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Bethany Hammond

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Bethany Hammond

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My research is focused on the impact of human dominated coasts and how the increase in Adelaide's population is changing the biodiversity of our underwater worlds.

The University of Adelaide is really dynamic and provides me with opportunities, such as conducting research along the Great Barrier Reef and hopefully Antarctica.

I have access to some of the best facilities in Australia and the world to conduct my research. For me there was no choice; the University of Adelaide is is the place to go!


Title: Bethany Hammond

Nicholas Rusk (Director, Producer, Camera, Lighting, Sound, Editor & Photos) Tamas Major (Sound, Lighting & Photography) Fan Zhaou (MM Photgraphy & doco footage) Edwyn Tiong (Photography). Thankyou to the Marine Ecology Department at the University of Adelaide for providing the still images for this testimonial.


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