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Sir Marcus Laurence Oliphant (1901-2000)

MSS 92 O4775p

Series 3. Correspondence Files 1953-1995

[Note that RESTRICTED files and files containing some Restricted material will not be found in the main alphabetical sequence but in separate boxes at the end of the Series.]

Academic Salaries [ANU]. Correspondence (mainly with the Vice-Chancellor) and memoranda. 1955-1956.

Adelaide Club.  Re membership, meetings of the Barbarians.  1984-1987

Administration of Schools of Natural Science [ANU]. Reports by Oliphant and Sir Alexander Carr-Saunders re. 1959.

Advertiser.  Correspondence with the editor.  1985-1986, 1991

Allibone, Dr. T.E. ('Bones').  Letters 1958-1974, 1984-1998.

American Institute of Physics
See  Institute of Physics, American

Andrade, Prof. E.N. da C.  1965-1967, 1971 (to Mrs Mona Andrade).

ANZAAS.  Adelaide 1969, Brisbane 1971.

Arthritis Foundation (South Australia).  Invitation to announce 'Grandmother of the year'.  1984-1985.

Arkaroola P/L
See Sprigg, Reg.

Association of Blind Sporting Clubs.  Invitation to open championships.  1985.

Astronomy - General.  Correspondence with Prof. B.J. Bok and reports and other papers re Mount Stromlo Observatory. 1964-1967.
See also Bok, Prof. B.J.

Atomic Weapon Testing and Aboriginal People.  Correspondence with Alan Keith re access to papers for investigation of the impact of the tests.  1984.
See also Royal Commission into British Nuclear Tests in Australia

Australian Academy of Science.1955-1974. 30 cm.

  • Adolph Basser Library. Minutes, memoranda, accession lists. 1960-1972. Also includes correspondence with M.R.O. Millett re deposit of his papers, 1959-1960.
  • see also Millett, M.R.O.
  • Building Fund. Correspondence 1955-1960.
  • Canberra Fellows Dining Club. Memoranda and correspondence with invited guests. 1959-1971.
  • General. Reports circulars, correspondence, references for candidates and related correspondence (eg. with Professor E.P. George 1960-1972) and comments on Presidency candidates 1968. 1959-1974.
  • Great Barrier Reef Research Project. Copy of paper re funding of, n.d.
  • Ian Clunies Ross Memorial Foundation. Correspondence re CSIRO proposal for foundation. 1959-1960.
  • National Science Foundation. Correspondence and circulars re, and correspondence re  the proposed visit in 1960 of Dr. Waterman, Director of the (U.S.) National Science Foundation in connection with. 1959-1963.
  • Records. Memoranda and correspondence re contribution to Records of the Academy. 1964-1968.  (Oliphant was editor from 1965-1969).
  • Science and Industry Forum. Papers, agendas, minutes, reports and library catalogue, and draft paper on the establishment of the Forum by C.N. Watson-Munro.  1967-1972.
  • Science Teaching in Australia. Paper re and correspondence with the A.A.S. 1959.
  • Academy staff.  1951-1983 - some confidential files RESTRICTED
  • Papers 1977-79, including correspondence re the History of the Academy and its 25th anniversary celebrations, 1979 and proposal of Michael Gore to establish a science centre, 1977; and general papers re the Academy 1980-1993 [circular material removed]
  • * see also Questacon

Australian Academy of Technological Sciences.  Correspondence and circulars re meetings and conferences, publications.  1978-1987.

Australian Association for the Welfare of Children in Hospital. Re position as patron. 1985.

Australian Atomic Energy Commission.  Correspondence including undertaking of 1968 to obtain information on separation of uranium isotopes.  1964-1972.
Confidential reports on prospective research fellows RESTRICTED

A.B.C. (Australian Broadcasting Commission).

  • Correspondence re talks by Oliphant and re National Talks Advisory Committee and Canberra Advisory Committee, with background papers for secondary schools science program. 1955-1957, 1963-1971
  • Correspondence, including re Oliphant's presentation of 'Inventor of the Year' award, interviews on Quantum and Encounter and comments on programs.  1977-1979, 1984-1987

Australian Commercial Research and Development Ltd.  Correspondence.  1985

Australian Conservation Foundation and Tasmanian Wilderness Society. Correspondence, mainly re launching of The South-West. 1976-1978.

Australian frontier [discussion group]  1966-1967.

Australian Institute of Science Technology.  Correspondence.  1985

Australian Mineral Foundation.  Invitation to uranium/nuclear energy seminar.  1984.

Australian National University. Correspondence, including re visits by Oliphant and participation in 1979 Seminar Summing up the 70s; re pension and University House membership, visit for Founders' Day October 1984.  Also paper of Roger Clarke on the proposed National Identification Scheme 1985, Review of the Research School of Physical Sciences and related correspondence with John Carver; personal correspondence with Taffy Bowen (and his notes on the beginnings of radar) and Tony Brinkley (including reminiscences of early days in the Department of Nuclear Physics; and re funding of the John Curtin School of Medicine and the retirement of Professor Carver 1992.  1977-1994.
See also:

  • Academic Salaries
  • Administration of Schools of Natural Science
  • Board of the Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Chemistry School
  • Chemistry Department
  • Christmas Party [Research School of Physical Sciences]
  • Council Matters
  • Directors' Duties
  • Engineering Physics Department
  • Engineering Sciences in the A.N.U. Working Party
  • Fire
  • Forestry
  • Geophysics Department
  • Homopolar Generator
  • International Relations Department
  • Medical School
  • Pacific Studies
  • Physics of Ionized Gases
  • Physics [School]
  • School of General Studies
  • [Department/School of] Social Sciences
  • Theoretical Physics Department
  • University House
  • Visitors:
  • also files of individual staff members and in Series 2 correspondence (Dick Marshall, Arthur Birch etc).

Australia Party.  1969

Australia - U.S.S.R. Society.  1970-1972, 1975 (agreement on cooperation)

Bagge, Sir John, James and Lizzie.  Correspondence (including comments on Government House by Lizzie Bagge). 1977-1988.

Bakewell, R.D. (Permanent Head, Department Economic Development/S.A. Ombudsman.) Correspondence re South Australian economic development and related articles by Bakewell and others; one letter includes comments on Don Dunstan.1977-1982.

Baldwin, Mr. A.   Correspondence. 1962-1964.

Bannon, J.C.  Correspondence re Wilpena, MPF and solar energy.  1989-1991.
See also MFP, Solar Energy and Wilpena

Beazley, Hon. K.E. Correspondence (congratulations on award of A.K. to Beazley). 1978-1979.

B.H.P. Ltd.

  • Correspondence with Sir Ian McLennan re visits to Newcastle and Whyalla. 1957-1959, 1963, 1972.
  • Nomination of Arthur Murch for BHP Pursuit of Excellence award.  1984.

Biological Centre, Canberra.  Proposal to establish, 1965 and note on sites for, 1971.

Blair, R.R. (Managing Director of International Oil, Delhi Corporation). Correspondence and articles on the jojoba plants. 1978-1980.

Board of the Institute [of Advanced Studies, A.N.U.]  1961-1967.
Mainly circular correspondence and papers received as a member of the Board.

Bok, Prof. B.J.  Correspondence and reports by Bok (at Steward Observatory, University of Arizona).  1966-1978.
See also Astronomy - General

Bragg, Sir Lawrence.  Visit, 1960.  1960-1966.

Bragg, W.H. Copies of papers on and about 1908, 1950, 1975, 1976 and correspondence 1975-1979 with S.G. Tomlin (Physics Department, Adelaide) and Australian Dictionary of Biography re article for the latter.
See also Series 2 1993 for paper by Prescott re Bragg desk and radium contamination.

Bray, John.  Letter from re emergency powers.  1985.

Brinkley, Tony
See Australian National University and Series 2  1992ff

Burgess, Sam.  [fellow student at Adelaide High] Correspondence.   1985-1987.

Burgmann College.  1970-1977.  Includes assessments of candidates for Mastership of the College, 1970  RESTRICTED

Burns, Martine.  [former Government House staff member] Correspondence 1986-1988.

Butler, Professor S.T. (Director, A.A.E.C. Research Establishment) Correspondence re application for the Vice-Chancellorship of the University of Sydney.  1981.

Cambridge. Correspondence with Sir Donald Tebbit, Lady Cockcroft and others arranging visits while in Cambridge for centenary celebrations of Poynting's appointment as first Professor of Physics in Birmingham. 1980.

Cambridge Commonwealth Trust.  Correspondence, reports etc [Oliphant was Patron] 1983-1991.

Campbell, J.A.  Correspondence re Rutherford biography and birthplace memorial and SciQuest proposal.  1984-1995.

Canberra University College. Reports, calendars and correspondence, principally re appointment to the Chair of Physics. 1958-1960.

Carver, Prof. John
ANU, Royal Society of London and University of Adelaide

Cawthron, Dr. Edward (Ted)
See Physics [School] Personnel

Cassini, MaryRe 3 minutes world silence proposal.  1985.

CERN [European Organization for Nuclear Renewal] 1958-1965.  Some correspondence but mainly re conferences and publications.

Chadwick, Sir James.  Correspondence 1957-1979, with additional photocopies from Churchill College Cambridge, articles and obituary, and notes by David Ellyard (file transferred from Ellyard Papers) RESTRICTED UNTIL CLEARED
Correspondence relating to testimonial on his 75th birthday; also letter to and re Margaret Gowing 1974.
See also Chadwick, Lady and Series 2 1992 (draft chapters of Chadwick biography by A.P. Brown)

Chadwick, Lady.  Letters from.  1979, 1985.

Challenge to Australia.  Copy of  (by Oliphant, Barton Pope and Macfarlane Burnet) and letter proposing new edition. 1986.  2 items

Charteris, Sir Martin. (Buckingham Palace) Correspondence re Royal Visit 1977 and awards to Governors. 1975-1977.

Chaudhri, Professor R.M.  Correspondence 1956-1972, 1984-1988.
See also Personal

Chemistry School, I.A.S. Correspondence, reports and memoranda re.  1959-1963.

Chemistry Department - Radiochemistry. Correspondence with and re. 1957-1960.

China.  Invitation from Academia Sinica and proposed visit.  1984.

Chinese Trip and associated correspondence.  Report on and correspondence subsequent to 1964-1967, 1971-1972.
[Trip made 19 September - 19 October 1964 with the President and two other Fellows of the A.A.S. - T.M. Cherry, E.S. Hills and E.J. Underwood.]
See also China, Hills, Edwin and Overseas Trip - China

Chipp, Senator Don. Correspondence 1977, 1982 and re chairing of Chipp meeting by Oliphant, May 1977.

Christmas Cards.  Cards received, and list of those sent as Governor 1957-1970, 1972-1974 and cards received 1978-1982.

Christmas Party [Research School of Physical Sciences] Poems, songs, programs, speeches for, c1960-1962 [most undated]

Cilento Oration (by Peter Last)
Julia Farr Centre

Cockburn, Stewart (and David Ellyard and Jennifer Cashmore).  Correspondence relating to writing and publication of Oliphant's biography, and subsequent personal correspondence: 1983 letter includes copy of extract from Oliphant's FBI file.  1978-99. Additional papers were received from Stewart Cockburn in December 2002 and January 2003.  These comprise his correspondence with co-author David Ellyard October 1979  - December 1981, general (personal and official) correspondence with Oliphant 1972-96, a separate file of correspondence specifically relating to the biography 1979-1982, correspondence with Vivian and Michael Wilson and others (including Sir Paul Hasluck, Sir Howard Beale, Sir Leonard Huxley and staff of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory) relating to the Oliphant biography 1980-1981, Cockburn's interview schedule and notes, copies of newspaper articles relating to Oliphant c1977-1986, correspondence with David Marr re self-publishing and with the graphic designer Adrian Young 1980-1981, and publicity re the launch of Oliphant and subsequent reviews, copied from a scrapbook compiled by Cockburn.
See also Crocker papers Series 11/22 Stewart Cockburn file

Cockcroft, Sir John. Correspondence 1951-67. With copies of 1980 correspondence with Guy Hartcup, Cockcroft’s biographer (file transferred from Ellyard Papers) RESTRICTED UNTIL CLEARED

Lady Cockcroft. Correspondence with, principally re the biography of Sir John and the unveiling of a memorial plaque to him by the Borough of Todmorden.  1968-1970.

Commonwealth Club (Canberra). Notice of election to, 1977 and accounts and circulars.

Commonwealth Astronomer.  Draft of letter to Dr. Struve and others re appointment of a successor to Dr. Woolley. undated.

Conference on Global Agriculture. Invitation to give keynote address. 1985.

Conferring of Degrees Ceremonies. Circulars, Oliphant's speeches and correspondence including Oliphant's nomination of F.N. Ratcliffe for a D.Sc., 1965 and T.M. Cherry and others for degrees 1962. 1955-1972.

Congratulatory. Replies to Oliphant's letters of congratulations and thanks for congratulations received. 1977-1982.

Conlon, Dr. A.A. Correspondence re proposed endowment of an Academy fellowship by Justice Sugarman.  1957-60.

Conservation Foundation.  Newsletter, reports, correspondence. 1964-1971.

Coombs. Dr. H.C. Correspondence. 1979. (Coombs' writing as President of the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Aboriginal Treaty Committee.)

Corcoran, Des. (Premier of South Australia). Correspondence (formal). 1979-1980.

Corey, Nanette.  Personal letters from.  1984-1985.  3 items.

Corporate Affairs OfficeRe Gentech Ltd.  1985.

Council [ANU] Matters. Correspondence. 1959-1970.

(Australian Advisory) Council of Elders.  1984.

Cranks. Correspondence. 1954-1972.

Crawford, James and Britt-Marie.  Personal correspondence.  1985-1993.

Crippled Children's Association. Correspondence with Sir Dennis Paterson, President of the Association. 1975-1981.
See also Paterson, Sir Dennis

Crocker, Mr. W.R. Correspondence 1957-1992.

Crompton, James.  Letter on the engineering profession.  1985.

C.S.I.R.O. - General. Correspondence with staff of and circular memoranda from. 1965-1974, 1984-1987.

Csizmodia, I.G.  Re proposed symposium on 'A Rational Strategy for Global Problems'.   1985.

Curriculum Development Centre.  Comments on draft discussion paper on Core Curriculum for Australian Schools.  1978-1979.

Dalton, Mrs. Katherine. Correspondence with, principally re support from the Scientific Relief Fund of the Royal Society and efforts to establish a Trust following the death of Dr. G.C.J. Dalton. 1962-1968.

Desalination of Water.  Correspondence and papers re 1962-1963, 1969-1970.

Directors' Duties [ANU]  Memoranda. 1957-1960.

District Council of Lincoln.  Copy of objections to proposed development of Coffin Bay by David Roney.  1984

Dockerill, Joan.  Personal letters 1985-1994 and undated.

Economy.  Miscellaneous correspondence re. 1978.

Edmunds, Lorraine.  Personal correspondence.  1987-1993.
See also Sprigg, Reg.

Edwards, Jimmy
See Series 2 1992 (tribute)

Electronics Association of South Australia.  Invitation to present awards.  1984-1985.

Ellis, Michael.  Re the Renaissance Group [of which both were founder patrons] and Earthcon conference.  1987-1990.

Ellyard, David.  Letters from, also letter J. Walker (Birmingham Radiation Centre) 1979 re approach with regard to Ellyard's biography.  1979, 1984-1985, 1991.   4 items.
See also Cockburn

Engineering Physics Department. Correspondence with staff of and reports re, including report on Overload of the Homopolar Generator, 1968 and on the Future of the Department of Particle Physics, 1964. 1964-1971.

Engineering Sciences in the A.N.U. - Working Party. Papers of, with separate files for establishment of the Working Party and correspondence with Professor D.N. Dunbar, C.R. Forsyth, Sir William  Hudson, etc. 1968-1970.

Everingham, Dr. D.N.  Correspondence with, re nuclear war and Mensa. 1962-1963.

Faunce, Marc.  Letters re health and care of Lady Oliphant . 1983-1984.  4 items.

Fenner, Frank and Bobbie.  Personal letters to Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant. 1984-1985, 1997.

Fire, Cockcroft Wing.  Correspondence re. 1960-1961.

Fleet, Mrs. K.  Correspondence. 1961-1967.

Flinders University of South Australia/Flinders Medical Research Foundation.  Correspondence (including with Prof. John Willoughby of Flinders Medical Centre Research Foundation re proposed Sir Mark Oliphant Round Table); re fund-raising, Round Table meetings and opening of Laboratories 1991; invitations (including to annual Oliphant Lecture in Radiology) and opening of Kiwanis Club fund raising art exhibition July 1989, with copies of addresses by Oliphant.  1977-1998.

Forestry [ANU] Memoranda and correspondence with Herbert Burton re forestry education at A.N.U. 1962.

French, A.P.  Correspondence re French's book on Niels Bohr, with Oliphant's notes on Bohr and Rutherford.  1984-1985.  5 items.

Geophysics Department - General. Correspondence with Ringwood and Titterton. 1963, 1969-1970.
See also Jaeger, Professor J.C. and Universities Commission

Ghana and Nigeria. Correspondence re visit to (1969) and copy of lectures delivered. 1969-1972.

Governor. National Times article 1986 on 'The Governor's pleasure' and related correspondence. 1986. 5 items.

Government House. Correspondence with and re S.A. Governors and Government House staff (including Keith Seaman, Don Dunstan, Roma Mitchell and Secretary John White), mainly formal but some confidential; programs of visits to wHYALLA 1974, Kangaroo Island 1974 and to London and Yorke Peninsula 1976; programs of Royal visits (Duke of Edinburgh 1973 and 1974, and Princess Anne and Mark Phillips 1975); also newspaper cuttings relating to Keith Seaman, Walter Crocker and Harold Salisbury and report written by Oliphant for the Premier at the end of his term as Governor. 1973, 1976-1995.
Also Lady Oliphant file re her patronage and Christmas cards list, details of Government House staff, menus and guest lists for functions
See also Bagge, Burns, Crawford, Henderson, Veniard and Series 8 for Commission as Governor, and Series 27 for Retirement as Governor

Governor-General. Correspondence (formal) with Sir William Slim, Sir John Kerr, Sir Zelman Cowen and Bill Hayden and arrangements re official functions. 1959, 1976-1977, 1982-1989.

Gowing, Margaret.  Correspondence, including copy of Jan.1945 letter from Oliphant to Akers of the U.K. Atomic Energy Authority re his idea for a new type of particle accelerator and reference in 1985 letter to Royal Commission hearings on the atomic tests. 1961-1969, 1985-1995.
See also Chadwick, Sir James and Series 14

Green Triangle Domiciliary Services Committee.  Invitaion to speak at conference dinner.  1985.

Groom, Wayne.  Proposal for film of Oliphant's life based on the Ellyard/Cockburn biography.  September-October 1984.

Gujarat Vidyapith - Ahmedabad, India. Papers re Gandhi Centenary Conference Oct. 1969 at which Oliphant co-chaired a session on Science and Non-Violence. 1969.

Guthrie, Stella.  Letters/notes 1986; also April 1987 issue of Sacota of which Guthrie was editor.

Hampstead Centre.  Invitation to speak to students in rehabilitation nursing course.  1985.

Hancock, Keith.  Correspondence (mainly letters from), including comments on Maralinga Commission, Margaret Gowing, Titterton, Tregenza and Hugh Stretton. 1983-1986.

Hardy, Barbara.  Personal correspondence and (as Chair of Board) re the Investigator Science and Technology Centre. Includes photos taken on Oliphant's visit to the centre April 1992 as Founding Patron. 1986-1987, 1991-1992, 1995.

Harkness Fellowships.  Information in relation to application of Geoffrey Millar.  undated (198?)

Harper, Susan.  Re foreword to her book on the terminally ill Caught in the crossfire.  1990-1991.

Hartnett, Sir Laurence. Correspondence re the manufacturing industry. 1978.

Henderson, Dick.  Personal correspondence 1977-1994.

Heritage Commission. Publications sent as information by the Director, Max Bourke.  1975-1977.

Hills, Edwin.  Re Academy account of Scientific exchanges with China (objection to omission of their China visit 1964).  1985.

Homopolar Generator. 1957-1965. 18 cm.

  • General correspondence. 1957-1961.
  • Minutes and agendas of meetings. 1957-1965.
  • Consultations - correspondence re Morganite report. 1963-1964.
  • Mercury Proposal. Re hazards and precautions in use of mercury in place of sodium-potassium alloy. 1962-1963.
  • Na K accident, 3 July 1962 - reports and correspondence.

Honours.  Re nomination of Bernhard Neumann, Barry Jones and Keith Powell for award of Order of Australia.  1992 and undated.

Honours for Judges. Correspondence with Sir John Kerr and Sir Garfield Barwick  1975.

Hopgood, Don.  Correspondence re Murray Valley Management Review 1985 (with attached letter of Stewart Cockburn), personal correspondence and copy of address 1995 on student life.  1985, 1987, 1993, 1995.

Houses(s).  Correspondence regarding, 1957-1972.

Hudson, Sir William. Correspondence re proposed memoir by Sir Angus Paton.  1979.

Ikeda, Daisaku.  Correspondence re Choose Life. 1985-1986.  3 items

Imperial Honours.  Letter to Prince Philip re retention of in Australia, with his reply.  1985.

Inflation. Correspondence and articles re, various authors including G.C. Harcourt.  1975.

Institute of Physics, American. Circulars to members. 1966-1970.

Institute of Physics, Australia. Notices, agendas and correspondence re paper by Oliphant at Vacuum Physics symposium. 1965.

Institute of Physics, England. Notices, agendas and correspondence. 1959-1972.

Institution of Engineers (Canberra). Papers re 1956 Conference. 1955-1956.

Intelligence Digest. Copy of article by Dr. C.N. Martin sent for comment. 1955.

International Congress on Human Relations. (Melbourne, Aug. 1972).
Correspondence, circulars, proceedings. 1971-1972.

International Relations Department. Copies of departmental seminar papers and correspondence re withdrawal of Professor Wight from the Chair of International  Relations, 1957; with Lord Lindsay of Birker re his appointment to the position  1957, 1961; and with J.W. Fredericks of  The Ford Foundation re establishment of a Foundation-funded research institute, 1961. 1957-1962.
See also Social Sciences Department

Inventors Association of Australia. Copies of Journal, Bulletin and notices. 1965-1972.

Invitations. Mainly formal cards with some related correspondence. 1965-1972, 1984-1986.

Ion Diffusion Unit. Correspondence and Memoranda re establishment of, including appointments. 1960-63 and undated.

Irving, E. Copy of Registrar's letter to April 1954, offering a research fellowship in the Research School of Physical Sciences.

Irwin, Sir James.  Re possibility of asbestos problem in Julia Farr Centre.  1984.

JAD Film and Television Productions.  Re proposed film of Oliphant's life.  1984.
See also Groom, Wayne.

Jaeger, Professor J.C.  Correspondence 1954.
See also Universities Commission

James, Leslie.  Correspondence and papers re city planning.  1989-1990.

Japanese Trip. Correspondence re and subsequent to. 1953-1956.

Jessop, Senator Don. Correspondence re referendum campaign 1977 and water resources (River Murray) 1979.

Jones, Barry.  Correspondence and copies of addresses by Jones at opening of National Science Summer School 1985 and at Collins St. Uniting Church seminar 'Sleepers, Wake! - Five years on' in 1987.  1985-1988, 1991.

Jones, Dr. Hardin B. Correspondence and articles re marijuana. 1977-1979.

Julia Farr Centre.  Correspondence with Peter Last and other staff . 1984-1986.

Kakadu National Park. Foreword for book on, by Alex Colley, with related correspondence and typescript of text. 1977.

Kapitza, Professor Peter and Anna.  Correspondence, including with Anna Kapitza subsequent to her husband's death in 1984 and copies of the Royal Society Memoir by D. Shoenberg (1985) and Oliphant's recollections of Kapitza; and copies of papers by Kapitza including the 1976 Bernal lecture.  1957-1993.
See also U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences and Series 2 1994 (re Kapitza centenary celebrations)

Kelvin Recording.  Copies of papers re re-discovery of 1907 recording of Lord Kelvin speaking on radioactivity.

Kemsley, Rev. Dr. D.S. Correspondence re Kemsley's publications on religion and  science. 1963-1969.

Last, Peter
See Julia Farr Centre

Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley. Correspondence with staff of 1965-1972, with Director re 45th anniversary celebrations (1976), and articles on, by Martin D. Kamen and others. 1965-1977. Includes photograph taken at 1976 celebrations.

Lawrence, E.O. and Molly.  Single letter from E.O. Lawrence, December 1957 and subsequent correspondence with Molly Lawrence (including re E.O. Lawrence's death). 1958-1959, 1967, 1984-1995.

Leech, Professor T.D. Correspondence re water Conservation schemes especially diffusion blasting. 1967-1971.
See also Plowshare

Le Couteur, K.J.  Letter of thanks for wishes upon his retirement.  1985.  2 items.
See also Theoretical Physics Department [ANU]

Le Fevre, Raymond and Cathie.  Personal letters to Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant 1984-1986; also letter from M.J. Aroney with regard to memoir of Le Fevre for the Royal Society 1986.
See also Series 2 1988 for draft typescript memoir of Le Fevre by professor A.D. (David) Buckingham.

McQuillen, Dr. Kenneth (Churchill College, Cambridge). Correspondence with the Vice-Master (McQuillen) and Master of Churchill College, including request for Churchill Visiting Fellowship for Professor Douglas Pike and the proposal for Oliphant's nomination as Master in 1968. 1967-1969. (Note: In declining the nomination April 1968 Oliphant reported the approach from the Premier of S.A. re the Governorship of that State.)

Mackie, Margot.  Personal correspondence.  1985-1987

Marston, Dr. H.R. Correspondence with, 1954-1964 mainly re Academy matters.

Marston, Dr. H.R. Correspondence with Marston 1965 and with his widow and Shirley Allen re the disposition of Marston's papers, 1965-1970.
See also Personal.

Marston, Dr. H.R. - R.S. Memoir. Correspondence re Marston with Shirley Allen, Dr. R.L.M. Synge and Professor Eric Underwood and copies of letters of many colleagues re Marston, and of papers and addresses by Marston, collected by Oliphant on Synge's behalf. 1966-68. (Note: includes comments by Marston on Maralinga tests 2 September 1956 and a copy (original is in Personal, M.L.O.) of a letter from Oliphant to Marston 12 September 1956 re his own position during the war with regard to official secrets)
See also Royal Commission into British Nuclear Tests in Australia and Series 2 1995 correspondence with Roger Cross

Martyn, Dr. D.F. (R.S. Memoir). Drafts of memoir by Oliphant and J.H. Piddington and related correspondence. 1970-1972.

Mathematics Department.

  • General. Circulars, correspondence, programme, proposals for. 1958-1970.
  • Staff. Correspondence with and re including appointments.  1959-1963.
  • Summer Research Institute. Correspondence re and reports on.  1958-1963.

Maxwell, Mary (Department of Politics, University of Adelaide).  Personal correspondence and 1986 paper by Maxwell on Nuclear Reading.  1985-1995.

Meanjin. Correspondence re article for, and long letter editor C.B. Christesen re the history and future of the paper. 1956.

Medical School - John Curtin. Memoranda and reports, including a brief history of the school by its Director, Frank Fenner, 1971.  1957-1967, 1971.

Menzies School of Health Research (Northern Territory).  Correspondence with Keith Fleming and discussion papers re the University and its teaching and Schools.  1984.

Merrick, Major A.W. (Arthur).  Correspondence.  1985-1987.

Mitagundi Outdoor Education Centre.  Correspondence, newsletters [Oliphant was Patron].  1984-1985.

Millett, M.R.O. (Mervyn) Correspondence and copies of Millett's articles. 1977-1987.
See also Academy of Science, Basser Library

Milne, Kenneth and Lance. Correspondence. 1976-1980.

Miscellaneous. Including requests for copies of papers and articles, articles sent by others, invitations, enquiries and unsolicited communications. 1955-1971.

Moon, P.B. (University of Birmingham).  Correspondence and section of Moon's typescript autobiography and (after his death in 1994) re his Royal Society Memoir.  1979-1996.

Moscow Conference. Arrangements for and correspondence subsequent to 1958-1959.

Multi Function Polis.  Official reports and publications, and correspondence, articles, speeches and newspaper cuttings [most opposing the MFP], including addresses by Oliphant in Adelaide and Port Adelaide December 1990 and Canberra August 1991.  1990-1991.

National Book Council. Correspondence re presentation by Oliphant of awards for Australian Literature. 1977.

National Council of Women (A.C.T.). Invitation to address meeting on solar heating. 1955.

National Library of Australia. Papers re conference on Source Materials for Australian Studies, l961 and letter from National Librarian thanking Oliphant for the letters of W.S. Robinson, 1967.

Nature. Request by, for review of The Self-Splitting Atom: A history of the Rutherford - Soddy Collaboration by T.J. Trenn. 1978.

Neo Lux (magnifying device).  Invitation from its designer Robert Horgan to present his award for Design Excellence.  1985.

News of the World. Correspondence re articles of the Atom Series, 1958.

New York Academy of Sciences. Correspondence.  1961, 1971 [circulars re its publications and conferences removed]

Nicolson, J.  Proposal for formation of an Australian International Service Corps.  1985.

Ninham, Barry (Department of Applied Mathematics, ANU).  (undated) letters and copies of papers by.  1991-1995.

The Nation. (New York) Correspondence re article for special series Atoms for Peace. 1955.

Nuclear Physics Department. Correspondence with Professor E.W. Titterton, circulars and reports. 1958-1964.
See also Titterton, E.W.

Nuclear Physics Department - staff.  Correspondence re 1957-1964.

Ogle, Fr.  Letter of thanks to.  1985.

O'Gorman, Bill.  Letter and enclosures re new system for disposal of hazardous waste.  1985.

Ogawa, Iwao.  Letters from and copy of one letter to him. 1988-1990.  5 items.
See also Pugwash

Olympic Dam.  Correspondence re visit to.  1993.

Ombudsman.  Letter of R.D. Bakewell on his retirement.  1985.

Operation Plowshare
See Plowshare

Oppenheimer Exploratorium
See Questacon

Order of Australia Association.  Correspondence with Sir Arthur Tange and others, constitution etc.  1985-1986.

Order of St. John Priory in Australia.  Correspondence with Sir Zelman Cowen and others, historical background on the Order and Oliphant's investiture.  1978-89.

O'Shea. L.J.  Correspondence with and re. 1977-86, 1995.  RESTRICTED

Overseas Trips (1961, 1962, 1965). Notes taken on laboratory visits, correspondence re travel arrangements and visits, reports and photographs. 1961-1964.
See also Travel Overseas

Overseas Trip - India, U.K. U.S.A., February 1964.  Notes, correspondence, invitations.

Overseas Trip - China, September/October 1964. Postcards, invitations, programme, correspondence.

Overseas Trip - Study Leave 1965. Correspondence, principally re travel arrangements and with A.P. Rowe and others whom he intended to visit during his leave in London.
See also Series 23, reprints collected in Russia 1965

Pacific Studies - Research School of. Correspondence and memoranda, including Oscar Spate re his resignation as Dean of the Geography Department August 1961; provision of carbon-dating equipment for the Department of Anthropology 1964; establishment of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies 1961. 1961-1967.

Paterson, Sir Dennis. Correspondence re Paterson's application for position of Chairman of the S.A. Health Commission. 1980.

Pelz, Winnie. Correspondence re opening of craft exhibition 1977.

Perpetual Jojoba Plantations.  Invitation to officiate at opening.  1985.

Personal, M.L.O. Correspondence (family, personal, private purchases) 1954-1972.  Separate files for K.B.E. award 1959 and for resignation, retirement and study leave 1963-1972. Includes some early correspondence with Marston, Rivett, Chaudhri and Crocker, and comment on research matters; also correspondence with Sir Mark Mitchell re Vice-Chancellorship at ANU 1958; exchange of letters 1959 with C.P. Snow re his Rede lecture on 'Two cultures'; copy of letter to Prime Minister Menzies 1954 re the Commonwealth Astronomer; and correspondence with Prof. Ray Wright and others re dissatisfaction with his own treatment by the ANU 1966-68. Additional files donated by the family of Vivian Wilson include Letters of Rose Oliphant (mainly from time at Government House); letters between Oliphant and Rose 1973,1977; between Oliphant and Wilson ca 1987-96, Wilson re Oliphant 1986-2003; grandchildren and others.   RESTRICTED

Petroleum. Papers re Australian production of, correspondence with Reg. Sprigg 1959.
See also Sprigg, Reg.

Physical Society - Australia. Correspondence with Harry Messel, Dr. F.W.G. White and Sir Leslie Martin re the establishment of 1959.

Physics of Ionized Gases. Mainly re administration of the Unit and equipment, staff and postgraduate students. 1964-1972.
See also Physics [School] Personnel

Physics [School] Personnel - General. Correspondence with and re 1957-1969. Separate files for correspondence with Oliphant's secretary, Margot Mackie and research assistant, Ted Cawthron (including later papers by him), 1965-1972, 1976-1980.
Some confidential references RESTRICTED
See also ANU and USSR Exchange Scholar

Physics School - General.  News sheets, circulars and correspondence re administration. 1965-1972.

Pire, Fr. Dominique. Correspondence with Fr. Pire, founder of The Heart Open to the World Foundation and Islands of Peace. 1963-1969.

Plasma Physics. Correspondence re Plasma Physics conferences. 1963-1964.

Plowshare. Correspondence with General Dynamics re establishment of nuclear power operations in Australia and with the Prime Minister's Department, Lawrence Radiation Laboratories, Berkeley, Australian Atomic Energy Commission and the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority re nuclear explosions for civil engineering purposes; also letter from Jim Cairns. 1960-1969.
See also Leech, Professor T.D.

Pope, Sir Barton. Correspondence re "Planning for the next 100 Years" article. 1981.

Porter, Miss.  Personal correspondence.  1985.

Post, Bertus.  Correspondence re views on the world monetary system.  1984-1985.

Powell, Brian and Fay.  Correspondence with and regarding nomination of Powell for an Order of Australia award.  1989, 1991-1996.

Precedence, Flag, State Emblem, State/Commonwealth Powers. Copies of original Governor's despatches and Gazette 1901-04 and correspondence with the Queensland Governor. 1975.

Premier [Hon. Donald Dunstan]. Includes personal correspondence relating to dismissal of Sir Harold Salisbury and the subsequent Royal Commission. Also some correspondence with the Deputy Premier, Hugh Hudson. 1975-1978, 1979, 1981.
See also Salisbury, H.H.

Primary Schools.  Letters from children.  1984-1985.

Prime Minister [Hon. Malcolm Fraser]. Correspondence (formal) re Great Barrier Reef and re proposed Australian Defence Forces Academy. 1979-1980.

Publications. Requests for articles, correspondence re subscriptions, unsolicited articles, copies of various publications. 1959-1971.

Pugwash. Correspondence, conference papers, notes (especially of 1962 Cambridge conference), statements 1958-1988, 1993.
See also Ogawa, Iwao

Purchase, Mr. R. Correspondence with Ronald Purchase, business manager, Physics Department A.N.U. re staff, equipment, etc. 1955-1956; also general correspondence and references to 1970.

Qantas Airways.  Correspondence 1958, 1960, 1967-69.

Queen's Silver Jubilee Appeal. Correspondence and papers. 1977.

Questacon. Correspondence with Dr. Michael Gore (Department of Physics A.N.U.) and with Dr. Frank Oppenheimer (including pamphlets re the Exploratorium in San Francisco) re establishment of a participatory science museum.  1972, 1976-1982.
See also Australian Academy of Science

Ratcliffe, J.A. (Jack).  Letters (including notice of his death and copies of funeral service).  1983-1987.

References, Referee's Reports. 1961-1976.   RESTRICTED

Richards, Dr. J.R. (Research Fellow at A.N.U.) Correspondence 1955-1956.

Riddiford, Len.  Letter, proposal for Birmingham Synchrotron Australians re-union, and note from widow re his death.  1985-1987, 1991.

Rivett, Sir David.  Correspondence with Sir David and Lady Rivett (mainly minor but includes note on Rivett's role in the establishment of ANU) 1957-1961.

Rivett, Sir David - R.S. Memoir / Rivett, Mr. Rohan. Correspondence re Oliphant's R.S. Memoir and Rohan Rivett's biography of his father. 1965-1974. (Note: Includes references to Rivett and Marston and the C.S.I.R.-C.S.I.R.O. transition; also the role of A.P. Rowe.
See also Marston, H.R.

Robertson, David and Denise.  Letters.  1984-1990, 1993.

Robinson, W.S.  Correspondence 1957-1963.

Rochester Conference. Correspondence re participation in 7th Annual Rochester Conference on High Energy Physics 1957; includes proceedings of 3rd conference 1953.

Rosenfeld, Dr. L. (Manchester). Correspondence re proposed publication of a new journal Nuclear Physics. 1955.

Rotary.  Correspondence re honorary membership, invitations. 1978-1979, 1984-1985.

Rotblat, Professor J.  Correspondence 1957-1960, 1971.
See also Series 2 1995 correspondence

Royal Australian Institute of Architects.  Invitation to give keynote speech at workshop 1980 and thanks for speech at annual dinner 1985.

Royal Commission into British Nuclear Tests in Australia.  Transcripts, correspondence re submissions, copies of papers by Hedley Marston and others.  1985.
See also Gowing and Titterton

Royal Flying Doctor Service.  Letters from Stella Guthrie, invitations.  1984-1986.

Royal Society of Canberra.  Correspondence re talks on behalf of. 1955-1956 [circular material 1959-1972 not kept]

Royal Society of London. Correspondence re nominations (Titterton, Ian Clunies Ross, C.N. Watson-Munro) and Society memoir of A.G. Michell; also re visit Professor Andrade as Rutherford Memorial Lecturer 1957, typescript of Oliphant's Bakerian Lecture with R.S. annotations, correspondence re arrangements for Rutherford Memorial Lecture 1984 by Sir Bernard Lovell; also issues of Royal Society News and other correspondence and notices.  1955-1976, 1980-1992.
Much circular material culled; confidential reports on nominated candidates are RESTRICTED

Royal Society of New South Wales.  Notices of meetings. 1970-1971.

Royal Society of New Zealand.  Correspondence re Oliphant's election as an Honorary Member. 1960, 1984.

Russell, the Earl. Invitation from Russell to Oliphant to join the Council of Scientific Advisors to the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation. 1964.

Rutherford Book. Correspondence, photographs, articles, reviews, royalty statements re Oliphant's book Rutherford - Recollections of the Cambridge Days (1972); also proof copy, typescript and early drafts and later correspondence with P.J. Skellerup and J.A. Campbell.  1972-1982.
See also Campbell, J.A., Series 2 1992 (letters to Dr Brown re 'row' with Rutherford) and Series 24

Rutherford Centenary Celebrations. Correspondence and Lectures for celebrations at Cambridge, London and Kent. 1970-1971.

Rutherford lecture - India. Includes drafts and final text, and general report on study leave 1955 during which Oliphant gave the lecture. 1953-1955.

Rutherford Memorial Lecture by Mr. J.A. Ratcliffe. (former Director, U.K. Radio and Space Research Station). Correspondence with Ratcliffe and others re Ratcliffe's lecture tour and his meeting with the Radio Research Board. 1965-1966.

Salaries [ANU]  Circulars re. 1965-1971.

Salisbury, H.H. Correspondence with and about and newspaper cuttings relating to his dismissal as Police Commissioner; also copy of Oliphant's address at the 1979 launching of a book on the dismissal by Stewart Cockburn, letters from Mrs Salisbury after her husband's death and obituaries. 1978-1995. Additional letters 27/7/1980 - 9/12/1989 from Oliphant to Salisbury were donated by Salisbury's daughter, Jane Hall, in 2012 and have been interfiled with the existing correspondence. These include a letter from J.C. Hall of St John's College, Cambridge, to Salisbury re the acquittal of police charged with the manslaughter of Dr G. Duncan, and a ms of Salisbury's recollections of the affair, a letter from Salisbury to R.F. Boyles (Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police) 1977 with his recollections of Adelaide, and three letters from Walter Crocker to Salisbury 1979, and an annotated photograph of Walter Crocker.

Scarf, F.  Correspondence re his study leave and conditions of employment. 1953-1956.

Scholarships.  Correspondence and circulars re. 1962-69.

School of General Studies [ANU] - General. Correspondence and circulars. 1961-1969.

Science [Oliphant] Awards.  Correspondence, handbooks.  1984-1985.

Science Centre Foundation.  Correspondence with Ruth Inall, invitations, publications. 1990-1991.

Science Teachers' Association of New South Wales. Invitations to give opening address at annual conference. 1955.

Science Teachers' Associations [various]. Invitations, notes for address. 1956-1964.

Scientific Study of Man Seminars. Correspondence and notices and copy of paper by E.H. Vandermark. 1967-1969.

Shenton. Dr. D.B. (Research engineer) Correspondence re his conditions and duties. 1954-1955.

"Sixty Minutes".  Correspondence following appearance on a program.  1985

Smith, Dr. W.I.B. Correspondence from and re during Smith's visit to the U.S.A. 1955.

Snowy Mountains Authority. Correspondence with Professor T.D.J. Leech 1960-1967 and notes on joint A.N.U.-S.M.A. In-Service Training Course in Applied Nuclear Physics, 1960; also letter from Peter Kapitza re visit to, 1967.

Social Sciences, Department of/ School. Correspondence with the Director, Professor Keith Hancock, Professor P.H. Partridge and Lord Lindsay; also copies of seminar papers and notes (many confidential) re appointments, especially to Chair of Anthropology to succeed Nadel.  1955-1958.
See also International Relations and Hancock, K.
Confidential papers re appointments are RESTRICTED

Societies and Institutes - General. Correspondence, circulars, invitations and articles. 1955-1956, 1960-1975.

Society to Advance Fusion Energy. Correspondence; dissolution of Corporation. 1979, 1985.

Solar Energy.  Papers, newspaper articles and correspondence, including with Israeli diplomatic representatives re Solar Energy Symposium in Israel and re work of Monica Oliphant on solar ponds 1980-1981 and further papers and correspondence 1990-1993, including with Prince Philip.

South Africa Defence and Aid Fund. Correspondence and circulars, mainly re the attempted expulsion from the Committee of Helen Palmer, editor of Outlook. 1963-1964.

South Australian College of Advanced Education.  Invitation to speak to Graduate Diploma in Education students.  1985.

South Australian Council of the Ageing (SACOTA).  Proposal for publication for 150 Jubilee (invitation to contribute).  1985.

Spelling Action Society. Correspondence re including with H.R.H. Prince Philip. 1977.

Sprigg, Reg.  Correspondence, including re uranium and Arkaroola; address by Oliphant to 1991 University of Adelaide Alumni Association Golden Jubilee 1941, dedication of Arkaroola Astronomical Observatory in 1986 (with background information on G.F. Dodwell), and funeral/memorial commemorations of Sprigg by Oliphant and others. 1976-1979, 1984-1995.
See also Edmunds, Lorraine and Powell, Brian

St. John Council
See Order of St. John

St. John's College, Cambridge.  Correspondence with the Master and others, mainly re accommodation on visits, with separate files on possible admission of grandson Michael Wilson as an undergraduate 1988 and on College fundraising appeal 1992.  1953-1993.

State Library of South Australia.  Response to request for a book for proposed exhibition on 'Who's Who in Adelaide and what do they read?  1985.

TAFE.  Request for participation in programs for unemployed youth.  198?

Telecommunications Museum
See Speeches and addresses (Series 4, 1978)

Television. Papers re National Television Congress 1965; re A.N.U. Council Committee on Television 1959-1962; and re proposal for a community television station in Canberra 1959.

Telex Hearing Centre.  Problems with hearing aid.  1984-1990.

Tertiary Education. Correspondence with and copies of reports of the A.U.C. Committee on the Future of Tertiary Education and others (incl. Oliphant). 1962-1966.

Theoretical Physics Department [ANU] Notices re seminars, proposal by National Research Laboratory Study Group, correspondence between Oliphant and K.J. Le Couteur. 1965.

Thermonuclear Research. Correspondence re support for, principally with C.N. Watson-Munro. 1960-1961.

Titterton, E.W. (Personal). Correspondence with, especially 1954; also copies of Titterton's correspondence with the Vice-Chancellor, A.N.U. and a copy of Titterton's memoirs as edited by Professor J.O. Newton. 1949-1957 and c1990. Cleared 2008.
See also Geophysics Department,Nuclear Physics Department and Royal Commission into British Nuclear Tests in Australia, and Series 2 1988-89 which include circular letters from Titterton.

Tiver, Athol.  Paper on gravitation and relativity.  1985.

Tonkin, David [S.A. Premier]. Correspondence. 1979-1982, including views on Roxby  Downs development.

Travel Overseas. Correspondence, report on trip to U.K. and U.S.A. 1960.
See also Overseas Trips, Rochester Conference and Rutherford Lecture - India

Tregenza, John.  Letter from.  1986.

Trendall, Dale. Correspondence. 1977.

Trenn, T.J. Correspondence and support for application for lectureship. 1978.

Universities Commission. Reports, memoranda and correspondence, including the published Report of the AUC on Australian Universities (1960) and report of Jaeger re Department of Geophysics, 1963. 1959-1963.

Universities Enquiry. Memoranda and typescript paper (? by Oliphant) on 'The Past and Future of the [National] University', 1956 and papers on 'The place of the ANU' and re a proposed appointment of a permanent Universities Commission. 1956-1957.

University Club. (Sydney)  Correspondence, bookings. 1959-1971.

University House [ANU] Correspondence, including with Professor A.D. Trendall, former Master of University House, re presentation to him in 1969. 1965-1976.

University of Adelaide. Correspondence with staff members, notices of meetings, patronage of Alumni Association, meetings of University Dining Club, copies of papers, etc. 1955-1995. Includes correspondence with A.P. Rowe, Professor Huxley, E.O. Willougby and references for applicants for Elder Chair of Physics, 1960 and 1961.
Some confidential references are RESTRICTED

University of Birmingham. Correspondence with staff members, publications and circulars; also Physics centenary celebrations publication 1980, Proceedings of Birmingham Synchrotron 40th Anniversary Reunion 1993 and cutting of obituary of Professor John Fremlin. 1955-1976, 1980, 1993, 1995.

University of Canterbury
See Campbell, John

University of Melbourne. Correspondence with staff members, address on presentation of a D.Sc. to Sir Leslie Martin, letters of David Caro, Tim Sharratt and Rod Home, publications. 1955-1964, 1985-1988.

Monash University.  Correspondence with staff members. 1959-1976.

New England University.  Correspondence with and publications of staff. 1958-1969.

New England Institute (Connecticut) U.S.A. Correspondence with and publications of staff. 1958-69.

University of New South Wales (formerly NSW University of Technology). Correspondence with and publications of staff. 1955-1979.

University of New Zealand.  Correspondence with and publications of staff. 1957-1962.

University of Papua-New Guinea. Correspondence with, publications of staff. 1967-1973.

University of Queensland.  Correspondence with and publications of staff. 1955-1968.

University of Sydney.  Correspondence with and publications of staff, including Harry Messel, D.M. Myers (re nuclear reactors), C.H. Watson-Munro and Robert de Caen. 1955-1975, 1985.

University of Tasmania. Correspondence with and publications of staff and the University; file on appointment to the Chair of Physics in 1959 (RESTRICTED) and Physics Department Research Report for1963 and 1965.  1957-1965.

University of the Northern Territory.  Papers re establishment and Oliphant's [proposed] appointment as Chancellor, correspondence with J.H. Eedle.  1980-1984.

University of Virginia. Correspondence with and publications of staff. 1967-1971. Also miscellaneous notes for a colloquium and lecture on Faraday given by Oliphant in 1967.

University of Western Australia.  Correspondence with and publications of staff.  1957-1962, 1985, 1989.

University of Witwatersrand. Correspondence with Professor Hales and Professor Sellschop re proposed [aborted] visit by Oliphant. 1959.

Universities overseas - General. Correspondence re research, visits, addresses and publications, programs of courses and conferences. Includes correspondence with Sir Edward Appleton (University of Edinburgh) 1963 and copy of Oliphant's address to the Bancroft Library 1976 on Ernest Lawrence.  1961-1976.

Unley High School.  Correspondence re reunion dinner, including copy of speech at the dinner.  1985.

Uranium.  Miscellaneous correspondence and articles. 1975-1977.
See also Ward and U

U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Circulars. 1958?.

U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences. Correspondence, including with Peter Kapitza, and Oliphant's report on his visit at the invitation of the Academy in 1956. 1956-1957, 1973.

U.S.S.R. Exchange Scholar. Correspondence re proposed exchange student A.N. Lebedev, to work in Research School of Physical Sciences. 1963-1964.

Veniard, Ernest. Correspondence and newspaper cuttings.  1977-1981, 1988-1989.

Visitors.  Correspondence with and re visitors (official and personal) to ANU. 1970-1972.

Voice. (The Australian Monthly Review). Correspondence re article on the Geneva conference, 1955-1956.

Voluntary Euthanasia Society.  Correspondence, newsletters, speech to society March 1985.  1985-1988.

Walker, Prof. J. (University of Birmingham).  Letters.  1982, 1985, 1987.

Wallace, V.H.  Correspondence, principally re Oliphant's contribution to a chapter for Wallace's Paths to Peace.  1952-1959.

Wamsley, John (Earth Sanctuaries).  Correspondence, prospectus, publicity.  1989-1994.  [Oliphant was Patron of the company]

'Ward and U'. Correspondence with John Symonds, A.A.E.C. Research Establishment re Professor Ward and uranium enrichment process patent. 1975.      RESTRICTED

Wardrope and Carroll. (Coppersmiths). Correspondence re equipment 1960-1961.

War History.  Correspondence with D.P. Mellor re chapter on the role of science and industry in his history of the war.  1955.

Watson-Munro, C.H.
See Royal Society of London and University of Sydney

Wentworth, Mr. W.C.  Correspondence on the atomic industry/nuclear energy and re fast breeders and fuel resources generally.  1958-1960, 1978-1979, 1982.

White, F.W.G. (Fred).  Letter.  1985.

Wild J.P. (C.S.I.R.O. Chairman). Correspondence. 1979, 1983, 1985-1986.

Wilpena.  Correspondence with Jennifer Cashmore and others re opposition to proposed tourist development, speech at Protest Picnic 25 March 1989, copies of other letters of protest   1989-1991.

Wilson, Mrs. J.A.  Correspondence re. 1957-59. RESTRICTED

Wind Power.  Copes of articles re.  1983-84.

World Academy of Art and Science.  Circulars and correspondence with C.S.I.R.O. Division of Plant Industry re proposed visit of Dr.Hugo Boyko, 1963. 1962-1973.

World Association of World Federalists. Invitations, publications, memoranda.  1957-1958.

World Conference of Scientists, London, 1955. Papers, correspondence, notes, newspaper cuttings, invitations.

World Federation of Scientific Workers [Conference]. Circular memo re cessation of nuclear weapons tests. 1959.

Worner, Dr. H.K. (B.H.P., later Conzinc Riotinto) Correspondence and papers re economic development and WORCRA processes. 1959-1969.

Zelling, Hon. Howard. Correspondence re wind energy. 1977.

Zuckermann, Lord.  Correspondence, papers by.  1982, 1986.



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