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Lillian Mary Theakston (Stephens) Short
[Papers and correspondence with Professor Fitzherbert, re works of the Hula language]

MSS 499.1 S559


Series 1.

  • Specimen of work on Hula Language (Typescript)
    1. Conjugation of regular verb
    2. Construction of verb kali to fear
    3. Irregular verb nai to say
    4. Hula story Roroma Kapina Riqanana
    5. Translation of same notes and phonetics
    6. A specimen vocabulary
  • Accompanying letter written from London Missionary Society, Hula. 14/1/36 (Typescript)

Series 2.

  • A first vocabulary of language spoken at Hula Hood Peninsula, Papua (Typescript)
    • Pt. 1. A - iwavagi
      Pt. 2. K - W
  • Accompanying letter written from L.M.S. Hula. 26/7/36
  • Corrections to vocabulary (Typescript)

Series 3.

  • Hula Grammar dated Feb. 1938. (Typescript)
  • Accompanying letter (Ms.) written from L.M.S. 2/2/1938
  • Additional typed letter giving corrections. 8/2/1938

Series 4.

  • Phonetics Typescript accompanying letter written from L.M.S. Hula. 11/3/1938

Series 5.

  • Last two rikwana 2 stories Koua Golo Vavinena and Tao Galana - Tengirls (Typescript) and translations, notes and comparative list of words.
  • Accompanying letter (Ms.) written from L.M.S. Hula. 29/3/1938

Series 6.

  • English-Hula Vocabulary (Typescript)
  • Rough Map showing villages of Hood Peninsula
  • Accompanying letter written from L.M.S. Hula. 21/5/1938 (Typescript)

Series 7. Additional Correspondence

  1. Written from L.M.S. 27/7/1934
  2. Written from L.M.S. Hula. giving corrections to work sent and discussing Prof. Fitzherbert's Comments 27/10/1937.
    Written from L.M.S. Hula. 16/7/1938 (Typescript)
  4. Written from L.M.S. Hula giving date of departure from Papua as Sept. 15th (Ms) 26/8/[1938] - year from postmark
  5. Written from L.M.S. Port Moresby. (Ms) 10/9/[1938] - year from postmark
  6. Written from 119 Rose Terrace, Wayville West S.A. 1/10/1938
    (Typescript) Enclosing a copy of morning prayer and two hymns, published by Raukele Press, Papua. Morning prayer undated. Hymns dated March 1938
  7. Written from S.S. Orcades. re Thesis (Ms) Promising to send translation of hymns & morning prayers. 10/11/[1938]
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