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Emma Yeend

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Emma Yeend

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Video Script

A typical day in my life is a bus trip to Adelaide Uni … a world of learning, working, making friends and having fun!

Going to Adelaide Uni means I'm right across the road from work and everything I need.

Being able to change my degree has given me options … Adelaide Uni is helping to create my future in marketing.

Adelaide Uni … it's a great life!


Title: Emma Yeend

Melissa VanderHaak (Director, Editor, Sound) Anna Scott/ Wei Wu (Camera assistance), Anna Scott, Wu Wei (Documentation). A big thankyou to Flick at Bean Bar and the girls at Pilgrim for allowing me to shoot at your stores. Anna, thanks for being my schleper! Haha- Thankyou to Anna and Wei for coming on Emma's shoots and helping with equipment etc. Eddie, Thanks for being you funny self and keeping my spirits up! You are a gem! Thanks to Anna for all of your creative energy! Finally thankyou Emma for being so easy to work with and for always smiling! :)


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