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Chester Schultz (1945-)
Papers and recordings 1974-2015

MSS 0190

Biographical Note

Chester Schultz (pianist, composer, writer and historical researcher) was born in Victor Harbor in 1945. After attending Victor Harbor Primary and High Schools, he studied at the University of Adelaide, where he majored in History and English, gaining B.A. (Hons) in History in 1967. Having been a pianist and self-taught composer from an early age, he then taught piano privately in order to fund his study at the University Music Department. He majored in Composition with Jindrich Feld, Peter Tahourdin and Richard Meale and in Ethnomusicology with Dr (later Professor) Catherine Ellis. He also sang at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM) with traditional songmen from Indulkana (now Iwantja). This began a long association with CASM, where he taught in 1980-1 and worked on their committee for some years with Leila Rankine and other Aboriginal staff. He was also associated with the Pitjantjatjara Land Rights Support Group in 1979-80. Since 2000 he has worked with the Kaurna language activists Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi (KWP), after contributing as composer, researcher and editor to their musical publications: Narungga, Kaurna and Ngarrindjeri Songs (1990); Kaurna Paltinna: a Kaurna Song Book (2000) and Kaurna Palti Wonga: Kaurna Funeral Protocols (2006).

As a pianist he was repetiteur and chorus-master for New Opera SA (the precursor of State Opera SA in the 1970s), and for 60 years has accompanied many singers, choirs and musical theatre groups.

As a freelance composer, his work has included the dramatic musical No Fixed Address (Churches of Christ Youth Choir, 1979); the song-cycles Six Poems of Judith Wright (1986) and These Legends, Love (2008, words by Auden); Ngartong: Encounter Bay Jubilee Music (for the University of Adelaide Cello Ensemble, 1986); the cantata Songs Further Out (1987); Music Is Our Culture (a collaboration with four indigenous CASM staff and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra,1998); and the soundscape of environmental recordings Within Our Reach: a symphony of the Port River (1996).

As an author he was researcher and chief author of the ground-breaking survey of Aboriginal non-traditional music throughout Australia, Our Place, Our Music (ed. M. Breen, Aboriginal Studies Press 1989), written collaboratively with Leila Rankine and other CASM staff.

In 2007 he began work on the Southern Kaurna Place Names Project, which he still continues in 2017. Brief summaries of individual place-names appear on the dedicated website, backed by scholarly essays available to the public on KWP’s website:
Arising from this interdisciplinary work which straddles history, geography, language and anthropology, is a book-length history of earliest contact with Aboriginal people in SA - Feet On the Fleurieu, Language On the Land (currently in progress).

Contents Listing

‘Pilgrims Papers: [studies in The Gospel, in our work and in our world]’ by Chester Schultz (Adelaide: Chris McNicol, 1978) has been catalogued separately for the University Collection.

Digital copies of draft Introduction and Chapters 1-3 of Feet On the Fleurieu, Language On the Land are available

Series 1.1 Our Place Our Music  42 cm.

Source materials

  • Words of Aboriginal songs (mss, typescripts and photocopies) 1 folder.
  • Research folder (ms notes, photocopies of newspaper clippings etc, published articles, untitled filmscript, fliers etc)
  • South Australian Aboriginal music: newspaper clippings, photocopies, flyers, some programmes  (1 folder)
  • Australian Aboriginal music: newspaper clippings, printouts, photocopies, flyers, some programmes  (1 folder)
  • ‘Data’ folder (ms notes, listings, correspondence re permissions and contacts, Order of Service for funeral of Pastor Don Brady, article and newspaper clippings, ms section drafts)

‘Business’ re publication

  • Ms notes and schedules, contacts, correspondence re permissions and royalties (1 folder)
  • Documentation and correspondence re publishing contract, royalties (1 folder)

Drafts and related correspondence

First drafts prepared by Chester Schultz, D. Leila Rankine, Doug Petherick, Marylouise Brunton, Guy Tunstill and Rosie Ryan, with help from others, as a chapter for the anthology ‘Missing in Action’ edited by Marcus Breen

  • MS first draft
  • Ms second draft
  • Typescript first draft, annotated
  • Typescript draft as sent to Marcus Breen for review, with some mark-ups by Michael Hannan
  • First draft copy 3, with covering letter from Schultz to Marcus Breen
  • First draft copy 4, annotated
  • First draft copy 6, annotated, sent to Grace Koch for review 1983
  • Marcus’s 1987 typescript
  • Letter from Graham Jenkin 1/8/1983 commenting on preliminary draft of ‘Aboriginal popular music’, with draft section

Pre-publication, launch and reviews

  • Final updates, correspondence, illustrations and launch: includes correspondence and documentation re illustrations, publicity material, speech for launch, final corrections (1 folder)
  • Reviews and advertisements, programme of music for launch, associated correspondence, photographs from launch (1 folder)
Series 1.2 Comments on a draft of Aboriginal section of Graeme Smith's ‘Australian Popular Music’ (for schools kit) 1988  0.5 cm.
  • ‘Aborigines and popular music’ section developed for the Australian Music Centre (Sydney) and published by Sounds Australia (1992)
  • Comments on a draft of ‘Australian Popular Music’ sent to Schultz for review with covering letter from Smith
  • Letter from Chester Schultz to Graeme Smith with comments on draft chapter of Aboriginal section 21/9/1988
  • Photocopy of booklet, published by Sounds Australian, 1991
Series 1.3. Cassette tapes


  • OPOM 1 A: Pitjantjatjara land rights delegation to SA govt: departure from Victoria Park Racecourse 15/2/1980; Philip Toyne’s summary of the position that day; Chester Schultz interviews Leila Rankine [n.d. ?11/6/1983] (1). B: Leila Rankine interview [n.d. ?11/6/1983] cont. (2) Digital copy available
  • OPOM 2. A: Marylouise Brunton interview 23/5/1983 cont (2). B: Chester Schultz interviews Marylouise Brunton 23/5/1983 (1). Digital copy available
  • OPOM 3 A. Chester Schultz interviews Doug Petherick [n.d. ?1981-3]; Leila Rankine interview Radio 5MMM 27/3/1981 on CASM; Chester Schultz interviews Leila Rankine 2/6/1983 (1). B: Leila Rankine interview 2/6/1983 cont (2). Digital copy available
  • OPOM 4. A: Chester Schultz interviews Jamie Smith 20/6/1983; Chester Schultz 20/6/1983 interviews Jardine (Andy) Kiwat, Getano Bann, Tony Weatherill; Chester Schultz interviews Marlene Cummins 20/6/1983 (1). B. Marlene Cummins interview 20/6/1983 cont (2). Digital copy available
  • OPOM 5. A: Chester Schultz interviews Marylouise Brunton ?23/5/1983 cont (3); Chester Schultz interviews Leila Rankine 11/6/1983 cont. (?3); Chester Schultz interviews Jardine (Andy) Kiwat 17/6/1983; Chester Schultz interviews Ian Johnson 20/6/1983. Digital copy available
  • OPOM 6. A: Chester Schultz interviews Tony Weatherill & Tip Reece 22/6/1983; Chester Schultz interviews Monty Lovett 23/6/1983; Chester Schultz interviews Andrew Donnelly 23/6/1983 (1). B: Andrew Donnelly interview 23/6/1983 cont (2).
  • OPOM 7. A: Andrew Donnelly interview 23/6/1983 cont (3). B: Chester Schultz interviews Lise Brunton (Mary Brunton’s daughter) 25/6/1984; Chester Schultz interviews Jim Everett 25/5/1984.
  • OPOM 8. A: Chester Schultz interviews Leila Rankine & Doug Petherick on Country & Western music [n.d. c.1983-4]. B: ?? musical ‘Life Giver’ by Liz Billard.
  • OPOM 9. A: Chris Brooks interviews Chester Schultz on ‘Our Place, Our Music’ for Radio SkyFM 3/4/1989.
  • OPOM 15. 5UV interview 9/6/1989. Wolverton, Leila, Chester on OPOM
  • OPOM 16. Ewart Shaw’s program on launch of OPOM 1989
Series 2: CASM (Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music)  20 cm.

For the history of CASM see

  • 'My side of the bridge : the life story of Veronica Brodie' / as told to Mary-Anne Gale (Wakefield Press, 2002)
  • ''Aboriginal music, education for living: cross-cultural experiences from South Australia / Catherine J. Ellis (U. of Queensland Press, 1985)
  • ‘To the beat of his own drum: the Ben Yengi story’ / by Sandra Lindemann (Prospect, SA, 2009)

CASM course booklets 1979-1991 have been catalogued separately for the University Collection, along with:

  • ‘Aboriginals make Music’: contributions to the sixth National Conference of the Australian Society for Music Education, Adelaide, May 15-19, 1986, from the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (C.A.S.M.), University of Adelaide
  • ‘The University of Adelaide. Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music’ [Preliminary edition: reprints of introductory and supplementary material used to accompany workshops conducted by staff and students of CASM, at the 6th National Conference of the Australian Society for Music Education, Adelaide, May 15-19, 1986]

University of Adelaide. Elder Conservatorium of Music Course booklets 1981 and 1982

CASM ‘beginnings’ includes:

  • Typed ‘Notes form a meeting held at the University of Adelaide on 16 October 1974 of discussions between tribal and urban Aborigines and officials of the University’
  • Roneo typescript ‘University of Adelaide. Committee for Aboriginal Studies in Music. Seminar on problems of the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music’ [1976] (2 copies), and ‘Report of the proceedings’
  • Staff responsibilities [Nov 1975]
  • Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music Information leaflet (September 1976)
  • Committee for Aboriginal Studies in Music. Role of Chairman
  • Educational policies of The Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music / C.J. Ellis, 12 August 1977
  • Flyer: Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music Free informal lunch-time concerts 1977
  • Visiting Tribal Elders schedule 1977
  • Copies of correspondence re criticisms of music programme, and letters from Schultz to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and the Chair of the Dept of Music re issues with CASM

Committee for Aboriginal Studies in Music

  • Agendas, minutes etc of Committee for Aboriginal Studies in Music and the Centre Sub-Committee October 1976-Sept 1978

CASM Committee minutes, reports and supporting documentation 1975-90 (not fully sorted)

‘CASM relics’ includes:

  • Programmes of performances 1975-1998, and CASM reunion celebrations 1998 and 2000
  • Course handouts ca 1981-96, Rules and Regulations (not dated) and flyers
  • Administrative circulars and notes, including: Practical studies for Aboriginal students (1976); Letter to Leila Rankine 9/12/1976; ‘Music Appointments Committee’ (structure and operations decided by CASM staff and students in consultation with CASM Committee) 1981; Ms notes on ‘Ideas for what should be taught’ (1980); Schultz’s ms notes on assessment etc (1980); notes and circular on Black Australian Music Promotions; typescript ‘Making the teacher conscious of unconscious information – a case for special qualification of music teachers at CASM’ / Catherine J. Ellis (1980, 7 p.); Music Appointments Committee 1981; typescript ‘An Overview of the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music, 1988’ / Guy Tunstill; handout and notes re Review of CASM 1993 with submission by Schultz; circular letter 1994 inviting applications for Consultative Committee
  • Articles about CASM from Adelaidean, On Dit etc
  • Other: Student lists 1981; Schultz’s ms notes for performance; reference for Clarry Miller 1988; flyer for performance of ‘Little Black Sambo’ presented by The Centre for Performing Arts, directed by Terrell Robinson ca 1996?

CASM ensemble arrangements 1980-81 (scores arranged by Chester Schultz)

Arrangements for The Ensemble, a core group of AAO – group was disbanded soon after pre-guitar and drum inclusion

  • Waiting for the tide (Coloured Stone)
  • Dancing in the moonlight (Coloured Stone)
  • (I feel like) Living in your dreams (Coloured Stone)
  • Walking my dog (Rolling Stones)
  • No matter what you do (Badfinger)

‘Music, Music, Music’ [students notes] (Radio University, 5UV, Dept of Continuing Education, University of Adelaide, 1978) 43 p., with ms draft programme notes by Chester Schulz.

‘Music, Music, Music’ was a series of 8 half-hour programmes on ethic music in Adelaide produced by Radio 5UV and aimed at secondary students. The programmes drew heavily on CASM staff, including Chester Schulz, Ruth Buxton, Dr Catherine Ellis, Ben Yengi and Leila Rankine.

National Film & Sound Archives CASM Oral History Project, 2013
In 2013 the NF&SA conducted interviews with Chester Schulz, Jardine Kiwat, Guy Tunstill and Georgina Williams, in association with the Adelaide Film Festival showing of the remastered film ‘Wrong Side of the Road.’

  • Folder with correspondence re the project, Chester’s notes for the interview, and other documentation.

Leila Rankine file (copied from originals held by Chester Schultz)
Leila Rankine was a Ngarrindjeri and Kaurna woman who grew up at the Raukken Aboriginal Settlement. Her lifelong involvement with Aboriginal music included foundation membership of the Adelaide Aboriginal Orchestra and the Institute of Narrative and Music of Aborigines which was incorporated into the U. of Adelaide Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music, with Leila as Chairwoman until retirement in 1988. She was also editor of the journal Tjungaringanyi and a contributing poet, and a founding and lifetime board member of the Warriappendi Alternative School.

File of biographical information re the life and work of Leila Rankine, including:

  • Pic-a-Print Series 63 on Aboriginal Workers Part 1
  • information on film ‘Sisters if You Only Knew’ (collaboration between Gladys Elphick, Ruby Hammond, Leila Rankine and Mary Williams) and The Gladys Elphick Awards
  • obituaries and tributes for William Michael James Rankine (1981-2011)
  • Schultz’s notes on Leila’s ideas for ‘Music, Music, Music’ book and on Aboriginal music
  • Schultz’s ms list of Leila’s poems in Tjungaringanyi and copies of poems
  • copy of biography of Leila Rankine from Encyclopedia of Aboriginal Australia, 1993
  • obituaries and tributes for Leila Rankine (d,. 1993), Adrian Rigney (1943-1993), Veronica Rankine (1958-1997) and William Michael James Rankine (1981-2011) and related Schultz correspondence
  • other photocopied sources

‘Pic Pac’ kit on ‘Land of the Ngarrindieri’ is available in the Rare Book Collection and was not copied.

Copies of the Warriappendi School newsletter have been catalogued separately for the Rare Book Collection

Booklet: Inma Nyi: NYI. Recordings, Song Texts, Explanations and Illustrations, as presented at Indulkana, Easter, 1975, and translated, annotated and illustrated by the visiting lecturers from Indulkana throughout 1975-76 (Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music) 39 p.

  • With ms text ‘Introduction’

Folder: Ethno and ‘personal and local traditional’ studies for CASM. Published in Tjungaringanyi v. 12  no. 1 (1992)

Series 3: Chester Schultz student work and course materials prepared as lecturer in ethnomusicology, University of Adelaide, Music Dept.  9 cm.


  • Student notebook Ethnomusicology 1974 and 1975
  • Project on Aboriginal music (B. Mus. III, Project IIIB, 1974-75) Lacks cassette.
  • Typescript: A brief introduction to ethnomusicology for first-year university students specializing either in music or other fields / Chester Schultz (Final elective. B. Mus. III 1975) Lacks cassette. [copy also available at University Collection 781.7 S387b]
  • Handout compiled by Chester Schultz. Introduction to Ethnomusicology: A reference guide & thinking-point
  • Ms of talk/lecture ??? ‘Small music is beautiful, and other matters for professionals developing / Chester Schultz. 14/2/1978
  • Notes and handouts for lectures given by Schultz for Introduction to Ethnomusicology, Term III 1975
  • ‘Project in Ethnomusicology. Notes on students work and schedules of sessions etc, Term I 1976
  • Introduction to Ethnomusicology Term III 1977: lecturers Chester Schultz & Ian Knowles. Notes, handouts for students, correspondence
  • Introduction to Ethnomusicology Term I 1978/79. Lists of students, textbooks, student handouts, schedule of events and lectures, ms lecture notes
  • Lists of and notes on Introduction to Ethnomusicology students 1977-78. Includes photocopy of ‘Report of the Working Committee on Ethnomusicology’ Convenor C. Ellis
  • Sources on ethnomusicology and music education: photocopies, ms notes
  • Ethnomusicology reference lists
  • Folder: Contemporary Aboriginal Music’ (lectures, student resource lists) ca 1992-3. 1993 lectures consisted of performance and discussion of ‘The Goorti Tree’.
Series 4: Miscellaneous material re Aboriginal performance in Australia, largely involving work by Ben Yengi  3 cm.


  • Report for Come Out 83
  • Poster ‘Ballads by Bob Randall’ In MAP CABINET
  • Program: Heritage: a modern dance interpretation / Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre
  • Publication: Aboriginal Arts in Perth 83: a special commemorative publication describing some of the institutions and individuals concerned with this unique project, produced in conjunction with the presentation of Aboriginal Arts in Perth 83, April 16-24 (published by the Western Australian College on behalf of the patrons, steering committee and organizers) Article on CASM p. 27. With letters and photocopied articles re Ben Yengi
  • Publication: Aboriginal Arts in Perth 83: report of a celebration April 16-24, 1983 (Centre for Communication and The Arts, June 1983)
  • Booklet: Broome Centenary 1883-1983: Souvenir programme April 2nd to November 21st, 1983
  • Publication: Tales from Broome: centennial edition 1883-1983
  • Journal issue: Yulngu magazine: a magazine for Aborigines and their friends in the Katherine region, v. 3 no 2 (Dec 1983)
Series 5: Other  3 cm.

“Remembering The Sunday Club” exhibition, Black Diamond Gallery, Port Adelaide, 31 May-5 June 2011 / coordinated by Noela Bajjali.
The Sunday Club began in 1970 with a program held on Sunday mornings for Aboriginal Children, run by Port Adelaide Central Mission volunteers in collaboration with members of the local Aboriginal Community. The program evolved to include The Aboriginal Friendship Club, An Ethnic Music group (working with Dr Cath Ellis of Adelaide University to preserve Aboriginal Musical heritage), A Sunday Night Jazz Club, The Young Adults Social Committee, Homework Centres with Aboriginal parents and volunteers acting as tutors, and a Health Club aimed primarily at mothers. In 1975 the administration of the program was handed over to the Aboriginal community, achieving its aim of increasing the independence of the participants.

Exhibition ephemera includes:

  • ‘Remembering the Sunday Club’ pamphlet
  • Photograph of Auntie Kumai (Rebecca Wilson) with children at the Port Adelaide Sunday Club in the 1970s
  • Launch invitation and flyers

Booklet: ‘Aboriginal Country Music Festival 1979’ (Adelaide, SA)
Text by John Stokes, Photography by Ian de Gruchy, tape by Leigh Hobba.
Some of the photographs annotated by Schultz.

Flyer: Ngarrindjeri, Narrunga and Kaurna Song-Writing course
Held at Tandanya, 253 Grenfell St, Adelaide, 12-13 March, 1990
Organised by the Ngarrindjeri, Narrunga and Kaurna languages Project for the Adelaide Area and Kaurna Plains School.

Kaurna Warra Pityandi group visit to 2006 production of Porgy and Bess (State Opera season) hosted by Chester Schultz. Includes handouts, reviews and program

Typescript: Resident Profile: Helena Marek. 3 p. (Account of the life of Czech refugee, Helena Marek, wife of the Surrealist painter Dusan Marek, recorded at Resthaven Village, Eden Hills, and given to her friend, Nesta, mother of Charles Schultz)

Series 6. Photographs

Album 1

CASM photographs shortlisted for Our Place Our Music, 1988, with annotations by Chester Schultz, 2015

16 photographs, b&w, 4 proof sheets and negatives
(Includes Dance Inma 1970s; Ben Yengi, Billy Mungie, Minyungu Baker, Gayle Rankine teaching at Redfern 1981; Guy Tunstill, Leigh Hobba, Clarrie Miller, Roger Ellis, Charlie Knight, Veronica Rankine filming Wrong Side of the Road, Judith Ellis, Rebecca Rankine, Adelaide Aboriginal Orchestra early 1970s, Les Sumner?, CASM at Finniss St, Indulkana Elders, Veronica Brodie, Leila Rankine, CASM singing group in Elder Hall late 1970s, Laurel Wilson, Noel Wilson)

Our Place Our Music photographs selected for OPOM with additional photos not used in book

32 photographs, b&w, 3 slides and negatives.

With letter from Joanna Boileau of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 6/3/1989, to Schultz re return of photographs

(Includes Robbie Walker with CASM Secretary Pam Begg, Jim Chi of Broome at CASM 1981, Hard Times (Melbourne band 1981), Gayle Rankine at Redfern 1981, Annie Koolmateri (1978 National Aboriginal Country Music Festival, Murray Bridge) with Val Power, Hard Times band and Kuckles (Broome band) at CASM 1981, No Fixed Address / Les Freeman (negs only), No Fixed Address (Billy Gorham, Joe Geia, Bart Willoughby, Peter Merridith, Chris Jones, Sandy), Black Allan Barker, Us Mob, Eric Lovegrove Maher, Billy Coulthard (Pitjantjatara tribal singing teacher), Minyungu Baker, Chris Hayward, Peter [Pedro] Butler, Ronnie Ansell, Wrong Side of the Road (film), Andrew Donnelly, Getane Bann, Dot Clarke, Andy Kiwat, Indulkana Suite at Barmera 1983, Pitjantjatjara girl singers at Wiltja Hostel in Adelaide 1982, Billy Mungie, Doug Petherick, Wally McArthur, Mick Manolis, Patrick Bin Amat, Wandjuk Marika (of Yirrkala), Garry Gower, Stephen Pigram, Ernabella Girls’ Choir in Ernabella Church 1980, Harry & Wigga Williams and band, CASM Concert in Scots Church 1973, Bob Randall)

Leigh Hobba, Come Out Festival, Port Lincoln, Ceduna (not dated)
Hobba taught at CASM ca 1978-79
16 proof sheets, some with negatives

Album 2

‘Program of Training in Music for South Australian Aboriginal People’, 1970s, and early CASM photographs
53 photographs, mainly b&w (many labelled Urban Children)
With A4 poster of Indulkana Women’s Show, opened by Mona Tur Saturday July 30th [no year] at the Women’s Art Movement, 238 Rundle St, Adelaide.
(Includes Jody Miller, Dave Blencoe, Cherie Watkins, Beverly Ellis, Faith Thomas, M. Ellis, B. Smith, Adelaide Aboriginal Orchestra, Concert at Scots Church, Chris Jones, Bart Willoughby, Les Sumner, CASM Ensemble c1979, Leigh Hodda, Noel Wilson, Veronica Rankine, Rebecca Rankine, Veron Brodie, Marg Brodie, Graeme Isaacs, Gayle Rankine, John Newchurch, Minyungu Baker, Terry Sansbury, Glen Madden (tutor), V. Wilson, Townsend House, Leigh Hodda, Clarry Miller, Leila Rankine, Peter Butler, Wrong Side of the Road (film), Laurel Wilson, Margeret Brodie, Terry Sansbury, Charlie Knight, Sue Reid (tutor), Tribal Elders, Ben Yengi)

[Miscellaneous photographs] from envelope labelled ‘Port Adelaide friendship Club’
61 photographs, b&w, with some negatives
[According to Peter Bicknell 2015 these are not related to the Club]
(Includes Leila Rankine, Ben Yengi, Deborah Sansbury, Gayle Rankine, Cath Ellis, Beryl Agius, Dr Tapen Mukherjee, Stephen Carter, Dyiali Laheiri (Indian dancer), Nicky, Nicky with Max Ellis & cath Ellis 1970s, Veronica Brodie, Gordon Ingkatji, Raukken c 1979, children’s class in University Union Building)

Miscellaneous photographs
38 photographs, mainly b&w, and negative strip
Plus 19 photos of a visit to Indulkana(?)
(Includes CASM students and staff c 1981; Veronica Rankine with No Fixed Address; JohnJohn Miller; Bart Willoughby; Veron Rankine; Veron Brodie; Marg Brodie; Minyungu Baker; Max Ellis; Kuckles with Gary, Mick & Stephen; Leigh Hobba, Noel Wilson)

Album 3

CASM photograph album of 1980 Noonameena tour of Raukken, Murray Bridge and Meningie
31 photographs
(Includes Ronnie Ansell, Neil Coaby, Mackie Coaby, Nelson Varcoe, Leila Rankine, JohnJohn Miller, Bunna Lawrie, Peter ‘Pedro’ Butler, Us Mob, Tim Carson (piano tutor), Phil Saunders, Roger Ellis, Clarry Miller, Marg Brodie, Gayle Rankine, Chris Jones, Bart Willoughby, Veronica Rankine, Lynette Pascoe, Eric Lovegrove-Maher, Tim Carson, Rebecca Rankine, Lynette Milern, Donna Rigney, Marg Brodie, Laurel Wilson, Stella Wilson, Veron Rankine, Lynette Milera

Series 7: No Fixed Address 1978

Musical written by Chester Shultz 1978. Premiered by the S.A. Churches of Christ Youth Choir in Scott Theatre, Adelaide, March 30th 1979. A more complete listing prepared by Schultz is with the series.

Folder: NFA running sheets and list of locations

Folder: Drafts / worksheets of early scripts with titles ‘A Load of Old Rubbish” and “Twirp”

Folder: Script Development with Greg Elliott with choir members: scenarios, costumes, partial scripts

Folder: flyers, reviews, program, photos and Youth Choir material
Includes promo and review from On Dit v. 47 nos. 4 & 7 (1979), -Harold Tideman review in Advertiser 2 April 1979 p.23,

  • Also Lecture notes & drafts by Dr Catherine Ellis & Schultz, for Lecture 6 (20 July 1979) in Introduction to Ethnomusicology series, devoted to playing the video of NFA, then open discussion with Schultz & Ellis.

Folder: NFA old script (94 p.) PDF available

Black ringbinders: NFA final script (77 p.) 2 copies. Digital copy available

About ‘The Man in Blue’ scene - Digital copy available

Notes on The Tribal Man’s song and scene - Digital copy available


  • Early Music Ideas for NFA. 5 ms notebooks plus etra leaves
  • ‘Choral parts.’ Opening chorus score available digitally
  • ‘Orchestral parts.’ Complete orchestral parts as planned, plus 1 MS book for rock band
  • Orchestral score
  • Conductor / pianist score for 1979 performances, with CD of pre-recorded tracks
  • Score for ‘The Butterfly Song & Ballet’ available digitally


Texts - Digital files

  • Cast photos
  • Programme
  • Publicity material
  • Reviews

Cassette recordings

  • NFA 16. Peter Linden interviews Schultz and Greg Elliott 5UV; original of Pitjantjatjara land rights/ Mintabe conversation 3/8/1979; interviews Billy Mungie and others from Indulkana. Side 2:Your Kingdom Come. Digital copy available
  • NFA 17: ‘No Fixed Address: a musical drama’ / written by Chester Schultz for the South Australian Churches of Christ Youth choir [highlights]. Recorded April 7th 1979. Digital copy available

Digital only

  • NFA 15 Radio interviews etc
  • NFA 18 Pre-recorded tracks
  • NFA Saturday Audio files
  • NFA Wednesday Audio files

Reel-to-reel tapes

  • NFA 9-14

3 ‘U-matic’ video tapes, 1979, VIDEO production by Ian Dinning for Community Media Association. Digital copies are available.

  • nfa1: ‘No Fixed Address – Tape 1 (copy)’: Act 1.
  • nfa2: ‘No Fixed Address – Tape 2 (copy)’: Acts ?1 & 2.
  • nfa3: ‘No Fixed Address – Tape 3 (copy)’: Act 3.

VHS video cassette tape version 1

  • No Fixed Address: copy of the 3 Community Media Association cassettes as above. Digital copy available
Series 8: Chester Schultz compositions

Music chronology of Chester Schultz (2009) Typescript. Digitised copy

VHS. 1997 Festival of Music. Includes ‘The Rain Song’ by Schultz, played by Chester, Miriam and Narelle. Digital copy of lyrics and scores available

Programme. World premiere of song-cycle: 6 poems of Judith Wright, for baritone and piano by Adelaide composer Chester Schultz. Baritone: Robert Dawe, with pianists Chester Schultz and Sue Loh. Elder Hall, University of Adelaide, 4th September 1986.

Series 9: Recordings

Non-commercial cassettes

Kaurna Paltinna: a Kaurna song book / edited by Chester Schultz, Nelson Varcoe & Rob Amery [Elizabeth, S. Aust.: Kaurna Plains School], 1999. 8 cassette tapes (original recordings)

“Tapes left after demise of Aboriginal Islander Media Service at Tauondi”
9 cassette tapes: 6 Chris Brooks plus notebook; 1 Olga Fudge; 1 Warrumpi Band

Video recordings

v2. 1. Lefevre Peninsula Primary School concert 6/12/1990 at Lefevre High School hall: copy of original recording by Ian Edwards: (a) Lyndell Willmott’s Reception class performance (including Narelle Schultz). (b) Performance by Angela Vaughan’s Year 3 class (including Miriam Schultz): Chester Schultz’s ‘open piece’ (mime with improvized music & a song) Thukeri the Bony Bream, adapted from the story told by Leile Rankine.
2. Chester Schultz Thukeri 6/12/1990: mix by Bob Haynes (ACUE) of Edwards video with Schultz audio cassette recording of same performance (C Schultz private collection).
3. Items ccopied by EDSA’s Darlington Materials Development Centre 2/4/1991):
(1) Winda the Owl (Kevin O’Loughlin & Buck McKenzie) (from Ab Education curriculum video). (2) Magpie & the Crow (Buck McKenzie) (from Ab Education curriculum video). (3) Bony Bream (Shirley Gollan & Marlene Stewart) (from Ab Education curriculum video). (4) (ABC-TV) from ‘Once Upon A Time’: (with Leila Rankine) (a) Ngarrindjeri the Magician [production error for ‘Ngurunduri’]; (b) The Two Giants. 5) Milerum (Clarence Long) filmed by NB Tindale, Dec 1937: ‘Basket-making, Coorong, SA’. Digital copy available

v3. Items copied by EDSA’s Darlington Materials Development Centre 1/6/1992):
1. Ping; The Warchie Bird. 2. Bony Bream (Leila Rankine); Possum Woman (xx). 3. from ABC-TV’s Six Australians: Trevor Adamson; Cliff Coulthard; Sylvia Blanco. 4. Aboriginal music in today’s world. 5. Didjeridu In Deutschland (George Dreyfus & Sextet for Didj & Wind Quintet). 6. (ABC-TV) from ‘Once Upon A Time’: (with Leila Rankine) (a) Ngarrindjeri the Magician [production error for ‘Ngurunduri’]; (b) The Two Giants. Digital copy available

v4, parts of community event ‘Picnic Within Our Reach’ (13/4/1996 at the Port River, Ethelton), for launch of Chester Schultz’s CD Within Our Reach: 1. video segments by Geoff Boyce. 2. video segments by Peter Muller. Digital copy available

v5. parts of community event ‘Picnic Within Our Reach’ (13/4/1996 at the Port River, Ethelton), for launch of Chester Schultz’s CD Within Our Reach:
1. unedited video segments by Peter Muller (55m; no sound). 2. video segments by Geoff Boyce. Digital copy available

v6. Chester Schultz’s musical Dancing Ngutinai: First Meetings, Fresh Eyes? (Port Adelaide Uniting Church, Monday 23/9/2002): recorded by Liz Schultz:  72’06”:
Songs by Nelson Varcoe. Speech by Howard Groome. Welcome by Cherie Watkins. Performance of Dancing Ngutinai. Song ‘Reconciliation’ by Nelson Varcoe. Digital copy available

v7. Chester Schultz’s musical Dancing Ngutinai: First Meetings, Fresh Eyes? (Port Adelaide Uniting Church, Sunday 22/9/2002) recorded by Ross Roberts (incomplete: omits last bit). Digital copy available

v8. 1. Community event for opening of Garden of Healing ‘Purruttiappendi Mai Yerta’ (Port Adelaide Uniting Church, Sunday 22/9/2002) recorded by Ross Roberts: c.66m
(1) Howard Groome launches Garden of Healing: tree planting & opening of ‘The Time Tunnel’ (public sculpture by Aboriginal artist Belinda Wilson). 15’16” (2) Chester Schultz’s musical Dancing Ngutinai: Welcome by Lester Irabinna Rigney; speech by Howard Groome.
(3) Performance of Dancing Ngutinai (with 4 erased gaps); song ‘Reconciliation’ by Nelson Varcoe.
2. Chester Schultz’s musical Dancing Ngutinai: First Meetings, Fresh Eyes? (Port Adelaide Uniting Church, Sunday 22/9/2002): recorded by Geoff Willsmore: 40’49”
(1) Songs by Nelson Varcoe. (2) Welcome by Lester Irabinna Rigney. (3) Intro to performance. (4) Performance of Dancing Ngutinai; Song ‘Reconciliation’ by Nelson Varcoe. Digital copy available

v9-11. Digital copies only

Digital files only (for contents see Audiolist)

  • Cassette 0030A
  • Cassette 0043
  • Cassette 0688
  • Cassette 0732
  • Cassette 0742
  • Cassette 0757
  • Cassette 0758
  • Cassette 0778
  • Cassette 0779
  • Cassette 0808
  • Cassette 0814
  • Cassette gurdi 3
  • Reel r088
  • Reel 0809
  • Reel r111
  • Reel r079-1
  • Reel 113Tr1
  • Reel 115
  • CD Schultz interviewed by Brenda Gifford / CASM oral history

Commercial cassettes (with digital copies)
Digitised for preservation and research

  • aa21 Aboriginal Values in White Society/Attitudes to land Rights
  • aa13 Aboriginal Choirs from Central Australia
  • aa14 Hermansberg Aranda Ladies Choir
  • aa15 Woma Wanti – Drink Little Bit
  • aa17 Yura Udi – Song of Buck McKenzie
  • aa11 Issac Yama and the Pitjantjatjara Country Band [No. 1]
  • aa12 Issac Yama and the Pitjantjatjara Country Band No. 2
  • aa37 Vi Chitty – Tall Trees
  • aa6 Trevor Adamson – Trust in the Lord
  • aa7 Ilkari Maru
  • aa8 Herbie Laughton
  • aa9 Desert Songs No. 1 – Digital only
  • aa15 Desert Songs No. 2 – Digital only
  • aa26 Variety of Aboriginal Culture
  • aa27 Proud to be Aborigine – Tjapuki Dance Theatre
  • aa29-30 Soundworks Performance 15th June, 1986 Darwin. 2 cassettes
  • aa31 Dreamtime Legends of the Australian Aborigines
  • aa32 Maroochy Barambah – Aborigine
  • aa33 Maroochy Barambah – Mongungi
  • aa2 Rebel Voices
  • aa3 Mick Thaiday
  • aa4 Soft Sands
  • aa5 Bob Randall
  • aa28Australia: Sound of the Earth
  • aa38 Archie Roach – Looking for Butter Boy
  • aa34 Harold Blair
  • aa44 Alf Gollan with Aces Wild
  • aa45 Robert Crompton – On the Lake
  • aa46 Bobby Mcleod – Culture up front
  • aa47 Kev Carmody – Eulogy
  • aa49 Mixed Relations – Love
  • aa48 Mixed Relations – Take it or Leave it
  • aa20 Aroona
  • aa39 Archie Roach – Jamu Dreaming
  • aa40 Mark Atkins – Plays Didgeridoo
  • aa41 Coloured Stone
  • aa42 Coloured Stone – Crazy Mind
  • aa43 Coloured Stone – Inma Juju
  • aa22 Howie Sumner – Orphans and Widows – Digital only
  • aa23 Les Sumner – Self Portrait
  • aa35 Yothu Yindi – Treaty
  • aa36 Yothu Yindi – Tribal Voice
  • aa1 4th Annual Aboriginal Country Music Festival ‘79
  • aa16 King Wally of the Oombulgurri
  • aa18 Artoowarapana Band
  • aa25 Bamyili Corrooree
  • aa24 Hardy-Hunt-Smith-Music of My People
  • aa52 Kevin Gunn- Travellin Man – Digital only
  • Working Aboriginals – Digital only

Additional cassettes

  • Bushfire Radio Songs
  • Aboriginal Songs from Yarrabah
  • Djambidi: an Aboriginal song series from Northern Australia
  • From the Bush
  • Artoowarapana Band: Adnyamathanha

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