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David Eric Symon (1920-2011)
Papers re Project 361 - Biological Reconnaissance to Central Australia 1873-1955

MSS 0164

Series 2 : Reports etc

Correspondence re purchase of maps from DAQMG, Keswick Barracks re purchase of maps, loan of equipment from the Australian Military Forces, May 1953

Ms notes on

  • Possible itinerary, with places to obtain supplies etc and ms maps
  • Ms notes of detailed itinerary, equipment, and menus for discussion
  • Ms notes, telegrams etc re taking of photographs at Woomera, contacts with station owners and planning
  • D. Symon's expenses; list of supplies and camping equipment with prices and quantities; daily menu; David Symon's ms list of clothes, stationery, bedding etc
  • Notes for Seminar presented 9/7/??; notes on expedition and reports

Project 361 - Biological Reconnaissance Trip to Central Australia: Preliminary Report / P.E. Madge, D.E. Symon, G.M.E. Mayo 15 July 1953 (typescript, 5 p.) 3 copies, with accompanying letter to the Registrar, and ms draft. Also

  • Appendix 2. Vehicle report / Peter Madge. Typescript,3 p. 25/3/1954
  • Appendix 3 [Log of trip, prepared by G.M.E. Mayo]. Typescript, 48 p., with accompanying letter to Registrar. Also original ms log on cards with map tracings, and draft log
  • [Appendix 4b] Report on the physical geography and geomorphology ... / F.H. Bauer (typescript, photocopy) [30 p.]
  • Appendix 5 (part) / C.G. Hansford. ‘List of fungi collected by Central Australian Expedition, June 1953' Typescript, 2 p. (2 copies) With accompanying letter to the Registrar
  • Appendix 7. Suggestions for future trip / [P.G. Martin?]. Typescript, 6 p. 25/3/1954.
  • [Unnumbered appendix?] [Report on plant and animal materials collected] / P.M. = Peter Madge? Or P.G. Martin? 4/12/1953 (4 p.), with additional page ‘Marsupial mice of Central Australia' 21/7/1953. 3 typescript copies


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