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Thomas Charles Raymond White (1927-2019)

MSS 0196

Biographical Note

Entomologist, Thomas White, was born in Ruawai in 1927.  On obtaining his B.Sc in New Zealand, he travelled to Edinburgh and earned his Forestry degree, before spending three months in Canada studying the country’s Forest Insect and Disease Survey.  Returning to New Zealand, White worked for the Forest Research Institute between 1955-62 as both Forester and Senior Scientist in charge of the organisation’s Forest Biology Survey.

In 1963 White brought this valuable experience with him to South Australia, where worked in the Department of Entomology at the Waite Agricultural Research Institute.  Three years later he was appointed Lecturer in the University of Adelaide’s Zoology department.  He was a member of the Curriculum Committee and was, for two years, elected Patron of the Students Science Association.

In 1972 White became Professor of Biology and Head of the School of Natural Resources at The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji.  Here, he established policy on the direction and emphasis of a teaching within the School, encouraging education in general science but also in biology, particularly its ecological and environmental aspects.  He also assisted staff to submit research proposals, and took great pride in seeing the School flourish again with the award of funding for research.  By 1977, White had become Dean of the School of Applied Science at Riverina Murray Institute of Higher Education (Charles Sturt University), Wagga Wagga, where he remained until 1987.

White eventually became Emeritus Professor and Dean at the University of Adelaide.  Having earned his Ph.D (Food Outbreaks of Phytophagous Insects) in 1966, he turned his attention to a D.Sc thesis, completing ‘The role of nitrogen in limiting the abundance of animals’ in 1999.  He continued to write widely on forest biology, particularly on ecological and physiological relationships of animals to their food plants.  His work was published in numerous journals and for fifteen years he was the Australian Zoology Editor for Oecologia.  He was also awarded the Sir Joseph Verco Medal for publication of distinguished scientific research.

The following collection of papers reflects White’s interest and research in fields such a Eucalyptus dieback (associated with lerp epidemics) and the shortage of food in animal ecology generally.

Contents Summary

Series 1: Biographical  0.5 cm

Curriculum vitae, 2012; photocopy of passport, 1991; excerpt from 1999 DSc thesis including a summary of White’s education, career and published work, 2012; photograph (photocopy of original) of White in ceremonial attire on the occasion of his Adelaide University DSc award for his contributions to ecology, 1999; folder of Hawara High School material, including photographs, celebrating its 75th Jubilee, 1994; typewritten summary document of career achievements, 1976; Adelaide University letter according title of Visiting Research Fellow, 2002; original Adelaide University pass certificates for Forestry examinations, 1953-54; University of New Zealand academic transcript, 1952; Scottish Universities entrance certificate, 1952; honorary membership acknowledgement, New Zealand Institute of Forestry (Newsletter), 2009.

Series 2: Correspondence

2.1 New Zealand Forest Service (4 folders)

Administrative correspondence (1946-1969)  (2 cm)

Includes White’s technical trainee report; letter of appointment as permanent staff as technical trainee in the State Forest Service at Palmerston North; technical trainee examination questions; curriculum vitae, ca. 1958; certificate of service; selection of White’s type-written “diary notes” re his research trips to New Zealand, etc.

Administrative and research related correspondence (1960-1962)
  (2 cm)

Includes White’s type-written “diary notes” re his research trips to New Zealand, plus a variety of letters to Forestry colleagues and Universities re publishing articles, etc.

Correspondence and diary notes re U.K. bursary and Canadian tour (1951-1954)
  (2 cm)

Tentative itinerary for White’s entomology tour in Canada, 1954; White’s handwritten diary notes of the trip, Aug-Oct 1954; typewritten report “Forest insect and disease survey – Canada” re the three month trip outlining the development, organisations and operation of the Canadian Forest Insect and Disease Survey which is designed to detect, study and formulate methods of controlling various pests; various documents and correspondence re trip allowances and expenses.

Correspondence re PhD thesis “Food and outbreaks of phytophagous insects” (1961-1966)
  (1 cm)

General and administrative correspondence re PhD thesis, including letter from Registrar confirming acceptance of White’s chosen field of study, 1963; letter from Registrar confirming conferral of PhD, 1966; letter from A. Poole, Director-General of N. Z. Forest Service approving extension of White’s leave in order to complete his thesis, 1965; resignation letter from White to Director-General N. Z. Forest Service, 1965; letter from I. M. Robertson to White accepting his resignation, 1966; White’s application for the Australian Newsprint Mills’ postgraduate fellowship and subsequently letters of decline from the Forestry and Timber Bureau, Canberra, 1961-62; various correspondence re Adelaide University’s PhD rules and regulations.

2.2 Correspondence re article for Pacific Science on eucalyptus dieback (1985-1987)  (1 cm)

Letters, comments and feedback re White’s paper, “Weather, Eucalyptus dieback in New England, and a general hypothesis of the cause of dieback”, submitted to Pacific Science for publication. Includes K. W. Bridges’ recommendation for publication, plus feedback and suggestions for improvement by Elaine Davison, Brian Meyers and Ken Old. Also includes White’s “Stress index” notes and graphs of Perth rainfall figures from 1897-1983

2.3 Correspondence re White’s book The inadequate environment (1985-1995)  (2.5 cm)

General correspondence, mostly with Dr Dieter Czeschlik, Springer-Verlag, Germany, re publication of White’s 1993 book The inadequate environment: Nitrogen and the abundance of animals.  Includes correspondence re its publicity; White’s lists of corrections prior to printing; information about sales figures; copies of official book order form; Springer-Verlag’s signed publishing agreement, 24 Feb 1993; Springer-Verlag “Author’s questionnaire”, completed by White, 9 Feb 1993, etc.


2.4 Waite Agricultural Research Institute (7 folders)  (12 cm)

Primarily White’s requests and letters of thanks for reprints of other authors’ works whilst employed at the Waite Agricultural Research Institute. Includes newspaper clippings on Eucalyptus dieback; White’s questions and answers to others re topics such as plant nitrogen levels and their relation to pest and disease problems; letters to and from Mike McKelvey, Pelican Lagoon Research Centre, Kangaroo Island, re Tammar Wallaby paper for publication in Oecologia; B.G. Murray’s review of White’s paper “Opposing paradigms: regulation or limitation of populations?” for publication in Oikos Opinion; letters re White’s honorarium from Dept. Biological Sciences, Northern Arizona University; draft copy of White’s comment “Carnivorous herbivores” for publication in Nature Australia; referee’s report on White’s paper “Outbreaks of house mice in Australia…” and confirmation from editor of Australian Journal of Agricultural Research of its acceptance for publication, 2001, etc.


2.5 China Exchange Tour (1 folder)  1977-1986  (2 cm)

Primarily typewritten letters re White’s Sept/Oct 1984 visit to China under the Australian Academy of Science exchange agreement with Academia Sinica.  Includes 3-week itinerary; White’s summary report on the visit, with a focus on research in insect ecology; variety of Chinese business cards collected during the trip; brochure “China facts & figures: The achievements of 35 years in China’s economic development”. Also includes typewritten letter from Shih-chun Ma, Professor of Insect Ecology at Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, advising the decline of Wu Kunjun’s application to travel to Australia to work with White due to health concerns.


2.6 University of the South Pacific, Laucala Bay, Suva, Fiji (2 folders)  1970-1977  (3 cm)

Primarily typed and handwritten aerogrammes re White’s appointment as Professor of Biology and Head of the School of Natural Resources at the University of the South Pacific, Laucala Bay, Suva, Fiji. Includes offer of appointment, terms of service for academic staff, notes on allowances and provisions, etc. Also, some research material, including White’s 1978 paper “The importance of relative shortage of food in animal ecology”, published in Oecologia.


2.7 Correspondence with Piet J. Den Boer, external examiner of White’s thesis  (2 folders)  1991-2004  (3 cm)

Primarily typewritten correspondence between White and Piet J. Den Boer, external examiner of White’s thesis which formed part of the work submitted for his 1999 Degree of Doctor of Science at the University of Adelaide. Includes Den Boer’s feedback and comments on White’s work about the causes of changes in the numbers of animal populations, particularly nitrogen shortage in food.


2.8 Correspondence with Professor Bertram G. Murray, Rutgers University (1 folder)  1998-2006  (2.5 cm)

Correspondence, mostly with Murray, Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolution, Rutgers University, New Jersey, and some with Professor Alan Berryman, Entomology and Natural Resource Sciences, Washington State University, re White’s 2003 ‘Opinion’ manuscript, critiquing the work of Berryman published in Oikos.


2.9 Correspondence with Vic Jurskis, ecologist, State Forests of New South Wales, (1 folder)   2002-2005

Correspondence with Jurskis re Eucalyptus dieback, including extracts from Jurskis’s and Turner’s paper on dieback, undated. Also, copies of photographs of dieback on spotted and blue gum, and regrowth on river peppermint gum at Brogo River, NSW.  Copy of White’s address to colloquium of the NSW Forest Services Health Advisory Committee “Fundamental causes of Eucalypt decline and possible management solutions”, 2003.


2.10 Correspondence related to White’s journal articles (2 folders)  1995-2009  (2 cm)

Correspondence mostly related to White’s research for his published journal papers. Includes draft versions of papers such as “Mast-seeding and mammal-breeding: Can a bonanza food supply be anticipated”, New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 2007; “The world is green”, Journal of Vegetation Science, 2006; “Plant vigour versus plant stress: A false dichotomy”, Oikos, 2009; “Catching a red herring: Autumn colours and aphids”, Oikos, 2009; “The role of food, weather and climate in limiting the abundance of animals”, Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 2008.


2.11 White’s 1993 book The inadequate environment  (5 folders)  1993-2011

Primarily correspondence, and some promotional material, related to White’s book, The inadequate environment: Nitrogen and the abundance of animals. Includes book reviews, order forms and congratulatory letters from colleagues. Also includes many letters from White to others promoting his book.


2.12 White’s 2005 book Bush boy to bug man (1 folder)  1986-2006  (3 cm)

Correspondence, and some research material, relating to White’s 2005 book, Bush boy to bug man: The making of a forest entomologist. Includes White’s requests for information from colleagues about the New Zealand Forest Service; multiple book reviews and associated research materials including Matthew Wright’s A short history of Gwavas state forest 1944-1986.


2.13 University of Adelaide – Department of Zoology (1 folder)  1965-1973  (1 cm)

Handwritten and typewritten correspondence during White’s early employment at the University of Adelaide. Includes his requests for reprints and comments on works by other authors.  Also, administrative correspondence such as offer of appointment, Lecturer in Zoology; letter of acceptance; letter of resignation; letters from Adelaide University Council and the Science Association thanking White for his contributions.


2.14 Riverina College of Advanced Education, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales (4 folders)  (4 cm)

Administrative and research related correspondence during White’s employment at the Riverina College of Advanced Education. Includes White’s application for Assistant Principle for Academic Affairs; offer of appointment as Dean of the School of Applied Science; numerous requests for reprints of works by other authors, etc.


2.15 Correspondence, ordered alphabetically by surname, with colleagues and journal editors 

A collection of 21 folders, each individually labelled with the correspondent’s surname. Includes correspondence with H.G. Andrewartha, George O. Batzli, Daniel M. Benjamin, Alan A. Berryman, Laurie R. Clark, Paul A. Colinvaux, Edward F. Connor, David de Little, H. F. van Emden, Glenn B. Harvey, Erkki Haukioja, Jill Landsberg, Alcinda C. Lewis, John A. McLean, Mark S. McClure, Derek A. Maelzer, Judy Myers, Clifford P. Ohmart, Peter W. Price, David F. Rhoades, F. R. (Ross) Wylie.


2.16 Miscellaneous correspondence  (3 folders)  (5 cm)

Various research-related letters to and from colleagues, including multiple requests for reprints of works by other authors.

Series 3: Conferences and research materials

3.1 Session schedule, list of speakers, registration list, flyer, map and travel paraphernalia re the 1989 Gordon Research Conference on Plant-herbivore Interactions, at Oxnard, California.  Includes White’s 1988 invitation to speak at the conference, his handwritten notes and typed presentation paper “Passive defence. Nutritional inadequacy, a unusually unassailable barrier for young herbivores”, presentation summaries of P.R. Hughes and M.L. Voland and A.F. Moldenke, plus large b&w photograph of conference attendees.  1988-1989

3.2 Schedule, notebook, handout on the forest line arboretum in Utsjoki and Inari, maps and postcard re the 1981 ‘Herbivory at Northern Latitudes’ symposium held at the Kevo Subarctic Research Station in Finland.  Also includes White’s typed summary of the symposium, where he presented his own paper “Stress, nitrogen, survival and abundance of herbivorous invertebrates”. 1981.

3.3 Typed and handwritten research notes on competition, drought, food and animal population regulation. Includes White’s “Thoughts on population regulation” and V.C. Wynne-Edwards “Comments on a paper: Population control in animals” and “Hypothesis of control of Abundance by group behaviour”. 1964-1978

3.4 Copy of White’s C.V. (8 pp.), plus various study leave reports related mostly to ecology and herbivory conference/workshop attendances in North American, British, Australian and Singaporean research laboratories.  Includes research data on myzus persicae fecundity. 1981-1985

3.5 Excerpt from a termite survey article, 1962, plus 12 envelopes of survey slips on termites containing data collected from New Zealand locations, including Pureora Forest Park, Kauaeranga Valley, Rukumoana Forest, Taurewa, Rai Valley, Riverhead Forest, etc. 1961-1962
See also: Series 7.5 Termite Survey

3.6 Map of New Zealand’s North Island (Te Ika-A-Maui), plus six survey mark sketches (on tracing paper) which can be overlaid on the map for a clear picture of the termite survey results. Undated.

3.7 Forest Research Institute 50th Jubilee Reunion Celebration and Conference.  Includes program, list of attendees, tickets, receipts, 17 photographs (mostly unannotated), etc.

Series 4: Photographs and negatives (1 album)

1. B/w photograph inscribed on reverse by White: “Front steps of Waite Institute. Postgraduate students from overseas with Colin Jenner (far left back row next to me) & the Director Jim Melville (in front of me)...”, ca 1962-63.

2. B/w group photograph, Entomology Dept. Waite Institute, 1965. Includes handwritten key on reverse with staff/student names.

3. “Food and outbreaks…” 1966 Ph.D. thesis negatives. 68 large format and 17 35mm.

4. B/w photograph of the Australian Entomological Society A.G.M. attendees, Lyndoch, 1980. Includes key to photograph with attendee names.

5. Australian Entomological Society, group photograph, Canberra, 1982.

6. Australian Entomological Society conference attendees’ b/w photograph, Armidale, May 1983.

7. Australian Entomological Society, group b/w photograph, Mildura, 1984. Includes key to photograph with attendee names.

7a. Set of 24 photographs taken in Beijing, mostly of White, Cheng, Li, Ma and Wu. Brief inscriptions on reverse. 1984.

8. Australian Entomological Society A.G.M. and conference attendees’ b/w photograph, Tanunda, 1986. Includes White’s certificate of participation.

9. School of Applied Science b/w photograph, 1986. Includes key of names. (2 copies)

10. Department of Entomology b/w photograph, 1988. Includes key of names.

11. Department of Entomology b/w photograph, 1990. Includes key of names.

12. Specimen and landscape photographs, mostly undated with no descriptions to reverse.

13. Series of photographs (many original and annotated) and some negatives used in White’s 2005 book ‘Bush Boy to Bug Man: the making of a Forest Entomologist’, catalogued for the University Collection (595.7092 W5885b). Photographs have been left in the envelopes as arranged by White according to book chapter (some chapters missing).  Miscellaneous photos, (left loose by White), have been filed in the last album sleeve.

See also: Series 7.8 Photographs (Research-related) for items on lerps in South Australia. Received as additions in 2016.

The following Series 5-8 were received as additions to Thomas White's collection in September 2016.  Contents have been listed according to the original order of the boxed material.  For more detail, particularly with regard to Series 8: Correspondence, please contact Rare Books & Manuscripts.

Series 5: Publications, booklets, brochures, newsletters

  • New Zealand Pine International, ‘Celebrating 50 years of innovation [1947-1997]’, New Zealand Forest Research Institute, 1997
  • 100 years of plantation forestry, NZ Forest Industries special centenary issue, March 1997
  • NZFRI Research Directions, no. 15, March 1997
  • South East NSW Private Forestry Newsletter, December 2005
  • Wetlands & Wildlife Newsletter, no. 27, September 2007. Includes additional printouts of White’s “Notes from a naturalist”.
  • The New Zealand Timber Journal and Forestry Review, November 1957
  • School of Natural Resources, The University of the South Pacific, booklet, undated. Includes loose leaf map.


Series 6: Diaries

Collection of (mostly work) pocket diaries. All inserted notes, brochures, ephemera have been left in situ.
Note: dates of some diaries overlap.
Apr - Jul 1946
Jul – Sep 1946
Sep – Dec 1946
Sep 1946 – Mar 1947
Jan – Dec 1947
Mar - May 1947
May – Oct 1947
Oct 1947 – Mar 1948
Mar – Sep 1948
Sep 1948 – Feb 1949
Feb – Aug 1949
Aug 1949 – Jan 1950
Jan – Jun 1950
Jun – Nov 1950
Nov 1950 – Apr 1951
Apr – Oct 1951
Oct 1951 – Mar 1952
Mar – Jun 1952
Jun 1952 – Jan 1954 (large “combined diary of the T.C.R. Whites”). Includes photographs, postcards, letters, travel brochures and White’s original 1952 marriage certificate.
Small red memo/diary, various entry dates.

Series 7: Research

7.1 Research organised by sample data area.

Todd’s Crossing

Folders 1-3
“Todd’s Crossing” Lerp sampling counts/data.  “Cardiaspina densitexta on Eucalyptus fasciculosa”. (S.P.1), 24 October 1967 - 18 May 1986.
Note: this folder also contains the summary data table of the seven major survey sites listed below.

Folder 4
“Todd’s Crossing” Lerp sampling counts.  “Cardiaspina densitexta on Eucalyptus fasciculosa”.  Though handwritten, content appears to be a duplicate of the (also) handwritten data in folders 1-3.  All items kept in situ.


Folder 1
“Boombah” Lerp sampling counts/data. “Cardiaspina densitexta on Eucalyptus fasciculosa”. (S.P.2), 9 November 1966 – 18 May 1986.

Folder 2
“Boombah” Lerp sampling counts/data. “Cardiaspina densitexta on Eucalyptus fasciculosa”. (S.P.2), 9 November 1966 – 2 Feb 1978.  Contents had been filed separately to folder 1 by White.  All items kept in situ.

Maelzer’s Tree

“Maelzer’s Tree” Lerp sampling counts/data. “Cardiaspina densitexta on Eucalyptus fasciculosa”. (S.P.3), 24 October 1967 – 18 May 1986

Wheal’s Tennis Court/Shed Tree

Folder 1
“Wheal’s Shed Tree”, Lerp sampling counts/data. “Cardiaspina densitexta on Eucalyptus fasciculosa”. (S.P.4), 9 November 1966 – 18 May 1986

Folders 2-3
“Wheal’s Tennis Court/Shed Tree” Lerp sampling counts/data. “C. densitexta on E. Fasciculosa”. 9 November 1966 - 5 November 1971.  Contents had been filed separately to folder 1 by White, so all items kept in situ.

Mt Monster Corner/Turn Off

“Mt Monster Corner/Turn Off”, Lerp sampling counts/data.  “Cardiaspina densitexta on Eucalyptus fasciculosa”. (S.P.4A), 29 January 1976 – 18 May 1986.

15 Miles South of Keith

Folder 1
“15 Miles South of Keith”, Lerp sampling counts/data.  “Cardiaspina densitexta on Eucalyptus fasciculosa”. (S.P.5), 28 October 1970 – 18 May 1986.

Folder 2
“15 Miles South of Keith”, Lerp sampling counts/data.  “Cardiaspina densitexta on Eucalyptus fasciculosa”. (S.P.5), 28 October 1970 – 9 February 1971. Contents filed separately to folder 1 by White, so all items kept in situ.

Burnard’s Drive/Corner Plot

Folder 1
“Burnard’s Drive”, Lerp sampling counts/data. “Cardiaspina densitexta on Eucalyptus fasciculosa”. (S.P.6), 9 November 1966 – 18 May 1986.

Folder 2
“Burnard’s Corner Plot/Drive Trees”, Lerp sampling counts/data. “Cardiaspina densitexta on Eucalyptus fasciculosa”. (S.P.6), 9 November 1966 – 10 November 1971.  Contents filed separately to folder 1 by White, so all items kept in situ.


“Woodlands”, Lerp sampling data, “Cardiaspina densitexta on Eucalyptus fasciculosa”. (S.P.7), 10 November 1971 - 18 May 1986

Miscellaneous sites

1 folder labelled “Miscellaneous sites” which includes sampling data for Coonalpyn/Culburra, Salt Creek, Tintinara north and south, Moseleys north and south, Woodswell, Meningie, Emu Springs Road and Tylers Road (Willalooka), 1966-1972.

7.2 Research organised by sample data date.

White organised much of his research data on Eucalyptus fasciculosa (Pink Gum) by date.  All content below remains in situ.

Handwritten sampling data, graphs and summary notes related to Wheal’s Shed and Tennis Court Trees. 1 folder.

Road map, handwritten notes and sample data related to Eucalyptus fasciculosa in the south-east of South Australia

Maps and road guides, plus handwritten notes on Eucalyptus fasciculosa in the south-east of South Australia. 1 folder.


7.3 Maps

Small collection South Australian and New Zealand road and forest maps as used by White during his sampling research. Undated.


7.4 Rainfall

Letters, maps and data mostly related to rainfall in South Australia. Also, some correspondence on previous lerp outbreaks on Pink Gums in the South East of SA. 1963-1971. 1 folder.


7.5 Termite Survey

Handwritten survey notes, sample data, photograph and typed correspondence and reports related to termite infestations.  Items of significance include:

  • Journal reprint, ‘The ecology and external morphology of Stolotermes ruficeps Brauer… F. David Morgan, 1958
  • Report on termite infestation of Pinus Radiata and other Pinus species, R. Zondag, 1961
  • Draft F.R.I. Annual report for 1961, ‘Forest Biology Survey’
  • Supplement to the 1960/61 field manual, ‘Native Termites in Standing Living Exotic Conifers’

7.6 Twig and Leaf Sample Data

Handwritten twig and leaf sample data taken from Naracoorte, Reedy Creek, Wetlands Wildlife Centre, ‘Ninga Ninga Gate Trees’, Derwent(?) Water Hole, ‘Todd’s Crossing’ near Culbunna and Coonalpyn, Mt Monster Reserve. 2 folders.

7.7 Research Notes (Seminars and Miscellaneous)

Variety of research notes, mostly handwritten. Some likely used in seminars/lectures. 2 folders.

  • Pest Biology II, ‘Dieback as an example of pest management’, 20 Jun 1985
  • Seminar, ‘What is dieback?...’, 27 Sep 1985
  • ‘Seminar – Board, Inadequate environment…’, undated
  • ‘Board’. First page titled ‘Stress of food plants influencing the nitrogen nutrition/Survival and abundance of herbivorous inverts’, undated
  • ‘Board’. First page begins ‘Inadequate E. [Environment], shortage of food, nitrogen…’, undated
  • Notes and typewritten paper, ‘When is a herbivore not a herbivore?, undated but c1985
  • Abstract and notes, ‘Eucalyptus dieback: a natural phenomenon’, 13-14 May 1985
  • Notes and typed summary of School of Biological Sciences seminar, ‘Dieback – What is killing the trees?’, 23 Oct 1984
  • ‘Stress in plants and susceptibility to insect attack’, undated
  • ‘Mammals… birds… reptiles… fish…’, undated
  • Notes and slides, ‘Cannibalism… early attitudes…’, 28 Jun 1988
  • ‘Lerps: Psyllids…’, 6 Jul 1980
  • ‘Abund. or invert. herbs in relat. to availability of nitrogen in stressed food plants’, undated
  • ‘Stress in plants and susceptibility to insect attack’, 11 Sep 1984
  • ‘Insect pests do not cause decline of forest trees’, undated
  • Draft seminar, introduction begins with ‘Sick dogs have fleas…’, undated
  • ‘Lerps: Psylloidea: Hemipt…’, undated
  • ‘Part 1. Background work… Study of psyllid on P.G. outbreak 1956-63’, undated
  • Small collection of miscellaneous research notes (handwritten and typed), slides, graphs and printouts on subjects such as outbreaks of larch budmoth, daylight and darkness, lerps, etc.
  • 2 small brown notebooks, one inscribed ‘Dept. Entomology, Waite Institute…’ with general notes, Jan 1976 – Nov 2012.
  • Acrylic/resin weight inset with ‘Myrmecia gulosa’ (giant/red bull ant)

Series 7.8 Photographs (Research related)

Substantial collection of photographs related to White’s research, mostly on lerps in South Australia. All items left in situ. Descriptions below are those as written on the packet/envelope. 2 folders.

  • Lerp outbreak – S.E. of S.A. Negatives: Ninga Ninga, 1/11/98
  • Lerp outbreak – S.E. of S.A., Nov 2003
  • Lerp outbreak – S.E. of S.A., 13-15 Nov 2004
  • Lerp outbreak – S.E. of S.A., Nov 2005
  • Lerp outbreak – S.E. of S.A., Nov 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • Pink Gum sampling, 2011
  • 2012
  • 1 photograph, ‘Ninga Ninga, 1/11/98’
  • Manilla folder of photographs labelled ‘Lerps: duplication of sampling records…, various dates
  • 2 photographs and handwritten page of sample data titled ‘Todd’s Crossing’, 27 Oct 2002
  • 1 packet photographs labelled ‘Maori… sample point “b”… Todd’s Crossing…, Oct-Nov 2012
  • 1 packet of negatives, ‘(?) on Pink Gum’, Oct/Nov 2008, Oct 2009, Oct 2010
  • 2 photographs (photocopies), ‘Pink Gums at the Wetlands & Wildlife Centre’, Nov 2010
  • Small collection of photographs (photocopies) of fossil trees, forests and logging in New Zealand, 1985(?)-1997
  • 1 packet of photographs and negatives taken during the Timber Cruisers Reunion, New Zealand, 2000
  • 1 packet of photographs (annotated) taken during ‘Andrewartha Symposium, Waite Institute’, 1987

See also: Series 4 Photographs and negatives, received as part of initial donation.

Series 8: Correspondence (additions)

Two archive boxes of unsorted correspondence, received in 2016 as additions to White's collection.

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