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Theatre Collection Illustrations

MSS 792 T37428

The Theatre Collection Illustrations were collected principally by Floy Angel Nan Symon.

Angel died in 1976 and in 76-77, her theatre collection, including the bulk of her theatre illustrations, were bequeathed to the Library.  A portion of the collection was retained by her sister, Mary Clark, who continued to add to it.  Upon Mary's death in 1988, additional books, programmes, souvenirs, posters, postcards, newspaper cuttings and illustrations were transferred to the Library.

Oversize material is housed in the MSS Map Cabinets and are marked as such on the individual listings. 


An extensive collection of predominantly theatre based illustrations, mostly postcards, along with sketches, photographs and hand-coloured prints.

Series 1. Actors, Actresses, Entertainers

  • 1A. Actors & Actresses - individuals
  • 1B. Actors & Actresses - Penny Plain reprints
  • 1C. Actors & Actresses - groups
  • 1D. Entertainers
Dorothea Baird as “Rosalind” Oscar Asche as “Petrichio” Sarah Bernhardt

Series 2. General productions and plays

  • 2A. Productions - scenes from various productions
  • 2B. Plays

Series 3. Specific productions

  • 3A. "Sommernachtstraum" Salzburger Festspiele 1927
  • 3B. "Jedermann" Salzburger Festspiele 1927
  • 3C. "Othello" production by the Old Vic.
  • 3D. "Tamburlaine the Great" production by the Old Vic.
  • 3E. "Kismet"
  • 3F. "The Passion Play" at Oberamagau
  • 3G. "Three Sisters" production by the Old Vic. 1935
  • 3H. "As you like it"
  • 3I. "The Tempest" production by H. Beerbohm Tree
  • 3J. "Henry VIII" production by Henry Irving. 1892
  • 3K. "King Lear" production by Henry Irving. 1892
  • 3L. "Twelfth Night" production by H. Beerbohm Tree
  • 3M. "The Taming of the Shrew" Adelphi Theatre, Otho Stuart
  • 3N. "Henry V"
  • 3O. "Liberty Hall"
  • 3P. "Henry of Navarre"
  • 3Q. "The Three Musketeers"
  • 3R. "The Dashing Little Duke"
  • 3S. "Dear Little Denmark"
  • 3T. "Toddles"
  • 3U. "The Flag Lieutenant"
  • 3V. "The Man from Mexico"
  • 3W. "The Little Michus"
  • 3X. "Havana"
  • 3Y. "Miss Hook of Holland"
  • 3Z. "A White Man"
  • 3Za. "The Lyons Mall"
  • 3Zb. "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm"
  • 3Zc. "The Cingalee"
  • 3Zd. "The Dollar Princess"
  • 3Ze. "The Merchant of Venice" Garrick Theatre, 11th October 1905.
  • 3Zf. "The Hon. Phil"
  • 3Zg. "Monserrat"
  • 3Zh. "Hamlet" production by Henry Irving. 1878
  • 3Zi. "Romeo and Juliet" a production by Henry Irving.
Hungarian Dancers. Artist Istvan Pekary

Series 4. Writers

  • 4A. Writers - individual
  • 4B Writers - groups

Series 5. Shakespearian material

Series 6. Music

  • 6A. Music - composers
  • 6B. Musicians - individuals
  • 6C. Musicians - groups

Series 7. Ballet and Dance

  • 7A. Ballet and dance -  individuals
  • 7B. Ballet and dance - groups
  • 7C. Dance production - "Homage to the Queen"
  • 7D. Dance production - "La Lac Des Cygnes"
  • 7E. Dance production - "Dances Concertantes"
  • 7F. Dance production - "Blood Wedding"
  • 7G. Dance production - "Giselle"
  • 7H. Ballet and dance - Miscellaneous
  • 7I. Ballet, dance and festivals - ethnic

Series 8. Singers and Opera

  • 8A. Singers - individuals
  • 8B. Opera - miscellaneous

Series 9. Costume, fashion and scenery

    • 9A. Costume and Fashion
    • 9B. Costume - ethnic
    • 9C. Scenery
Henry VI. hand-coloured sketches by Audrey Cruddas Henry VI. hand-coloured sketches by Audrey Cruddas Henry VI. hand-coloured sketches by Audrey Cruddas

Series 10. Art and Stamps

  • 10A. Art reproductions and art works
  • 10B. Stamps
Coloured Engraving of the Proscenium

Series 11. Theatres

  • 11C. Theatres - Others
  • 11D. Theatres - British
  • 11E. Theatres. European
  • 11F. Theatres - plans

Series 12. Miscellaneous

Series 13. Photo albums

  1. Album of photos, cuttings and programmes - London theatre 1898-1903. Compiled by Constance M. Hobson
  2. Album of photos, cuttings and programmes - London theatre 1905-1907. Compiled by Constance M. Hobson
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