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University of Adelaide. Elder Conservatorium.
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MSS 0145

Series 2 : Student assignments, compositions etc

2.1. Student assignments

[Folk music in Adelaide] 1969-1972
Documentation and recordings of folk music collected in Adelaide by first year students from the course ‘An Introduction to Ethnomusicology' designed to make students more aware of the cultures represented in their own community. Students had to locate, record on reel-to-reel tape, and write about performances from members of a minority group. Course coordinator: Catherine Ellis. [Formerly catalogued as a set in the Performing Arts Library and transferred to Special Collections in 2011]

Music recorded includes:

1969: French-Algerian, Jewish, Greek, Ukrainian, Serbian, Australian, German, Scottish, Aboriginal Transitional, Latvian, Scottish pipe, Children, Middle East, Japanese, Nigerian, Lithuanian, Polish, Welsh, Indian, Lebanese (2 vols, 53 tapes)

1970: Greek Orthodox, Ukrainian Orthodox, Russian, Indian, Flamenco, African, Papua and New Guinea, Japanese, University college drinking music, American assimilated, Dutch, Israeli, Jewish, Hebrew, Polish, Hungarian, Lithuanian wedding, Latvian, Estonian, Yugoslav, German, Swiss, Portuguese, Welsh, School children's songs (3 vols, 46 tapes)

1971: Vietnamese, Chinese, Balinese, Indian, New Guinean, Czech, Slovak, Bavarian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Traditional Finnish, Finnish Church, Denmark, Greek Traditional, Polish, Estonian, Latvian, Greek, Laos, Gilbert Islands, Tonga, Austrian Dance, Scandinavian, Children's songs, Friulani Italy), English music Hall, Austrian zither and folk music, Maltese traditional dance, German, Mountain-bluegrass, Irish, Instrumental music of Scotland, Robert Burns poetry as source, Moonta Cornish carols, Afrikaans, Jewish (4 vols, 11 tapes).  Note: tapes for the 1971 recordings were never received by Special Collections. 

1972: Scottish dance, Scottish highland bagpipe, Scottish folk songs, Dutch, Yodelling, Greek, Hungarian, Silesian, Latvian, Russian, Persian, Singhalese, North American Negro blues, Band music of south-eastern United States, Guyana, Italian, Irish (2 vols, 15 tapes).  Note: only one tape from the 1972 recordings (Scottish dance music) was received by Special Collections.

A complete list is available with the collection.

A list of the tape recordings held by Special Collections which have been digitised onto CD is also available.

Other assignments (photocopies, previously catalogued in the University Collection)

- Music teaching in primary schools: curriculum planning and programmme design / Hazel Laycock
- A brief introduction to ethnomusicology for first year university students specializing either in music or other fields / Chester Schultz. Music III (1975). With cassette tape
- Study of teaching techniques operating in the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music / Susannah Foulds. Music Therapy & Ethnomusicology course, Music III (1975)
- Use of music with severely retarded children / Susannah Foulds. Ethnomusicology project (1975)
- The John Bishop era of the Elder Conservatorium of Music / Gunta Zavaigzne. Music in Education project, Music IIIB (1975?)
- [Aboriginal musical instruments and their place in song] / Peter Deane. Project for Music IIIB (1974) Includes transcriptions of Aboriginal songs and cassette tape
- Critical summary of Aboriginal music project sessions, Term III, 1977 / Lorraine Jaunay. Music III, Project leader, Dr. C.J. Ellis (1977)
- Aboriginal music / Guy Tunstill. Project Music IIC (1977)
- Contemporary music in Catholic masses as used at St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Adelaide / Bronwyn Elsegood, Music IIA project (1975)
- [Active music-making for old people] / Margaret Donald. Project IIA, Ethnomusicology (1975) With cassette tape
- Rhythmic analysis of verses from the Ngiyari-Langka cycle of Indulkana, S.A. / Susan C. Reid. Honours Ethnomusicology project (1975)
- Two-part Sotho songs / Susan Carol Reid. Honours Ethnomusicology project (1975)
- Australian bush music / Peter Deane, Honours project for Dr Ellis (1975) With cassette tape.

2.2 Student compositions

Bevan, Reginald.
[Song] Enchantment (Orpheus with his lute) [manuscript] / music by Reginald Bevan; words by Shakespeare [n.d.] 5 p. plus cover. Stamped: Beryl Kekwick.

Wesley-Smith, Martin.
[Orchestra score] Hansard music, for orchestra [manuscript, photocopy) / Martin Wesley-Smith. Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Music in the University of Adelaide, January 1971. vi, 29, [1] p.

Wesley-Smith, Martin.
[Orchestra score] Interval piece, for orchestra [manuscript, photocopy) / Martin Wesley-Smith. Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Music in the University of Adelaide, January 1971. [2], 32 p.

See also student essays in the papers of Malcolm Fox MSS 780.7299423 F793p

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