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Michael Roberts
Papers, mainly on Sri Lanka

MSS 0031

Series 1: Transcript Files

Aluwihare, Sir Richard  68 p.
Blood, Sir Hilary  62 p.
Dyson, E.T.  46 p.
Ferguson, G.H.  51 p.
Gimson, Sir Franklin  84 p.
Goonewardena, Leslie  34 p.
Hartwell, Sir Charles  45 p.
Leach, Frank  127 p.
Lucette, E.H.  34 p.
Miles, G.C.  58 p.
Mulhall, J.A.  65 p.
Newnham, H.E.  71 p.
Nihill, J.H.B.  22 p.
Roberts, T.W.  89 p. **
Rodrigo, Edmund  54 p.
Sandys, M.K.T.  38 p.
Stevens, F.G.  23 p.
Strong, A.N.  180 p.
Tilney, C.E.  41 p.
Wirasinha, V.L.  53 p.
Woolf, Leonard  30 p.
Woolley, Sir Charles  45 p.

Comments on E. Leach’s book Pul Eliya  87 p.
(various correspondents, arranged alphabetically

Comments on interviews  200 p.
(various correspondents, including both those for whom transcripts are available and many others, arranged alphabetically)

Curricula vitae
Collins, Charles  2 p.
Fernando, S. Shelton C.  1 p.
Naish, R.B.  1 p.

Philip Gunawardena interviewed by T.B. Subasinghe: first transcripts

Lists of questions for interviews and background on personnel (2 folders)

Confidential letters G.L. Davidson to M.W. Roberts and information 1966-67

MS letter 1966 from Sir Edmund Leach re permission to quote from Pul Eliya, with letters University of London Institute of Commonwealth Studies re interviews

** Also includes Thomas Webb Roberts' Memoirs, C.V., comments on the interview, answers to questions and unrecorded information compiled by Michael Roberts in 1966. Plus copies of family data and photographs, letters from T.W. Roberts, obituaries and appreciations.

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