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David Eric Symon (1920-2011)
Papers re Project 361 - Biological Reconnaissance to Central Australia 1873-1955

MSS 0164

Series 1 : Correspondence

Correspondence with the Registrar, University of Adelaide, 8/4-6/5/1953-re financial support and plans for the trip, with ms notes

Letters William Hartley (CSIRO) to D. Symon 19/5/1953 re projected trip and collection of desirable seed specimens, with copy of a circular to editors of journals re collecting Nicotiana seeds, and ms list in Symon's writing of seeds etc to be collected etc; and 15/7/1953 re Nicotiana

Correspondence between G.M.E. Mayo and A.L. Rose (Chief Veterinary Officer, Animal Industry Division, Alice Springs) 4/6/1953-13/7/1953 re collecting of birds and animals on expedition

Letter Paul Madge(?) to George Mayo 12/5/1953 re arrangements for the expedition

Correspondence with O.H. Franckel, Chief of CSIRO Division of Plant industry, 13/5 & 13/7/1953, requesting R.W. Jessup's participation in the expedition, and letters and telegrams between R.W. (Fred) Jessup and Mayo re arrangements, and Jessup to Symon 10/8/1953 re Jessup's report

Copies of letters sent from D. Symon at Mt Olga to ‘Lynette & Folks' 12/6/1953, and from Symon at Ayers Rock to his mother 18/6/1953

Letter G.M.E. Mayo to E.C. Evans of the Native Affairs Branch, NT, thanking him for permit to visit SW Native Reserve, with permit

Letters from F. Bauer to David Symon

  • 21/7/1953 re Nicotiana seed etc
  • 4/8/1953? re his report, with an accompanying "Extract from Report and Diary of W.C. Gosse's Explorations, 1873" (typescript 6 p.) From SA Parliamentary Papers 1874
  • 19/8/1953 saying his report was finished
  • 18/9/1953 re photographs and future trips

David Symon to ‘Slim' [F. Bauer] 20/8/1953
Correspondence between George Mayo and Bauer July 1953 re expedition photographs etc

Letters between A.W. Humphries (Institute of Agriculture, WA) and D. Symon 29/7/1953 and 20/8/1953 re Swainsona seed

Correspondence between May Tindale (National Herbarium, Sydney) and D. Symon 10/8/1953-10/3/1954 re fern specimens and naming of ferns

R. Melville (Kew Botanic Gardens) to Symon 30/9/1953 regarding seeds of Wahlenbergia sp.

Correspondence 11/12/1953 from Symon to T.R.N. Lothian of Botanic Gardens and William Hartley, CSIRO, re sporocarps of Marsiles specimens and Nicotiana species

Andrew Scott (New Orleans) to Peter Martin 16/12/1953 thanking him for freshwater algal specimens "the first lot of material ever collected in the central part of Australia"

Letter A.L. Rose to Symon 22/12/1953 re corkwood (Hakea lorea) seeds

D.C. Wark (CSIRO) to D. Symon 3/6/1954 re Nicotiana specimens

R.D. Brock (CSIRO) to D. Symon 6/12/1955 re Auguillaraia divica specimens


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