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Andrés Osvaldo Muñoz-Lamilla

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Andrés Osvaldo Muñoz-Lamilla

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The University of Adelaide has spirit!

Over the past 125 years students have shaped their academic studies around sports at the University, and in South Australia.

Completing my Honors in Anatomy and being active within the Sports Association, It was possible to combine my two loves - science and athletics.

Academic and sporting excellence is really a fundamental aspect of student life at the University of Adelaide!


Title: Andres Osvaldo Munoz-Lamilla

Nicholas Rusk (Director, Producer, Camera, Lighting, Sound and Editor) Tamas Major (Sound & Lighting) Dereck Wang (Photography MM) Emily (Production material and Camera) Many Thanks should be given to all Video Production and Multimedia students who achieved their goal of producing twelve testimonials for the "Life Impact" website. On behalf of all the students, I would like to thank Teri Hoskin and Jess Wallace for their help and dedication toward this project. Many thanks to Marco Gibard-Cher who composed the music for this commercial.


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