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Poulton Family
Papers 1869-1983

MSS 0017

Biographical Note

Papers of the Poulton Family, primarily focused around Dr. Benjamin Poulton. (1851-1921), his wife Lettice, and their daughters. Dr. Poulton obtained his medical qualifications from the University of Melbourne in 1879, after which he moved to Adelaide, eventually becoming Senior House Surgeon at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in 1888.

Also includes references to Dr. Poulton's father, also named Benjamin (1819 - 1910), who moved from Britain to Geelong, Victoria with his family in 1849. Dr. Benjamin Poulton the elder had studied chemistry and pharmacy at the Pharmaceutical Society's laboratory in London, eventually moving to Melbourne and opening a pharmaceutical company in 1866. Dr. Benjamin Poulton died in 1910.

Contents Listing

Series 1

Degree certificates, appointments and testimonials of Dr. Benjamin Poulton. 1869-1896. 4cm. 
[M.B. certificates of examination, 1869-74; testimonials 1875-1886; attendance at Melbourne Hospital in surgery, 1873; Bachelor of Medicine, U/Melbourne, 1874; residency at Wangaratta Hospital, 1875-76; Bachelor of Surgery, U/Melbourne, 1879; admission to practice and lectures at St. Thomas' Hospital, 1879-81; admission as Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England, 1880; Doctor of Medicine, U/Melbourne, 1884; ditto, U/Adelaide (ad eundem), 1884; appointment as Senior House Surgeon, Royal Adelaide Hospital, 1888; Honorary Associate, Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England, 1896; & rising sun badge and Royal Society of St George medal]

Degree certificates and other large items are located in oversize map cabinet

Series 2
Obituary notices, medical articles relating to and by Dr. B. Poulton (elder). 1908-21. 2cm.
[Presidential address, Surgery, Australasian Medical Congress, 1908; A. M.S. S. Review, April 1919 (obit of Dr. Stirling, and article on 'Medical and Surgical Practice at the Hospital'); Medical Journal of Australia, 6 August 1921 (obit notice of Dr. Poulton).]

Series 3
Personal letters to Dr. Benjamin Poulton. 1882-91, 1914-17, and misc. papers and notes, 1869-86. 2cm.

Series 4
Personal letters to Mrs. Benjamin (Lettice) Poulton. 1891, 1913-20 and undated. 1cm.

Series 5
Personal letters to Miss Cynthia Poulton. 1914, 1915, 1922, 1962, 1965, 1968-83 and undated.
[All letters 1962 and 1965 from her sister, Miss F.A. (Audrey) Poulton, from Spain.]

Series 6
Diaries of Miss Lettice Poulton. 1925, 1932, 1934. 2v.

Series 7
Papers of Miss Cynthia Poulton re the Victoria League (of which she was President of the Settlers' Welcome Committee),
c.1963-81. 2cm.

Series 8
Misc. newspaper cuttings (mainly personal and re the Victoria League). 1867, c.1912-69. (many undated). Also programmes for State Concert in honour of the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York, Exhibition Building, Adelaide, July 13 1901; 'As You Like It' in aid of the French Red Cross, Queen's Hall Adelaide, 4 May 1917; 'What Every Woman Knows', Theatre Royal Adelaide, 3 July 1926. (Programmes have been entered in the Ausstage database)
A copy of Alliterations: rhymes & sketches / by Joanna E. Giles (1917), sold in aid of the French Red Cross and inscribed to Mrs Poulton, has been catalogued seperately for the Rare Book Collection.

Series 9
Photograph albums and loose photographs.
- Family album c.1900-16 (mostly undated)
- 2 albums of photographs on tour of Europe, 1925-26
- 4 albums covering the period c.1943-46, 1948-49, compiled by Mollie Loan, companion to Cynthia Poulton
- miscellaneous photographs c.1880-1972, incl. 3 large framed group photographs (Adelaide Hospital Honorary Medical and Surgery staff 1896, smaller group including Poulton and Sir Edward Stirling, Medical Congress Melbourne 1889. On oversize shelves and picture rack)

Medicine Kit

Series 10
Medical kit (samples - no instruments). 1 item.

Series 11
Graduation hood and gown of Dr. Benjamin Poulton.

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