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University of Adelaide. Elder Conservatorium.
Papers 1900-

MSS 0145

Series 4: Music manuscripts by others

Boult, Charles (Tasmanian composer and music teacher)
Eldorado: song [manuscript] / music by Charles Boult; words by Edgar Allan Poe. Composed 31/12/1932. [4] p. “Inscribed to Ruth Burcham.” Cover inscribed: “Frida with love from Charles Feb. 1933”

Broadbent, Harold G. (South Australian composer, musical director of ‘The O’Brien Girl’ and ‘Cavalcade’ in the 1930s)
[Song] On the plains [manuscript] / H.G. Broadbent; words by George Essex Evans. Composed August 1950. [3] p. 2 copies, one inscribed ‘To my Billy’
[Song] Praise [manuscript] / H.G. Broadbent; words by E. Skethewey. Composed August 1950. [2] p., inscribed ‘To my Billy.’ With ms copy of Miriam Hyde’s Thoughts at dusk [1/2] p. at end.

Brumby, Colin, 1933-2018 (Australian composer)
[Chorus SATB] Song of Sleep
- Piano Reduction 7 p. plus cover ink MS

Burnard, Alex, 1900-1971 (Australian composer)
[Soprano solo and choir] Australian Song of Festival - Now is the Happy Time of Festival SATB. 21 p., photocopy
Composed 1937 and recorded by Joan Sutherland in 1950-1.
Includes access notes from the National Library of Australia

Faulkes, William, 1863-1933 (English organist and composer)
Idylle (for organ)
Ms ink copy, transcribed by Frank Finlay. [3] p.

Gardonyi, Zoltan, 1906-1986 (Hungarian composer)
Quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon (1958)
- full score 29 p. MS ink, plus parts

Gow, David, 1924-1993 (British composer)
[Chorus SATB] Missa Brevis, op.31
- Full score 11 p. photocopy MS

Henderson, Moya, b. 1941 (Australian composer)
[The Word of God is spoken: Cantata for Twelve Voices, Narrator, Organ and Percussion]
- Organ part 32 p. photocopy
- Timpani and percussion part 9 p. photocopy

Hesse, Marjorie, 1911-1986 (Australian pianist and composer)
Twilight (Sydney, March 1936)
- piano score 3 p. MS ink. Inscribed 'To Dear Enid [Williams/Conley]' With an article on Edith Conley.

Hooke, John Michael (composer, Elder Masters graduate)
-  [voice and piano] Atlas
Words: Heinrich Heine
Complete score – MS ink – 4 p. plus cover
- [voice and piano] Der Mond
Words: Heinrich Heine
Composed 12.5.1976
Complete score – MS ink – 5 p. plus cover

Hurst, Michael, b.1925 (British composer)
[Chorus SATB] In our Happy Village
- Full Score with piano reduction 5 p. plus cover ink MS
[Chorus SATB] When the Nightingale Shall Sing
- Full Score with piano reduction 3 p. plus cover ink MS
[Chorus SATB] On the Bridge at Avignon
- Full Score with piano reduction 5 p. plus cover ink MS

Langbein, Brenton, 1928-1993 (Composer, conductor, violinist, Elder graduate)
- On my return, for voice, recorder and harpsichord
“for Dene”
Words: Pierre de Ronsard
Full score MS ink 3 p. plus cover
- Let my wine be chiller, for tenor, recorder and harpsichord Words: Pierre de Ronsard
Full score MS ink 3 p. plus cover

Lucký, Štěpán, b. 1919 (Czech composer)
[Harpsichord score] Toccata, per cembalo.
Composed Prague, 17/2/1973
Inscribed: ‘To dear Emma den Hollander, to remember Prague, most affectionately.’
Ms ink, annotated, [5] p. ‘e pianoforte’ crossed out on cover.

Lumsdaine, David (composer b. 1931 in NSW, resides in England)
[Wind quintet] Mandala I: [for] flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, horn in F, bassoon (score notated in C) [manuscript, copy] / David Lumsdaine. Composed Oct. 1967-Dec. 1968. [21] p. “Universal Edition”  IN OVERSIZE ENVELOPE

Madge, Geoffrey, 1941- . Australian born pianist
Choral prelude on “Down Ampney.” OR-3-98
Ms ink, [3] p.

Mews, Douglas, b. 1956 (New Zealand composer)
[Chorus SATB unaccompanied] Ghosts, Fire and Water
Words: James Kirkup
For the University of Auckland Conservatorium of Music Festival Choir, 1971-2.
- Organ part 32 p. photocopy
- Timpani and percussion part 9 p. photocopy

Michael, Frank (Germany?)
Pandorina Op. 39 Klarinette in B
- 4 p. MS ink photocopy

Mocoroa, Eduardo, 1867-1954 (Spanish organist, conductor and composer born in Tolosa)
[Anthem] Cantata Domino for STB and organ 6p full photocopy and 4p choir part photocopy.

Morgan, David.
[Full Score] God save the Queen / arranged for Elder Conservatorium Senior Orchestra by David Morgan, 7/5/1961. MS 2 p.

Nickson, John, 1949-2002 (Lecturer, Queensland Conservatorium)
[Choral] Summer Grasses. 6 p. plus performance notes and title page photocopy
“For the Adelaide Singers”
Words: Bashō Japan 1644-1694
November 3, 1971.

Penberthy, James, 1917-1999 (Australian composer) 
[Chorus SATB, Speaker and Orchestra] Commentaries on Living]
For Patrick Thomas and the Adelaide Singers
- Choral parts with piano reduction 17 p. photocopy

Porter, Brian (Australian violinist and composer)
[Chorus SATB, harp] Maggie May
- Excerpt from James Philip Koehne’s PhD Thesis Pragmatism and In-betweenery: Light music… mentioning Brian Porter.
- Harp 6 p. pencil MS
- Chorus 7 p. plus cover pencil MS
[Chorus SATB, harp] The Dying Stockman
- Harp 5 p. plus cover pencil MS
- Chorus 10 p. pencil MS  
[Harp] Moreton Bay
- Harp 4 p. plus cover pencil MS

Sitsky, Larry (Australian composer) 
Santana: Concerto for clarinet and strings (composed 12/2/1982)
- Commissioned by Melbourne University for the A.H. Maggs Award
- full score 55 p, MS ink photocopy IN OVERSIZE ENVELOPE

Vaughan, Terry.
[Songs] Three keepsakes [manuscript, copy]. 1. Irish airs (for Aunt Betty), composed 26/4/1982. 2. Teeny sonatina (for Lucinda), composed 23/12/1974. 3. Disco (for Christine), composed 22/8/1978. Cover inscribed to Jean (Munro, wife of David Munro), with much affection and many happy memories, Terry.
Note: Teeny Moon dedication is to the violinist and concertmaster, Lucinda Moon, the daughter of Jean and Donald Munro (former Dean of Music at the Elder Conservatorium)

Veress, Sándor, 1907-1992 (Swiss composer, Hungarian origin)
[Chorus SATB] Songs of the Seasons – seven madrigals
Words: Christopher Brennan
- Full score 39 p. photocopy
- Piano reduction (for rehearsals only) 28 p. MS ink

Victory, Gerard, 1921-1995 (Irish composer)
[Solo tenor, Chorus SATB, trumpet solo, percussion – timpani, bass drum, cymbal, xylophone, vibraphone, glockenspiel] Kriegslieder
Words: August Stramm 
- Full score 47 p. photocopy bound
- Trumpet 7 p. MS ink
- Percussion 12 p. photocopy – 4 copies

Werder, Felix, 1922-2012 (German composer, came to Australia 1940)
[Chorus SATB, 2 horns, double bass, percussion - side drum, triangle, bass drum, cymbals, tambourine] Psalm 127, op.32
- Full score 22 p. photocopy
- Horn 1 – 4 p. MS ink
- Horn 2 – 4 p. MS ink
- Percussion – 3 p. ink
- Double Bass – 4 p. MS ink

Werther, Rudolph, 1896-1986 (German composer, came to Australia 1939)
[Chorus SATB, piano] Rider Dawn
Words: Griffith Wattins
- Full score 31 p. MS ink

Winstanley, John Harold, 1922-2014 (Director of Music S. Peter’s College Adelaide, Director of Music Harrow School 1967-76)
[Carol] Hodie! Christus Natus Est for SATB 4 p., photocopy
Dedicated to FOH-M with affection. First performed in the Great Hall, University of Sydney at its Festival of Carols. December 23, 1965.

Wood, Robin, 1924-2004 (Canadian composer)
[Chorus SATB, organ] Psalm 57 – I will praise thee
- Full score 7 p. photocopy
[Chorus SATB, flute, cor anglais, harp] The Owl - arranged Michael Hurst
Words: John Wheeler
- Full score 7 p. photocopy
- Flute – 1 p. photocopy
- Cor Anglais – 1 p. photocopy
- Harp – 3 p. photocopy
- Version for solo voice and piano – 2 p. photocopy
[Chorus SSA, solo soprano, organ] Praise to the Holiest
Words: John Henry Newman
- Full score 4 p. ink plus cover

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