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Amy Grace Wheaton (1898-1988)
Papers 1925-1979

MSS 0043


Biographical Note

Born 1898 (née Amy Priest) in Gawler, South Australia, graduated B.A. 1920 and M.A. 1923 from the University of Adelaide. After marriage in 1925 she went to England and Europe, where she studied at the London School of Economics and completed a B.Sc (Econ) and Honours in Sociology at the University of London (London School of Economics) in 1931. During 1935 and the early months of 1936 Wheaton was in Europe, investigating social services of Nazi Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, France and Turkey. She returned to Adelaide in March 1936 on being offered appointment as Hon. Director of the SA Board of Social Study and Training (1936-41), and on the creation of a Department of Social Science (later Social Studies) at the University of Adelaide was Lecturer-in-charge (1942-1958).

After retirement from the University (then compulsory for women at age 60) and some months studying at the New York School of Social Work on her final study leave, Wheaton was appointed United Nations Social Welfare Training Adviser in Pakistan and worked in Lahore and Dacca from July 1958 to September1962.

While teaching in the Department of Social Studies at Adelaide she had also lectured part-time in social aspects of town planning in the SAIT Department of Architecture (c1949-1957), in Human Organisation and Planning Practice at SAIT Department of Architecture and Building, c1965-1976, and in social aspects of planning within the Master's degree course in Town Planning at the University of Adelaide.

In addition to her official teaching and training roles in social work, Wheaton took an active role in civic, public and international affairs and contributed to many projects and undertakings as an adviser or consultant. She held executive positions in the Australian Association of Social Workers, the South Australian Council of Social Service, and the Australian Federation of Women Voters, and attended national and international conferences of these bodies as the Australian delegate. Her interests included immigration and citizenship, women's rights and child welfare, community development and town planning, and all aspects of social work and welfare. She was awarded an MBE in the King's birthday honours, 1939 for services to the community, and was made a life member of the Australian Association of Social Workers in August 1965.

Wheaton married Ralph Douglas Wheaton, a banker, in 1925 and had three sons, Geoff, Neville and Roger, born 1931, 1933 and 1941. Douglas died in 1978 in Adelaide, Amy in 1988.

The University of Adelaide received these papers in 1993 through the agency of Nancy Bates, who had previously conducted interviews with Wheaton on behalf of the National Library of Australia (Series 3) and worked with Dr Elaine Martin, who had also written a number of articles on Wheaton (Series 4). The papers contain an extensive collection of Wheaton's lectures and lectures notes and source materials (Series 24-28, 32-38 and 68), and other writings (series 11); papers relating to the early years of the South Australian Board of Social Study and University of Adelaide Board of Studies in Social Science (later Social Studies Department) (Series 14-19); files on her community activities (Series 12) and role in the Australian Federation of Women Voters and other women's organizations (Series 40-54); participation in Citizenship Conventions (Series 55); and extensive papers relating to her role as United Nations Social Welfare Training Adviser to Pakistan from 1958-1962 (Series 57-73)

A large collection of Wheaton's contemporary publications on Social Work was deposited with the library of Flinders University. A number of other publications received with these papers have been catalogued separately for wider access. These are indicated in the text and/or in a list appended to this Guide.

Contents Summary

Series 1-8 Personal and biographical (Box 1)

Series 9-10 Student lecture notes and research material (Box 2)

Series 11-13 Writing and research (general) (Boxes 2-3)

Series 14-31 South Australian Board of Social Study and Training, University of Adelaide Board of Studies in Social Science (Social Studies Department) and SAIT Diploma in Technology in Social Work (Boxes 4-7)

Series 32-39 Lectures: Architecture and Town Planning courses, South Australian School of Mines, SAIT and University of Adelaide, 1949-1976 (Boxes 8-11)

Series 40-54 Women's Organisations and Alliances (Boxes12-14)

Series 55-56 Citizenship Conventions and Immigration (Box 15)

Series 57-73 UN Social Welfare Training Adviser, Pakistan (Boxes 16-21)

Series 74 Miscellaneous (Box 21)

Contents Listing


1. Correspondence 1925, 1931-1978. 3cm

Including letters of congratulation on award of M.B.E. 1939, letter from Otto Hellwig, architect, re housing and social welfare 1943 and from T.B. McKenna re lectures in the SAIT School of Architecture 1971-1973, correspondence relating to courses and talks while in England 1949-1950 and re Wheaton's UK study leave 1958, reference for and obituary of Helen James, and other correspondence with former students and people seeking advice on employment. Correspondents include Jessie A. MacDonald, Joy Maclennan and Jean M. Robertson.

2. Applications, curricula vitae and biographical notes. c1945-1973. 3cm (2 folders)

Applications for Catherine Helen Spence scholarship, 1945, ANU Research Fellowship in the Social Sciences, 1947, United Nations Social Welfare Advisory Programme position, 1948, admission to the New York School of Social Work, Columbia University, 1958, and lectureship in the South Australian Institute of Technology, Architecture and Buildings, June 1973, and biographical note prepared in support of life membership of the Australian Association of Social Work, 1965. Files may include testimonials, University exam results, related correspondence and/or detailed description of research and work undertaken to that date.

3. National Library interview: notes, interview questions, correspondence of interviewer, Nancy Bates, and notes prepared by Wheaton for Bates and for Joan Teesdale. 1971-1979. 2cm.

4. Articles about Wheaton by E.M. Martin and Nan Bates. 1983-1987. 2 cm.

Reprints of four published articles by Martin, 'The importance of the trained approach' 1983, 'Amy Wheaton and the education of social workers in South Australia' 1983, 'Scarcity in a new profession' 1985, and 'Social work as a profession' 1987; drafts of biographical note 1983 and contribution on Wheaton by Nan Bates to the National Council of Women bi-centenary publication 'Greater than their knowing' 1986.

5. Newspaper cuttings relating to Wheaton's appointments, talks, travels, attendance at conferences, etc. 1925, 1931-1939. 2cm

Including a social news article on her marriage and series of 'Traveller's Tales' relating to her visit to Germany in 1935/1936, and flyers and correspondence relating to conferences attended in Salzburg and London in 1936 and 1937. See also Series 10.

6. Photographs, c.1920-1958. 1cm (7 items)

7. Sketches [by Wheaton? in pencil, possibly of lecturers]. 1 p.

8. Documents and publications relating to Wheaton's attendance at conferences and travels (vaccination certificates, published programmes, newsletters and proceedings).1946-1973.

Student lecture notes and research material

9. (High school?) student lectures in History and English, and notes on Comparative economic theory (Robbins). undated and Feb.-March 1927. 2cm (1 v. and 1 folder)

10. Publications (books, pamphlets, magazine issues, articles, newspaper cuttings) relating to (National Socialist) Germany, with particular reference to women. 1912, 1927-1937. 8cm

Mostly material collected during Wheaton's visit to Germany in 1935/1936.

Writing and research (general), 1931-1963 and 1979

11. Talks, addresses and articles/papers given by Wheaton. 1931-1963, 1979. 6cm

Typescript, manuscript and printed copies, principally of talks given to local organizations in the 1940s and 1950s, and papers published in relation to work in Pakistan (copies also in Series 64). Some have correspondence relating to the occasion/invitation to speak. Paper titles include:

'Housing management and reform' undated
'The social worker in the municipality' undated
'Ideal treatment of VD and social services' undated
'Social services' undated
'Contribution of trained social workers to health' undated
'Are women most mercenary and men most romantic?' 1931
Women in Germany c1935
Untitled address to Lyceum Club on employment and women 1937
'Social workers can and do help' 1938
'A social security plan for Australia' 1941
'Marriage in the modern world' 1947
In-laws and marriage guidance c1947
'South Australian Council of Social Service: its purpose, constitution and membership' 1947
[Invitation to prepare a broadcast talk for the ABC - subject not given] 1949
'Delinquency' 1952
'The problem of nature and nurture' 1955
'Women doctors: the story of their struggle for medical education' 1956
'Education for social work' opening address at AASW 6 th biennial conference 1957
'Learning theory and supervision' 1959
'Family case work' 1959 [a prose poem, written in Lahore]
'Corrective justice in an era of development and reconstruction' 1960
'The role of the medical social worker in the care of diabetic patients' 1962
'Women with special needs: Civilian widows' 1963
'The development of social work as a professional discipline' 1979

12. Files on social work-related community activities, involvement and consultancies by Wheaton. 1943-1964. 6cm
'Towards forming a Family Welfare Bureau for Service and Ex-service Personnel: letter to RSL and notes for proposed program of lectures

Memorandum on need for recognition of professional qualifications for the position of psychologist in the Education Department, 1943

Establishment of a Church of England Social Welfare Bureau, 1943 (with later leaflets relating to the Bishop's Home, 1947 and 1951)

'Probation and Delinquency' c1943-1946 (includes personal material on a named probationer/offender)

'Evidence presented to the Parliamentary Committee on Broadcasting: Whether broadcast talks on venereal disease and sexual relationships should be permitted...', undated [after 1944]

Adoption 1943-1949 (proposal on Child Welfare and Adoption submitted by Wheaton, with Mary Smith and R.J. Coombe, to the Children's Welfare Department)

Establishment of South Australian Council of Social Service, 1946 (with issues of Social Service record v. 1 nos 1 and 3 and v. 2 no.4)

Establishment of a Marriage Guidance Centre 1947-1948 (newspaper cuttings and text of broadcast by Wheaton)

Survey of Youth Clubs 1948 (copy annotated by Wheaton)

Study of Facilities for the Aged (draft report and summary), 1951

University of Adelaide Training course for Youth Group leaders (course outline), undated [1950s?]

Health Education Seminar, Canberra, 1955 (with collection of newspaper cuttings on health, diet and food budgeting)

YWCA Social Responsibility Committee (appraisal and evaluation by Wheaton), 1964

'The Adelaide of Tomorrow' (consultation report and letters from Peter Mathews, Australian Frontier), 1964

Red Cross Social Work Service report 'Kangaroo Island: a study in community development' (Wheaton a consultant), 1964

13. Articles from The Listener. 1930-1938, 1952-1956 (mainly 1933-1938). 3cm

[Later?] divided into groups for Sociology, Social services, Social relief, Slavery, Social economics, and Liberty.

South Australian Board of Social Study and Training (Diploma in Social Studies) , University of Adelaide Board of Studies in Social Science (Social Studies Department)and SAIT (Diploma of Technology in Social Work), 1935-c1969

14. Correspondence relating to the establishment of the course, appointments, staffing and salaries, proposed lecture program, accommodation, course development proposals and submissions. 1935-1958. 3cm

Including lecture program for c1949/50 and course development proposals and submission for appointment of a lecturer in Community Organisation 1958. File also includes an [undated but later] draft of a telegram of congratulations to M.J.T. Massey on his 87 th birthday

15. Board of Social Study and Training draft report 1938/39, annual report 1940-1941, Diploma in Social Studies statutes and prospectus, 1937-1946, handbook entries 1945-1948, Commemoration programs 1943, 1945, 1947-1950, 1956. 2cm

16. Course outline, syllabus, proposal and subsequent lecture .undated 1cm

17. Student and financial records, c1938-1948. 3cm

Comprising record of fees paid by students (with names) 1936/37-1941, attendance roll 1937-1948, record of students' practical work 1941-1942, , (undated) notebook on applications for course work [this volume also includes lists of Board and Committee members, visiting lecturers and almoner selection] and petty cash record 1942-1945. Also a copy of the publication 'Community development in the S.A. Upper Murray' a report on the 1959 field work project by students in Social Work at the University of Adelaide and Sydney University. [1962]

18. Notes on a visit to Melbourne c1943 and the Walkerville Boys' Home 1942. 1v.

[part pasted over with newspaper cuttings on housing 1943-1945]

19. Committee of Review: first report 1954 [with recommendation was for a four year degree course in Social Studies or Social Administration], further report (working papers) 1957 and memorandum on Education for Social Work with special reference to medical social work 1955. 3cm

20. Study leave report by Wheaton ('Impressions of a three month visit to Schools of Social Work in the United States'). 1958. 1cm

21. Australian Association of Social Workers. Miscellaneous papers 1950, 1954, 1965. 2cm

Correspondence re Wheaton's representation of the Australian Association of Social Workers at the conference of the International Committee of Schools of Social Work, Paris, 1950, with program and proceedings; copy of paper on the Association by F. Joy Maclennan, September 1954; newspaper cutting relating to Wheaton being made a life member of the Association, August 1954.

22. 'Lectures from Refresher Course in Case Work' September-November 1941 [author and location not identified, possibly Family Welfare Association of America] 1cm

23. Handbooks and calendars of other social work education programs, courses, schools, 1935-1958.

Note: A copy of Man Power Review no. 1 May 1943 and The Common Cause manifesto and newsletters May 1946 and October/November 1947 have been catalogued separately for the Rare Book collection

24. South Australian Board of Social Study and Training and University of Adelaide Board of Studies in Social Science/Social Studies Department. Lectures in Social Psychology, Sociology, Social Organisation, Social History, Social Biology and Principles and Practice of Social Work lectures. c1936-194? 18cm.

Grouped and listed by Nan Bates; most are lectures by Wheaton but include lectures by others and some related correspondence and pamphlet material and forms. One file comprises student E.M. Page (née Trotter)'s copies of Wheaton's lectures of 1944 in Social Psychology and Sociology

25. Board of Social Study and University of Adelaide Sociology notebooks. undated. 2cm (2v.)

26. (General and )Social Studies Department/Department of Social Studies Sociology lectures. undated (mid-1960s) 6cm

27. (General and )Social Studies Department/Department of Social Studies Sociology notebooks(notes on sources and rough/draft lectures). undated. 2 cm (2 v. and loose notes)

28. SAIT Diploma of Technology in Social Work Course outline, syllabus, reading list, course revision. c1969. 1cm

29. Sociology and Social psychology notebooks of E.M. Page (née Trotter). c1944-1946. 5 v. (5cm)

30. Psychology notebooks of Elizabeth J. Hicks (of lectures by Prof. MacKellar Stewart), 1947 (with syllabus of 1953 inserted). 1 v. (1cm)

31. Mental Health Visitors' courses: lecture notes for sociology lectures by Wheaton, with related correspondence. 1967 and 1974 and course outline 1971. 5cm.

Lectures: Architecture and Town Planning courses, South Australian School of Mines, SAIT and University of Adelaide, 1949-1976

32. South Australian School of Mines and Industries Diploma in Town Planning course. Social Organisation (Social Aspects of Town Planning): lectures, lecture outline and bibliography. 1949, 1951, 1953 and undated. 2cm

Wheaton gave evening lectures to students in the Diploma in Town Planning from the inception of the course until 1957.

33. South Australian Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Building.

Sociology, Human Organisation and Social Organisation lectures, c1965-1970s [most undated] 14cm

34. South Australian Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Building.

Planning Practice 3 lectures, notes for lectures and reading lists, c1972-1976. 10cm

35. University of Adelaide Department/Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. Masters in Town Planning lectures (Elements of Sociology, Demography, Social Aspects of Town Planning). undated. 5cm

36. SAIT School of Business Administration: summary of lectures on Business Psychology, undated [after 1955] 1cm.

37. Town Planning (social aspects) source materials: publications, copies of articles. 1948-1974. 8cm

Including 1968 MATS conference papers and publications on Monarto.

38. Notes for Town Planning and Planning Practice (Human Organisation and Sociology).c 1965-1976. 15 v. (13cm)

39. Lectures, 'Courses for Students in the Services: Psychology'. 1945 1cm

Possibly by C.M. Davey

Women's Organisations and Alliances

40. Australian Federation of Women Voters. Wheaton's correspondence as member, President (1948-1954) and Vice President (1954-1957). 1936-1957. 2cm

Correspondents include Bessie Rischbieth and Ruby Rich. The largest volume of correspondence relates to the 1954 conference held in Adelaide.

41. AFWV Constitutional amendments (c1945-1967) and Executive Committee minutes 1954-1957 [incomplete] 2cm

42. Proceedings of 8 th-10 th and 13 th-14 th AFWV Triennial Conference. 1948-1966. 8cm

Includes Wheaton's draft Presidential address for 9 th Triennial Conference(1951) and notes, correspondence, photos and newspaper cuttings relating to the 10 th (1954)

43. AFWV Submission (prepared by Wheaton and Margaret Tew) on A Case for Equal Pay 1949 and intervention in support of the Federal Meat Industry Award Equal Pay Case hearing 1969. 3cm

File includes notes by Wheaton on the implications of the 1969 case, and a 1938 League of Women Voters pamphlet 'The case for family endowment'.

44. AFWV case presented to the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration on The Basic Wage 1953, and related correspondence. 1952-1953. 3cm

Opposed the proposed reduction of the basic female wage to 60% of the basic male wage. Includes correspondence between Wheaton and Eileen Powell

Note: Copies of The Dawn: a monthly journal for the service of Australian Women Voters 1934-1949 (incomplete) and issues of the subsequent Dawn newsletter for 1954-1957 (incomplete), received with the Wheaton papers, have been catalogued separately.

45. League of Women Voters of South Australia. Constitution, circulars, reports, newsletters. 1945-1974. 2cm

Very incomplete. Includes general leaflets re the League, SA League newsletters for 1963, 1968-1970, 1973-1975, the LWV Queensland Secretary's report for 1954 and the NSW LWV news-sheet Equality no.80, Feb/March 1964

46. Business and Professional Women's Club(s) of Adelaide. Correspondence, notices and agendas of meetings relating to its establishment, published constitution and by-laws. 1952-1954. 1cm

47. March of Australian women: record of a fifty-year's struggle for equal citizenship by Bessie Rischbieth. 1964. 1 v.

48. International Alliance of Women. Notices, reports, summary of activities, correspondence with AFWV. c1935-1954. 6cm

Very miscellaneous, including answers from Australia to questionnaire 'An equal moral standard and against traffic in women' 1929-34, report to UNESCO on activities for 1946-1949, report on the 1952 conference, correspondence relating to equal pay 1954. The most extensive file is on the 12 th IAW Congress, Istanbul, 1935 including Wheaton's official letters of introduction, notes and impressions, a photograph of the Australian delegates (including Wheaton and Rischbieth) and newspaper reports.Also an address by Wheaton as IAW representative on 'Human rights and the administration and training of the police', undated, with an attached notebook with notes for a [later?] lecture or paper on 'Correction and After care'

49. IAW International Women's News 1949-1955 (imperfect) 2cm

File also includes two issues of International Council of Women Bulletin for 1928 and World Alliance Newsletter for December 1955

50. Liaison Committee of Women's International Organisations. Draft constitution 1946, minutes of London Committee July 1954-March 1955 and of Australia Group August 1954-August 1957. 1cm

[Wheaton was IAW representative on the Australia Group of this Committee while the executive operated from Adelaide]

51. British Commonwealth League. Annual reports, correspondence, minutes and notes (incomplete). 1950-1955. 1cm

52. Women's International Democratic Federation publications and circular letters. 1952-1954. 3cm

53. United Nations Committee on the Status of Women. Questionnaires 1947 and 1949 with Observations by the AFWV and replies from the Australian Government, and reports on the 3 rd-5 th, 8 th-9 th and 11 th sessions by the Australian representative. 1947-1957. 5cm

File also includes report on the UN seminar on 'Civic responsibility and increasing participation of Asian women in public life', Bangkok, 1957.

54. Australian National Committee for the United Nations, Standing Committee on the Status of Women. Minutes, reports, notes, speeches. 1949. 3cm

File includes a statement by H.V. Evatt as Minister for External Affairs re the United Nations, 21 June 1949,a paper on The concept of status and a syllabus of lectures on Women's status (both undated), UN Declaration and charters concerning children's rights [undated: documents span 1924-1945] and other miscellaneous publications and reports, mainly concerning women and children, c1945-1957. There is also a Commemoration booklet of E.R. Hinder and Eleanor Mary Hinder [a member of the U.N. Secretariat], c1964

Citizenship Conventions, 1950-1954

55. Australian Citizenship Conventions. Papers. 1950-1955. 10cm

Files variously contain agenda, agenda papers, reports, official correspondence, copies of speeches and addresses, and related publications, as detailed below. Wheaton was the AFWV delegate at the 3 rd-5 th conventions, 1952-1954.

55/1. Australian Citizenship Convention, Canberra, January 1950. Program, agenda and discussion guidelines, letter from Prime Minister Chifley about the Convention objectives, publication relating to naturalisation ceremony, concert program, Immigration Department leaflets.

55/2. Commonwealth Jubilee Citizenship Convention, Canberra, January 1951

Circular to AFWV regarding Commonwealth of Australia Women's Jubilee Committee Convention on Citizenship. 1951, Convention agenda, reports and resolutions, reports on the Convention (including by W. Kiek as AFWV delegate), addresses and publications, newspaper cuttings.

55/3. Third Australian Citizenship Convention, Canberra, 1952. Agenda, addresses, programs, leaflets, resolutions, memoranda, correspondence and reports.

55/4. Fourth Australian Citizenship Convention, Canberra, 1953. Program, digest of proceedings, correspondence, leaflets, text of broadcast by the Minister for Immigration.

55/5 Fifth Australian Citizenship Convention, Canberra, 1954. Agenda, addresses, correspondence.

File includes letter to Wheaton from Rischbieth regarding representation at the 1955 Convention.

Immigration, 1938-1950

56. Papers and publications relating to Immigration. 1938-1950. 3cm

Including correspondence and documents relating to the establishment of the Australian Migration (Voluntary) Service, 1938, 1949-1950; report by the Sub-committee on Aftercare of Migrants and of various State migration committees c1948; memo on the Children's Overseas Reception Scheme 1940 and the policies of related bodies; draft of paper/report by Wheaton on immigration, undated and report by Wheaton on 'Displaced persons in West Germany in relation to Australian migration', 1950; ANU Department of Demography British Migrant Survey first follow-up schedule, undated, and miscellaneous publications, including Assembly of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population, Geneva paper 'Cultural Assimilation of Immigrants' 1949.

UN Social Welfare Training Adviser, Pakistan, 1958-1963

These files relate to Wheaton's appointment with the United Nations Technical Assistance Administration as Social Welfare Training Adviser to Pakistan in 1958. They include correspondence relating to her appointment and papers relating to her training role at the University of the Punjab, Lahore, West Pakistan, June 1958-July 1960 and College Dacca, East Pakistan, July 1960-July 1962, her reports to the UN and extensive files on aspects of social work and social welfare and related fields in Pakistan.

57. Correspondence re application and appointment as Social Welfare Training Adviser to Pakistan, conditions, program, etc. April 1958-January 1963. 3cm

58. Wheaton's reports to the United Nations.1959-1962. 2cm

59. University of the Panjab, Lahore, Department of Social Work. Papers re curriculum and teaching. 1958-1961. 6cm

Including staff minutes 1958-1960, issues of the Prospectus, drafts of the undergraduate curriculum, introduction to the course, M.A. examination papers 1959-60 and two issues of Social Work Review

60. College of Social Welfare and Research Centre, University of Dacca. Papers relating to the establishment of the College and course. 1958-1962. 2cm

Including Council minutes and budget, staff meeting minutes, curriculum planning and revision, fieldwork, course information and syllabus for M.A.(Social Welfare) course, correspondence re the 3 rd National Committee on Social Work education, and papers by A.J. Robins, UN Training Adviser.

61. Correspondence relating to the Lahore and Dacca appointments. 1959-1962 1cm

62. Policy and procedure for Social Work education and training [Lahore and Dacca]. 1958-1962. 5cm

Including student selection, supervision and evaluation, curriculum and syllabus, fieldwork and projects.

63. Personal correspondence and invitations to receptions, levees etc. 1960-1966. 3cm

64. Papers published relating to work in Pakistan and notes for talks on work in Pakistan. 1959-1962. 3cm

Including copies of Wheaton's papers 'Corrective justice...', 'Learning theory...' and 'Role of the medical social worker...' and notes for talks on Social welfare, Community development and Sociology and social work, all undated.

65. Photographs, Dacca. 1961-1962. 1cm (3 items)

66. Reports to UN by others. 1957-1962. 6cm

67 Background publications relating to Pakistan (1956-1962) and general 1949-1959. 4cm

68. Lectures c1959-1961. 10cm

A mixture of the Lahore and Dacca lectures, arranged by subject: Sociology, Social History, Social Work, Social Administration, Groupwork/Social Groups. Some of Wheaton's Adelaide lectures are included, presumably used or adapted for the training in Pakistan, and there are lecture notes of others (Dorwin Cartwright, University of Adelaide and Robert Vinter, University of Michigan) in the Groupwork files.

69. Papers relating to Wheaton's involvement in and contribution to the formulation of social welfare policy in Pakistan. c1960-1961 2cm

Including papers by Wheaton on 'What is social welfare', 'Coordination in the field of social welfare' and 'The raising of funds in Australia', notes, articles, publications and background papers relating to social welfare and social services.

70. Subject files relating to social welfare departments and organisations in Pakistan and to related issues of community development, child welfare, health, justice and democracy. 1958-1962. 22cm

Variously including papers by Wheaton, circular correspondence, minutes and agenda papers, reports, leaflets and related publications, as detailed below.

70/1 Social Work and Welfare: Ministry of Health, Social Welfare and Community Development. Reports and publications. 1958-1962.

Including documents relating to the establishment of the Ministry, its policies, training courses and personnel practices, and an extensive draft report by Victor Carlson to the United Nations.

70/2 National Council of Social Welfare. Minutes of meetings and reports. 1960-1962.

70/3 West Pakistan Social Welfare Council (Lahore). Papers relating to its establishment, Wheaton's appointment (gazetted 26 January 1960), minutes of meetings (1960), annual reports, information leaflets and handbooks. 1958-1960.

70/4 East Pakistan Council of Social Welfare (Dacca). Reports and working papers, including a paper by Wheaton 'The functions of the East Pakistan Social Welfare Council'. 1960-1962.

70/5 Health services in Pakistan. Correspondence, official reports, articles and publications. 1960-1963, 1969.

Including paper by Wheaton 'The role of the medical social worker in the care of patients' and other material relating to her associations with the Diabetic Association and the Tuberculosis Association.

70/6 Child welfare in Pakistan. Paper by Wheaton on 'Training for orphanage personnel' September 1960 and miscellaneous leaflets.

70/7 Community development, urban and rural. Seminar papers, reports on schemes and programs, publications. 1960-1962.

70/8 Justice, delinquency and probation. Outline of course for probation and after-care officers, paper by Wheaton on 'Corrective justice in an era of development and reconstruction', minutes of Planning Committee for Establishment of Probation Services in East Pakistan, 1961 and miscellaneous correspondence, notes and articles. 1960-1962.

70/9 Basic Democracies. Notes by Wheaton on 'Pakistan and democratic values' and for orientation course for the chairmen of municipal committees, and general papers and publications. c1959-1961.

71. Notebook on meetings, programs and background information for social advisory work in Pakistan. undated. 2 v. (3cm)

72. Newspaper cuttings from the Pakistan Observer. 1959-1962. 1cm

Used by Wheaton as discussion topics with students

73. United Nations and other publications (books and journals, information booklets and leaflets) relating to social work and welfare, social research, community development, education, health and welfare, rural development, recreation and/or Pakistan. 1958-1984. 14cm

Including Working Papers of the UNESCO Social Commission 11 th session 1957 and of the Working group on Community Development 6th session 1958; issues of Social welfare in Pakistan July 1958 and September 1959, Moashrati Behbood (West Pakistan Social Welfare Society) February 1959-February 1960, the Social Welfare Bulletin (West Pakistan Social Welfare Council) January-September 1960, and Jamia Education Quarterly October 1961 and January 1962; reprints of articles by John E. Owens and others 1959-1984; UN publications Social work training 1958 and Social welfare personnel 1949; and leaflets on workers' education. Related material may be found in files in Series 59, 69 and 70. Some of the more substantial general publications (as on the constitution of Pakistan, The ideology of Pakistan and Growing up in Pakistan) have been catalogued separately.

74. Miscellaneous. Various dates. 2cm

74/1 Collection of letters to Sir William and Lady Windeyer from Florence and Rosamund Davenport-Hill, 1874-1875 and 1896-1898, with copy of published address by Windeyer on the 50 th anniversary of the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, 1883, with related items and covering correspondence.

Sent to Wheaton by Jane Windeyer following her earlier correspondence with Margaret Windeyer regarding Catherine Helen Spence

74/2 Address by Norma Parker at the 67 th AGM of Rachel Forster Hospital, 5 October 1984 in honour of the late Katherine Ogilvie. 9 p. processed typescript

74/3 Extract from Briffault The mothers. 45 p. typescript

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