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Document Delivery Requests

Need a scanned copy from our print collections, a loan from any of our branches, or even an item not held by us at all?  We can help you out with a range of convenient requesting options. Whatever it is you need for research and teaching purposes, we’ll try to get it for you!

Items held in our collections

Request a loan

Request a loan from any of our libraries, and pick it up from a University of Adelaide Library branch of your choice!

To request an item held by the library simply locate the title in Library Search and click on the Locations & Requests tab. Next, sign in and select the Request option.

If the item is on shelf and you place your request by 9am, the item will be available for collection from midday. If you are requesting an item from another branch, please allow 24 hours for retrieval. Note that until we have retrieved the item from the shelf it is still available for other users to borrow.

If the item is out on loan to another user the loan period will be shortened to one week and they will be sent a new due date. Once a requested item is available, you will be notified by SMS and email.

You can also check the progress of your requests at any time by signing in to MyLibrary

Request a scanned copy

Image on right Request scanned copies of journal articles and book chapters from our print collections, and have them delivered to you electronically.

To request, simply locate the title in Library Search and click on the Locations & Requests tab. Next, sign in and use the Pages/Chapter Scan option. Have your request in by 9am for delivery within 24 hours where possible. If you place a request on an item that is on loan, your request will be cancelled.

Please note that all requests are subject to the Copyright Act, 1968. Essentially we can only scan one chapter from a book (that does not exceed 10% of the work), or one article from a journal issue.

Items not held in our collections (Inter Library requests)

Request books, journal articles and other items that are not held in the University of Adelaide Library collection. We'll try to get you whatever you need for research, learning and teaching purposes. The Inter Library request service is available to staff, students and alumni.

Most libraries in Australia and overseas will lend books from their collections for use in other libraries. Journal articles are obtained subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968. Most university libraries will not lend copies of their theses and so arrangements must be made to buy a copy.

To make a request, simply sign in and search for an item in Library Search. If the title you require does not appear, select the Expand beyond library collections box. You should now see the correct title. Click on Additional services and then on the Inter Library Request link. The citation details will be automatically transferred to the ILL request form.

Alternatively, you can use the blank ILL request form at the top of the Library Search page and enter all the citation details you have.

Track and manage your inter library requests

View the status of all of your inter library requests by signing in to MyLibrary and clicking on the Inter Library Request tab.

If you would like an extension on an inter library loan, click on the appropriate title and select renew. Please note that inter library loan renewals are subject to the the lending policies of the supplying library.

If you have a question about your inter library request, simply click on title of the appropriate item and select message to send us an email. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


We will supply 50 standard requests free of charge per person per calendar year. For requesting that exceeds 50 per year, or for individual requests that exceeds $25, the following charges apply.

  • Standard (allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery)
    • Books $16.50
    • Articles $16.50 for 1-50 pages; $4 for each additional 50 pages (or part thereof)
  • Non standard
    • Fast track/rush $33 ( allow approximately 2 days for delivery)
    • Overseas book loans $55


Telephone: 8313 5346

  • Information for Other Libraries (Resource Sharing)

    Australian Libraries are encouraged to place requests through Libraries Australia.

    Non Libraries Australia members need to register to enable electronic requests.

    Once you have been registered please place all supply requests via our electronic request form.

    Contact Details

    Address: Document Delivery 
    Barr Smith Library,
    Gate 5, Frome Road,
    University of Adelaide, SA 5005
    ILL Tel: +61 8 8313 5346
    ILL Fax: +61 8 8313 4370
    ABN  61 249 878 937
    NUC Symbol SUA
    OCLC symbol LE1  OCLC ILL - requesting only

    Lending Policy

    • Monographs:   10 wks, one renewal
    • Theses:   Check Library Search, as they may be available online, or contact us to determine availability
    • Microform:    10 wks, one renewal Copies supplied
    • Not for loan:    Rare, Reference, Serials, Newspapers, Reserve, Special collections

    Charges (Australian dollars)

    Australia (includes requests via Libraries Australia Document Delivery -  payment service )
    University of Adelaide Library charges Australian Libraries the standard ACLIS/ ILRS code charge.

    • Loan: ACLIS rate - $16.50
    • Copies: ACLIS rate - $16.50 (50+ pages add $4 per 50 pages)
    • Colour copying available - additional $2.50 per A4
    • Rush etc:  ACLIS rate
    • Thesis copy : $132 min, additional charges may apply.

    Overseas (all charges in Australian dollars)

    • Loan: AUD$45.00 or 4 IFLA vouchers
      • - plus  postage - eg: 1 Kg AUD$32 = 2  IFLA vouchers.
    • Copies: up to 50 pages AUD$18.00  or 1.5 IFLA vouchers. (50+ pages add $3.60 per 50 pages)
      • NO charge for Ariel delivery
      • Postage for items  250-500 grams AUD$10  or 1 IFLA voucher
    • Thesis: PDF, CD or paper copy: $120.00 min or 8 IFLA vouchers. Please request a quote.

    Payment Methods

    1. Libraries Australia Document Delivery payment system.
    2. Credit card payment via online shop (we will send details as required)
    3. IFLA vouchers (1/2 = AUD$8.00 and full voucher = AUD$16.00)



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