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University of Adelaide
Miscellaneous student publications 1968-1984

MSS 378.94231 A228mi


This series was created in 1981 in order to organise a large collection of student publications which were gathered in Special Collections.

The first series was arranged in broad subject groups, and covered the period 1968-1980. In 1982 another large collection covering the same period was moved from Technical Services to Special Collections. Staff of Technical Services had organised the publications by issuing body, and no attempt was made to integrate it into series 1.

Not all of the items were published or printed on campus, but they were distributed around the refectories, at Library exit desks and elsewhere.

Library staff do not systematically collect student publications, so these are perhaps only a sample of what appears on campus.

Since the creation of the series we are organising newly acquired material chronologically.

Contents Listing

Series 1: 1968-1980

  1. Vietnam, Indo-China, Anti-Conscription
  2. Education. Incl. SA, student representation
  3. Women's Liberation, Abortion, Gay Liberation
  4. Religion
  5. South East Corner Project
  6. Plays, Concerts, Meetings, Events
  7. International Politics. including UN students association, Rhodesia, Biafra, Greece, New Guinea, Palestine, SLA, Mozambique, Chile, Asylum Seekers
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Southern Africa, Apartheid, Springbok Tours
  10. Australian Union of Students
  11. Students Association of the University of Adelaide
  12. Adelaide University Union / Elections / On Dit / New Association
  13. General
    1. Drugs
    2. Police/Legal
    3. Health and Welfare
    4. Vacation jobs
    5. Nimbin
    6. Whole foods
    7. Alternative Society/Community
    8. Sports Association
    9. National Science Faculty Association
  14. Social Action
  15. Abschol/Black Rights
  16. Politics - State / Federal / trade unions
  17. Student radical left / Socialism / Anarchism / Protest

Series 2: 1970-1979

    1. A.F.S. Cultural Exchange Club
    2. Adelaide Medical Students Society
    3. Adelaide University Anthropological  Society
    4. Adelaide University Basketball Club
    5. Adelaide University Boat Club
    6. Adelaide University Car Club
    7. Adelaide University Chess Club
    8. Adelaide University Choral Society
    9. Adelaide University Contemporary Dance Society
    10. Adelaide University Debating Club
    11. Adelaide University Dramatic Society
    12. Adelaide University Education Action Group
    13. Adelaide University Engineering Society
      13a Adelaide University Fencing Club
    14. Adelaide University Film Group
    15. Adelaide University Folk Club
    16. Adelaide University Football Club
    18. Adelaide University Geology Club
    19. Adelaide University Gliding Club
    20. Adelaide University History Club
    21. Adelaide University Labor Club
    22. Adelaide University Lacrosse Club
    23. Adelaide University Law Students Society
    24. Adelaide University Lawn Tennis Club
    25. Adelaide University Liberal Club
    26. Adelaide University Math Association
    27. Adelaide University Men's Hockey Club
    28. Adelaide University Modellers Club
    29. Adelaide University Motor Cycle Club
    30. Adelaide University Mountain Club
    31. Adelaide University Navigator Society
    32. Adelaide University Pacifist Society
    33. Adelaide University Photography Club
    34. Adelaide University Polish Club
    35. Adelaide University R.R.P. Club
    36. Adelaide University Rugby Union Football Club
    37. Adelaide University Science Association
    38. Adelaide University Science Fiction Association
    39. Adelaide University Seventh Day Adventist Student Society
    40. Adelaide University Square Dance Association
    41. Adelaide University Squash Club
    42. Adelaide University Students International Meditation Society
    43. Adelaide University Tae Kwon Do
    44. Adelaide University Temperance Club
    45. Adelaide University Wargaming Club
    46. Ang Society
    47. Architecture
    48. Arts Society
    49. Australasian Union of Jewish Students
    50. Australia China Society
    51. Australian Greek University Association
    52. Australian Liberal Students Federation
    53. Australian Union of Students
    54. Biology Society
    55. Campaign Against Nuclear Energy
    56. Clubs and Societies Council
    57. Evangelical Union
    58. Friends of the Earth / Environmental Action - includes anti-nuclear
    59. Gay Society
    60. Hong Kong Student Association
    61. Instant Karma Club
    62. Intervarsity Fellowship
    63. Jazz, Rock and Blues Club
    64. Learning Exchange
    65. Lutheran Student Fellowship
    66. Malay Association of S.A.
    67. Malaysian Students Union
    68. Music Students Association
    69. Muslim Students Society of S.A.
    70. MUSO's
    71. National Socialist Students League
    72. Newman Society
    73. Orientation
    74. Overseas Chinese Students Association
    75. Overseas Christian Fellowship
    76. Printing Facilities Users Advisory Committee
    77. Project Jonah
    78. PROSH
    79. Psychology Students Association
    80. Public Affairs Committee
    81. S.A.U.A.
    82. Sarawak Students Sports Club
    83. Singapore Students Association of S.A.
    84. South Australian Tenants Association
    85. Student Christian Movement
    86. Students for Australian Independence
    87. Social Activities Committee
    88. University of Adelaide Philosophy Club
    89. Women on Campus

Series 3: 1980-

    1. Adelaide. University Science Association
    2. Student Association. University of Adelaide/Union Council Elections
    3. Students Association (S.A.U.A.)
    4. Australian Union of Students
    5. General Student meetings
    6. Orientation programmes
    7. Adelaide University Catholic Community
    8. Women on campus
    9. Mature Age Students  Society
    10. Theatre, Travel, Workshops etc.
    11. Exhibition guides
    12. University of Adelaide Student Counselling Service
    13. Do you need accommodation?
    14. Adelaide University Regiment
    15. Students for Australian Independence
    16. Christianity and Socialism
    17. Education and Public Affairs Committee
    18. Politics Department Student Association
    19. University of Adelaide  Foundation
    20. Literary Society Newsletter
    21. Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (C.A.P .A.)
    22. Tertiary Institutions Coordinating Committee for Disabled Students (T.I.C .C.D.S)
    23. Protest against Proposed Student loan scheme
    24. The Malvinas are Argentine!
    25. Public lecture in the University of Adelaide.
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