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Reserve items are in very heavy demand, usually because they have been put on an essential reading list. To enable the greatest number of clients to access the book or item they are available for three-hour or overnight loan.

The Reserve Collection is located in the High Use Collection, located on level 3 of the Barr Smith Library.

May I borrow items for study?

You may borrow a maximum of two reserve items at a time and use them for three hours. The loan may be renewed for a further three hours provided that no one else has booked the item.

May I borrow items overnight?

You may borrow a maximum of two reserve items for overnight use from three hours before the library closes. Reserve items borrowed overnight must be returned by 9.00am Mondays to Fridays or by the next opening time on Saturdays and Sundays.

Can I book a specific reserve item?

A booking may be placed on a reserve item for a specific three hour period or for borrowing overnight. You can make a booking in Library Search or by contacting Ask Library on (08) 8313 5759. A request may be placed up to three weeks in advance of the time you will need the book. If you have booked an item you must collect it within 30 minutes of the arranged time.

Penalties for late return

It is important that reserve items are returned on time, as they are in high demand. If you have a reserve item that is one day overdue you be will be invoiced for the replacement cost and may be suspended from borrowing for one week.

Please be considerate of other students and return 3 hour Reserve items on time.

More information

More information on the Reserve Collection and how it operates is available in the Barr Smith Library Reserve Collection Policy.


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