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Drs Charleton and John C. Yeatman, Mrs. Elizabeth Yeatman and other Yeatman family members
Papers 1887-2003

MSS 0040

Contents Listing

1.  Papers relating to Dr. Charleton Yeatman [1887-1959], principally re his military service.

Birth certificate 27/7/87

Obituary notice from the Roll of the RACP [Royal Australasian College of Physicians] and  ms. draft by Dr. J.C. Yeatman.

Letter from Occupation Force Hospital, Japan, 1946 to Mrs John (Betty) Yeatman, with photograph. Letter from no.1 Australian Auxiliary Hospital, Harefield, Middlesex, 4 August 1918, to his family, re illness of Digby Yeatman [with transcript and a newspaper cutting 3 April 1964 relating to the death of Digby Yeatman]

Record of military service (letter to Dr. J.C. Yeatman from the Australian Army, October 1982)

Notes for an article or lecture on pain in the upper abdomen. 1 v. undated.

House surgeons at Royal Adelaide Hospital, 1911
Charleton Yeatman [graduation portrait], 1911
Charleton Yeatman in uniform [c.1914-18]
Studio portrait ditto on enlistment, 1915
Heliopolis Palace Hotel, Cairo (requisitioned as an army hospital, 1915) (7 items)
Army base hospital, Harefield, Middlesex, 1918-19 (20 items) [one, of a group of women in the splint-making room, includes his wife, Mignonette Yeatman]
Charleton Yeatman on voyage to Japan, 1946 (to take command of Australian Military Hospital at Kure)
Australian Military Hospital at Kure, Japan, 1946
Charleton Yeatman with his brother John Digby Yeatman, n.d.
Charleton Yeatman, studio portrait, n.d.]
Civil Defence Day Patriotic Carnival 1943 [one, of a group in the photo includes his wife, Mignonette Yeatman]
Group photo, Mount Gambier District Hospital staff, undated [In Map Cabinet

See also: in Yeatman family photos collection

Medals and awards of Capt. (later Lieutenant) C. Yeatman [Photographs only. Medals transferred in 2011 to the Keswick Military Museum at the request of the Yeatman family]

Menu of Café de Paris, Armenonville, Foyot, 1911. [Oversize item]

Biographical note on Charleton Yeatman, prepared by John C. Yeatman

There is also additional relevant material (record of service 1914-33, certificate of membership of Royal Australasian College of Physicians) in a collection of Yeatman family certificates [929.20994 Y41c Map Cabinet].

See also: reports of post-mortems performed at No.2 Australian General Hospital during World War I [SR ms 616.0759 Y41n]

See also: Yeatman, John D. [Diary of letters written whilst supervising a British army hospital for convalescents in Sicily during the Peninsular Wars, and sent to his brother Charles in Madeira] 1v. ms. [SR 92 Y3975d]

2.  Papers of Dr. John Charleton Yeatman

M.B.B.S. degree certificate, 1938
Certificate of registration as a medical practitioner, 1938
Certificate of Life Membership of the AMA, 1998
Appointment as an officer of the Reserve Military Forces, 1941
Memorabilia relating to army service
[Letters to his family, 19 October and 5 November 1942, former with a greeting card showing Tel el Eisa Station, Egypt
Brief account of the activity of the 2/48th Battalion in Egypt, June- August 1942, by Lt.-Col. H.H. Hammer
Two leaflets dropped over Australian lines at El Alamein by German airforce, July-August 1942
Photographs of 2/48th Battalion members in attack on Satelburg [near Finschhaven], Papua New Guinea, 1943 (copies from Military History  Section, General Staff L.H.Q.)
Service medals (1939-45 war service) - Photographs only. Medals transferred in 2011 to the Keswick Military Museum at the request of the Yeatman family]
Correspondence and journal articles re ocular melanoma from Dr. Yeatman's involvement in the Teasdale case and subsequent appeal
Photographs of J.C. Yeatman as a child at Harefield, with his uncle, Digby Yeatman, and with his father, Charleton Yeatman
Photographs (2) taken at launch of the RAH Health Services Directory November 1990
Letter from Brian Watkins re Harefield 13 December 1992.
Yeatman family photographs, c. 1918-92.

Issues of the Bulletin of the National Gallery of South Australia for October 1960 and January 1966 with articles contributed by Yeatman on Goya, and letters of appreciation on termination of appointment as a member of the Art Gallery Board, November 1979

Letters of appreciation for donations of prints, books, scores and surgical instruments to various South Australian galleries, libraries and research collections, 1973-2003.

Certificate of Life Membership of the St Mark’s College Foundation, 1995 and correspondence relating to the College Appeal, 1995.

Issue of Khamseen Kronicle June 2000 with contributions by and references to Dr John Yeatman.

Typescript: "The General Practitioner and the Hospital: Separation, integration or association" by Sir Theodore Fox [1962?]

Letters and hand drawn Christmas cards from Sir Theodore Fox, F.R.C.P. (Robbie) and Margaret Fox 1970-89,  together with articles by Fox 1962 and 1963, obituary notices on his death, 1989 and Dr. John Yeatman's notes on Sir Theodore and this collection of material, April 1993.

Letters received from Dr Judy Cassab, Sydney February 2001-July 2005, with enclosures of photographs of paintings, exhibition invitations and reviews.

Correspondence with politicians, colleagues and others April 1999-December 2001 on public issues (arms control, the education system, public hospitals, Yasser Arafat, refugees and detention centres), with related newspaper cuttings.

Biographical data on John Carlile McDonnell (ex St. Peter's College) and Mrs. Carlile McDonnell, JP (including photograph of her); biographical entry for 'Bright Sparcs' re Faith Thomas.

Letters recieved from Mr and Mrs L.J. Darby, Windsor, Vic. 9-17 December 1999, with enclosures of photographs of Elizabeth Sweeting, MBE and notification of her death on 19 November, and other obituaries (including David Dare); from various newspapers and journals.

Letters received from Valerie and Stan Lane January 2004-August 2005.

3.  Letter of D[orothea] E[liza] Yeatman to Caroline Metford on her voyage to Australia, 1857 and ‘memories’ told to her daughters of early life in Australia; also excerpts from Dorathea Maria Yeatman's letters to John Digby Yeatman.  n.d.
With further genealogical notes added by Dr. John Charleton Yeatman.

4.  Yeatman/Farr family tree.  n.d.  1 sheet.

5.  Yeatman family photographs.

5.1  Cromhall, near Frome, Somerset, home of Morgan Yeatman.  n.d.
5.2  Cromhall Church, Sept. 1859.
5.3  Stock Gaylard, near Sturminster-Newton, Dorset, purchased by  Bishop H.W. Yeatman for his son Lewis Legge Yeatman.  n.d.
5.4  Dr. John Yeatman and Ethel Yeatman [in buggy], Maude Yeatman and Charleton Yeatman [on verandah] with  horses Gypsy and Vixen at Auburn, c.1888.

6.  Papers of Mrs. Elizabeth Elliot (Betty) Yeatman (1913-2002)

[Research files of Mrs Elizabeth Elliot Yeatman as a graduate student]

6.1  [Not used]

6.2  Tapes and transcripts of interviews with medical practitioners, recording their experience in General Practice between 1920 and 1980, prepared August-October 1980.  The six doctors interviewed are not named but there are named supplementary interviews with Dion Manthorpe, Gavin Beamont, and Tim Murrell on various aspects of medical training.
5 cassette tapes, transcripts.  Prepared as end of year project for Introduction to Social Structures in Sociology at Flinders University.

6.3  Programme of burial/memorial service and of eulogy by Rosemary Moore, following Mrs. Yeatman's death on 6 August 2002. 2 items.

6.4  Biographical/genealogical notes on Elizabeth (Betty) Yeatman, prepared by Dr John Yeatman and Professor Anna Yeatman (her daughter) in 2002. [received 3 March 2003]

6.5  Declaratory Certificate of Citizenship (Elizabeth Elliot Yeatman), 24 March 1982, Commonwealth of Australia.6.6 Letter from Dr J.C. Yeatman to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide 2003 re the non-award of the Diploma in Social Work to Elizabeth Yeatman in 1946.

In 1982 Elizabeth Yeatman recorded biographical interviews with the Estonian doctor, Lena Illiashevich-Willims, who worked for the Yeatmans as a domestic after her immigration to Australia in the aftermath of World War II. Mrs Yeatman had intended to include this research in her studies toward a PhD at the University of Adelaide. The interviews have been edited and published in 2018 by Lena's family as 'Lena: from Estonia to Adelaide.'  Copies are held in the Rare Book Collection and online at

7.  Papers of Anna Yeatman (Professor of Sociology, Macquarie University)

[advertisement for lecture] Feminism, post-modernism and the new social movements, 10 January 1989

Who is the subject of human rights? American Behavioural Scientist 43 (9), June 2000

Social policy, freedom and individuality; keynote address to the National Social Policy Conference 2001, UNSW, 4-6 July (Draft version) and 'Australian financial review' review of the keynote address (6 July 2001)

Susan Woodburn
Revised June 2003, January 2004, 2005
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