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George Sved (1910-1994) &
Marta Sved (1911?- 2005)
Papers 1937-1995

MSS 0056


Contents Listing

George Sved

1.  Curricula vitae, publications lists, teaching and supervision summaries, research  grant applications.  various dates (most undated).  1 cm.

2.  Copies of published articles.  1951-95.  10 cm.

3.  Official and professional correspondence (appointments, submission and publication of papers).  1946-95.  2 cm.

4.  Correspondence, notices, articles relating to 80th birthday celebrations and the  Special Symposium organised by the Department of Civil Engineering to mark the  occasion on 1 June 1990.  1989-90.  2 cm.

5.  Copies of correspondence relating to the nomination of Sved for the Order of  Australia.  1989-90.  1 cm.

6.  Miscellaneous reports (not included in the lists of publications).  1945-90. 3 cm.
[6.1  Report on a gas fired, medium temperature, radiant panel paint drying oven,  December 1945 [prepared at GMH]
6.2  Radiata Pine Research Institute papers: Limit state design procedures and  comments, 1988 and Computer aided design, 1990]

7.  Miscellaneous [principally typescript papers by others]  1937-61.  3 cm.
7.1  Patent applications (in Hungarian and English) by Stefan Beck for a Heat  Exchange Device/Thermocell Radiator.  1937, 1939, with related papers including  promotional brochure by Magyar Radiátorgyar R.T.
7.2  Cost comparison of machine tools manufactured in Australia, Britain and  America.  1944.
7.3  Design usage and maintenance of machine tools (GMH publication).  1945.
7.3  The application of resistance strain gauges to sheet piling bulkheads.  1961.

8.  Photographs and slides on Civil Engineering department research, equipment and  personnel (staff and students); also photographs and slides taken at conferences  etc.; and 16 mm film and video of a project with M. Rahman.  15 cm. Most not identified and not dated.

9.  5UV tribute to Dr. George Sved, 1994. 1 cassette tape.

Dr Marta Sved

Two lives and a bonus: autobiographical account by Dr. Marta Sved of her life in Hungary prior to emigration to Australia. undated.  1 v.

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