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James Yong

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James Yong

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I'm a first year International Studies student here, and I love it!

The study regime at Uni's great. It's had a real impact on my life. I get a lot more freedom now and have a lot more choice in how and when I study.

I hope my degree will give me a better understanding of the world. Maybe it will be able to send me places, I'll be able to travel and work abroad. Cause I want to go places!


Title: James Yong

Tamas Major (Director, Producer, Camera, Lighting, Sound & Editor) Kym Gluyas (Sound Designer) Nicholas Rusk (Sound) Desyn Masiello (Music) Edwyn Tiong & YeeKar Lo & Dereck Wang (Photos) Fan Zhaou (Camera-MM-Photos) Special thanks to Jess Wallace


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