the Northern Territory in front row. 1 b&w photograph
Lady Oliphant with mounted police officer and foal. 1 b&w photograph
Official portraits of Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant in Government House gardens. 3 b&w photographs (multiple copies)
Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant in official / evening dress. 1 b&w photograph
Sir Mark at Salvation Army function. 1 b&w photograph
Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant with debutants. 2 colour photographs, one possibly from 1973. 2 colour photographs, in folders OVERSIZE
Sir Mark studio portrait. 1 colour photograph OVERSIZE


Sir Mark and Dr Hedley Marston speaking at graduation? Swinburne College of Technology, Melbourne, May 1980. 3 b&w photographs

Oliphant’s first Canberra home, photographed 1981. 1 b&w photograph

Unveiling of bust of Douglas Mawson, North Tce, Adelaide, August 1982. 4 colour photographs, 3 with Dr Phillip Law, Director of the Australian Antarctic Division

Sir Mark, Vivian & Rosa Oliphant, house at Hughes, Canberra 1983? (Rosa’s 80th birthday) 1 b&w photograph

Sir Mark and family, Monica’s house, Christmas Day 1984. 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark (in party hat) at Monica Oliphant’s house, 1984? 1 colour photograph
Vivian Wilson, Sir Mark & Monica Oliphant at Monica Oliphant’s house, 1984? 1 colour photograph

Sir Mark with Bill & Gerda Menzel & Mrs Nelson, at lunch at the Tonkins, March 2, 1985. 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark with group outside Walkerville Inn(?), October 1985. 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark at podium, unknown function, October 1985. 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark & Rosa with family, Julia Farr Centre 1984-85. 15 colour photographs plus negatives
Sir Mark with Sir Zelman Cowan, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Donald Dunstan, Dame Roma Mitchell at University of Adelaide Medical Centenary Convocation 30 August 1985. 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark with cat: clipping from article in The Australian Women’s Weekly August 1985
Painting of Sir Mark and cat with letter from painter, Bess Eastough, 1985?

Reg Sprigg and Sir Mark and Ian ? at cairn erected in memory of Richard Grenfell Thomas, Mt Painter 18 March 1986. 1 colour photograph

Photographs taken at Bilboa, California, some of summer residence of Molly Lawrence (widow of Ernest Lawrence), August 1987. 20 colour photographs
Sir Mark with group at University function (clipping from Lumen v. 16 no. 3, Spring 1987)
Sir Mark 26/11/1987 at Michael’s 17th birthday. 1 colour photograph

Ernest Walton. 1 colour photograph

Dinner for Sergei Kapitza and his wife, Kep? Enderley on right. 1 colour photograph

Undated 1980s
4 colour photographs of Sir Mark at dinner party, with James Bagge, Joan Salisbury, Mrs Merrick, Britt-Marie Crawford, Dick Henderson, James Crawford, Jeremy Lawry, Monica Oliphant, James Edgerton and one other
Sir Mark in sitting room. 2 colour photos
Sir Mark on visit to Papua New Guinea? 2 colour photographs
Sir Mark at conference table (Pugwash?). 1 colour photograph
Small head portrait Sir Mark. 1 colour photograph plus negative
Sir Mark at unidentified event. 1 colour photograph
Michael Wilson (grandson) and Sir Mark (late 1980s?). 1 colour photograph
Head portrait of Sir Mark (The Advertiser, 1980s?). 1 b&w photograph
Head portrait of Sir Mark (Dalman & Smith photographers), 1980s. 1 b&w photograph


Sir Mark with students and others at Scarth Room, University House, ANU, September 1990. 2 b&w photographs

Sir Mark on Norfolk Island trip, March 1991. 1 colour photograph, with negatives
Sir Mark “outside Olims Hotel with Leon Goldsworthy [who’s wearing the] George medal, 9/11/91.” 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark Oliphant with another gentleman standing by plaque dedicated to Ernest Rutherford, at Rutherford Birthsite Memorial Opening Ceremony, 6/12/1991. 1 colour photograph
H. Shaw and J. Rutherford, at Rutherford Birthsite Memorial Opening Ceremony, 6/12/1991, New Zealand. 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark Oliphant with unidentified woman at the Rutherford Birthsite Memorial Opening Ceremony, 6/12/1991, New Zealand. 1 colour photograph
Group of 4 people, at Rutherford Birthsite Memorial Opening Ceremony, 6/12/1991, New Zealand. 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark with unidentified man, laminated for a display? at the University of Canberra, compiled by Secondary Science Teaching Studies Students, Faculty of Education. 1 colour photograph OVERSIZE

Sir Mark with Lady Rigg at Rest Home, November 1992. “Lady Rigg was Foundation Staff member of Cawthron [Institute in Nelson] (as Dr. Kathleen Curtis) married late Sir Theodore Rigg 1966” [New Zealand]. 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark “at Ciao before the lecture with Lily B--- and the Mayor of Nelson [NZ], Philip Woollaston” [New Zealand] 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark “At Rutherford House, Nelson College in senior Common Room. Students of Nelson College and Nelson College for Girls taken by Bishop Peter Sutton” [New Zealand] 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark at South Australian Science Teachers Association Science Awards presentation, 1992. 3 colour photographs
Sir Mark with students and others at a Trees for Life Event (dated 5/6/1992 on reverse). 3 colour photographs

Photograph of 1994 stamp with image of Peter Kapitza
Proofs of photographs of Sir Mark taken at his home in Canberra by Heide Smith for an exhibition “The Canberrans – a Vintage Selection” held in support of The Council for the Ageing in the ACT Legislative Assembly Building, and later published as “A Portrait of Canberra and of Canberrans.” 2 sheets of proofs, in portfolio, with permission letter signed by Sir Mark. OVERSIZE

Peter Caldwin with USA friend David Nance, with a 9” telescope at Mt Stromlo Observatory, July 1995. 1 colour photograph

Sir Mark outside University House, ANU, Canberra, August 1996 (photocopies of 2 b&w photographs)

Undated 1990s
Sir Mark with Christopher Cockcroft, son of John and Elizabeth Cockcroft, Canberra 1990s. 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark with his granddaughter Katherine Oliphant, Canberra 1990s. 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark outside parliament House, Canberra. 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark having drinks with unidentified colleagues. 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark outside his Canberra house with unidentified man. 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark in garden. 1 colour photograph
Sir Mark: head photographs. 3 colour photographs
Sir Mark, sitting in chair. 1 b&w photograph plus negatives [negatives include Canberra scenes and other images]
Sir Mark: large head b&w photograph (mounted on board)
Sir Mark gardening, taken for Burke’s Backyard. 1 b&w photograph

Other unidentified photographs, including image of Oliphant’s painted portrait

7.2 Photo albums

1960. Mt Stromlo Observatory. 32 b&w and colour photographs of aerial views, telescopes, equipment and staff, and star photographs. Also Professor Huxley opening the Coudé Spectrograph (none include Oliphant.)

1960. Visit to Bradwell Nuclear-Power Station 26 July 1960, as part of the Royal Society tercentenary. 20 b&w photographs (none include Oliphant)

1969. Visit to University of Ghana. 20 b&w photographs 16x20 cm. (Oliphant delivered the 1969 Aggrey-Fraser-Guggisberg Memorial Lecture)

1972. Opening of 3rd session of the 40th Parliament of South Australia, 18 July 1972. 12 b&w photographs

1978. Telecommunications Museum. Photographs of opening ceremony 31 July 1978. 8 colour photographs

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