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Life Impact

Think about the Impact

Through our teaching, our graduates, and groundbreaking research, the University of Adelaide positively impacts life around the world.

Father and son have something to Bragg about Alumni William Henry and William Lawrence Bragg were awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery and experimentation of X-ray crystallography. Read more

William Lawrence Bragg and William Henry Bragg

Passionate teacher awarded for ExcellenceAssociate Professor Mounir Ghabriel named as one of Australia's best university teachers
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Mounir Ghabriel

Houston, we have a South AustralianLike many young children, Andy Thomas was fascinated by space. He made model aeroplanes and rockets, and as an early teen...Read more

Andy Thomas

Meet Australia’s first Indigenous Rhodes Scholar In 2010 history was written when Rebecca Richards, an anthropology student, became the first Indigenous Rhodes Scholar.  Read more

Rebecca Richards

Millions saved and still counting Penicillin is considered to be one of the top ten greatest medical discoveries of all time; however the journey to understanding... Read more

Howard Florey

We turned making babies into a scienceThe University of Adelaide has learned an enormous amount about reproductive health over the past 30 years. Read more

We turned making babies into a science

Our graduate. Australia's car. A graduate of the University of Adelaide, Sir Edward Holden was an innovative young man, with an interest in automobiles... Read more

Sir Edward Holden

University leader receives international honourProfessor Pascale Quester has been granted one of France's highest honours
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Pascale Quester

A new future for an old cropBarley is at the heart of Australia’s agriculture and is the world’s fourth most important cereal crop.
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Barley Genome

South Pole found here The 'Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration' was an era when the world’s bravest explorers set out to discover Antarctica. Read more

Sir Douglas Mawson

Miracle worker's invention saves Pope Dr William Griggs, a graduate of the University of Adelaide, does not think of himself as a miracle worker. Read more

Dr Bill Griggs

We helped put the Doctor in Dr Tim’s South Australia is a beer loving state – so much so that the South Australian Government listed the Coopers Brewery as one of our... Read more

Tim Cooper

There is nothing like this Dame In 1949 when the famous song ‘There is nothing like a Dame’ was released, there was certainly nothing, or nobody, like Dame Roma Mitchell. Read more

Dame Roma Mitchell