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David Leung

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David Leung

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I think Adelaide Uni combines the best of all worlds … the essential elements to a balanced life.

The campus grounds with both its' historic buildings and modern structures are really appealing and have inspired my passion for design and architecture.

The spirit of the Uni and students is alive … catering for people from all walks of life Adelaide Uni … it's about learning to learn.


Title: David Leung

Melissa VanderHaak (Director, Editor, Sound) Nicholas Rusk, Anna Scott Rusk, Tamas Major (Sound, Camera assistant), Anna Scott (Documentation) A special thankyou to all the extras who took "5 minutes" (actually half an hour! Sorry guys!) to shoot scenes on campus! Thankyou to all the guys at volleyball for letting us film you and being good sports! A huge thankyou to Anna for all your encouragement and support when I began freaking out! Thankyou Nicholas for all your help when I had "Blonde moments" with the camera! Thanks to David for being so co-operative with all the re-shooting! I told you it would be worth it! :)


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