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Barry Sullivan
Illuminated addresses 1856-1879

MSS 792.028092 S949i


Barry Sullivan (1821-1891) was an Irish actor who worked in Australia from 1862 until 1866. From 1863-1866 he managed the Royal Theatre in Melbourne, producing, among other plays, the spectacular pantomimes Lalla Rookh and The Enchanting Island, his management being marked by unprecedentedly high production standards.


8 illuminated addresses presented to Barry Sullivan between 1856-1879. Bequeathed to the Barr Smith Library in 1976 following the death of Miss Angel Symon.

In chronological order they comprise:

Liverpool Literary and Dramatic Society, 2nd April, 1856

  • Illuminated by Marcus Ward & Co. Decorations include scrollwork borders and the Liverpool City Council coat of arms.

Melbourne, 16th February, 1866

  • Illuminated by Marcus Ward & Co. Decorations include vignettes of Australian Animals. Presented the night of his final performance at the Theatre Royal before he left for London.

Belfast, 15th January, 1875

  • Illuminated by Marcus Ward & Co.Decorations include scrollwork borders, with quotes from various Shakespeare plays.

Alexandra Palace, London, 14th July, 1875

  • Illuminated by James Orr Marples. Decorations include an inset photograph of Barry Sullivan, an arch surrounds the text, filled with flower medallions. Also includes the United Kingdom coat of arms in the top left, an American eagle with shield on the top right, an unidentified coat of arms in the top middle, with a second unidentified shield in the bottom middle. 

Cork, [1875]

  • Illuminated by John Gilbert. Decorations include vignettes of characters from various plays, most likely ones played by Sullivan, framed in columns and a hand coloured photograph of Sullivan in costume pasted on the top centre. .

Queens College, Cork, 1st February, 1877

  • Illuminated by John Gilbert. Presented by the Graduates and Undergraduates. Decorations include medieval manuscript style scrollwork borders with characters from plays among them, along with an illustration of the College on the top left, and the Theatre Royal on the bottom left.

Citizens of Londonderry, 25th January, 1878

  • Illuminated by Marcus Ward & Co. Decorations include minor scrollwork, with the Londonderry coat of arms on the top left and an inset of an aerial view of the town on the right.

Dublin, November, 1879

  • Illuminated by T. I. Lynch?. Presented at a banquet held in Sullivan's honor prior to leaving Ireland. Decorations include celtic knot style borders with clovers, and a small vignette of Sullivan.
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