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Student Videos

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Andrés Muñoz-Lamilla


Anna Svedberg


Bethany Hammond


David Leung

Andrés Muñoz-Lamilla spacer Anna Svedberg spacer Bethany Hammond spacer David Leung

"It was possible to combine my two loves - science and athletics."


"It's how I make a difference."


"I have access to some of the best facilities in Australia."


"The spirit of the Uni and students is alive."


Emma Yeend


James Yong


Jon Opie


Dr. Karin Barovich

Emma Yeend spacer James Yong spacer Jon Opie spacer Dr. Karin Barovich

"A world of learning, working, making friends and having fun!"


"I want to go places!"


"The university has had a big impact on my life."


"I love to get my students excited about my subject."


Mark Plummer


Stephen Wittington


Stewart Jones

Mark Plummer spacer Stephen Wittington spacer Stewart Jones spacer

"Maintaining balance, that's life impact. "


"It's learning that love of learning, really."


"With a degree in mechanical engineering I hope to research and develop alternate fuel vehicles."



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