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Sir Joseph Cooke Verco 
Clinical notes St. Bartholomew's hospital 1877

MSS 616.07 V482


Sir Joseph Cooke Verco was born in Adelaide on the 1st August 1851. He moved to England to study medicine at the University of London, completed an M.B. in 1875, an M.D. in 1876 and his B.S. in 1877. In 1876 he become housephysician for Mr. William Chuch at St Bartholomew's Hospital before eventually going on to become a midwifery assistant in 1877. In 1878, Verco returned to South Australia, initially as a general practitioner, then later specializing as a physician. He served as an honorary physician  at the Adelaide Hospital and honorary medical officer at the Adelaide Children's Hospital.

In 1885, he worked with Sir Edward Stirling to found the University of Adelaide's Medical School, when he then served as lecturer in medicine from 1887 - 1915, at the same time he was also a clinical teacher at the Adelaide Hospital.

He was knighted upon his retirement in 1911.

Adapted from the Australian Dictionary of Biography. 


1 volume (500 pages) of clinical notes from St Bartholomew's Hospital, 1876-1877.

A note inside the cover reads:

This book contains the daily notes written by Dr. J. Verco, M.B. when Housephysician for Dr. William Church (afterwards Sir William Church) at St. Bartholomew's Hospital London, from April 1876 till Mar 1877. 

The Diet and Prescription sheets, and the housephysicians notes were prinned to a small board handing from the head of the patients bed. 

It was the dury of the Housephysician to enter up in a special Hospital ward book the details of every case from his own notes for future reference as a Hospital record. There was no such officer as a Medical Registrar. 

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