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Overdue Items

No penalties apply for the simple overdue return of most items.

However, if you fail to return very overdue items you will be invoiced for the replacement cost of these items.

Invoice timing varies, with high use items invoiced very quickly:

  • three hour Reserve items will be invoiced at one day overdue.
  • recalled items will be invoiced within 7 - 14 days overdue.
  • standard loans will be invoiced within 30 - 40 days overdue.

Students who are invoiced have a block placed on your student record which prohibits you from modifying your enrolment, graduating or obtaining a copy of your transcript until your library invoice is resolved.

The library issues reminder notices to all users to assist you to manage your loan transactions.

If you experiencing problems with returning your items on time, please contact Ask Library to discuss, phone 8313 5957.



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