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Andrew Leigh Tidswell (1946- )
Election ephemera 1970-1983

MSS 0102

Biographical Note

Andrew Tidswell joined the Torrens Branch of the Young Liberal Movement in about 1967. The Torrens Branch was certainly the most 'academic' branch in the Movement, and the most 'l' liberal, probably due to the inclusion of all the tertiary institutions of Adelaide and the residential colleges of North Adelaide in the electorate.

While studying Architecture at the Institute of Technology, Andrew quickly became one of the Y.L.M.'s leading activists. He drew many covers and cartoons for the Young Liberal Newsletter ad lib, and became its editor in the early 1970s.

As a reformist, he naturally became a founder member of the Liberal Movement, started by Steele Hall and Ian Wilson in an attempt to reform the Liberal and Country League (now the S.A. branch of the Liberal Party). Andrew's cartoons and graphics were a prominent feature of the LM's newsletter, and he soon became the editor.

From the late 1960s until the early 1980s, Andrew collected state and federal election campaign leaflets, how-to-vote cards and 'stickers', as well as newspaper advertisements and cuttings.

Adapted from a biographical note by Peter Adamson. These papers were donated by Peter Adamson in April 2007.

Contents Listing

Series 1: Election ephemera (includes press cuttings, how-to-vote cards, campaign leaflets etc)  9 cm.

1.1 October 1969 Federal election

1.2 May 1970 SA state election

1.3 November 1970 Senate election

1.4 December 1972 Federal election

1.5 March 1973 SA state election (includes original artwork for the campaign of Peter Adamson)

1.6 May 1974 Federal election (including Senate)

1.7 July 1975 SA state election

1.8 December 1975 Federal election (including Senate)

1.9 September 1977 SA state election

1.10 December 1977 Federal election

1.11 September 1979 SS state election

1.12 October 1980 Federal election

1.13 October 1982 SA state election

1.14 March 1983 Federal election

Series 2: Miscellanea

Biographical note by Peter Adamson

  • Comic re the origin of the Liberal Movement / Andrew Tidswell. [4] p.
  • Photograph of 'threatened ANZ Bank' (Edmund Wright House) / Andrew Tidswell June 1971
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