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University of Adelaide. Dept. of Geology
Historic and Teaching Maps

MSS 0163


Series 1. Papers re Broken Hill.

  • Typescript: The Geology and Ore Reserves of the Block 10, Broken Hill Proprietary C. Ltd, Broken Hill, NSW / Eric Judd (Melbourne, 28/2/1938) 5 p.
  • Typescript: Ore Reserves [Block 10] 1938? [2] p.
  • Typescript: ‘Vein Wall Rock” [2] p. (2 copies)
  • Typescript: translated paper ‘The Minerals and Structures of the Broken Hill Ore-Body, NSW, Australia’ / Paul Ramdohr, Berlin (12/9/1950) 20 p.
  • MS letter from Brian Thomson to Eric Judd 7/7/1959, with Thomson’s Discussion paper on ‘Sedimentary Structures in the Metamorphic Rocks and Orebodies of Broken Hill’ / M.A> Conon (typescript, 4 p.)
  • Typescript: Ore raised. Taken from Annual Reports of the Dept of Mines, NSW. 1903-1960. [3] p.
  • Small map: Pre-Cambrian Areas of Western N.S.W. (from David’s Geological Map of Australiao) 1950
  • Hand-coloured map: Cross Sections, Broken Hill District / B.P. Thomson (Dec. 1954) Scale: 1”=2 miles.

Series 2: Dept of Geology Historic Map Collection (in Map Cabinet)

Transferred from the Dept of Geology [approx. 2010]

A listing is in preparation.

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