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Mark Plummer

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Mark Plummer

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I'm in 4th year Medicine at the University of Adelaide. The medical degree is recognised as world class … much like my hair.

Just like surfing, studying medicine can be unpredictable and exhausting at times. Fortunately, the dynamic blend of professionalism and campus culture at the University keeps my life fresh.

Maintaining balance, that's life impact.


Title: Mark Plummer

Emily French (Director, lighting, Sound, Editor) Emily French & Nick Rusk (Camera) Thanks to Tamas Major, Fan Zhao, Wei Wu and Wei Wang(Documentation). Big Big thanks to Tristan Andrews, Jim Redgate and the guys at GT Stringer for the perfect (and fun) soundtrack 'International Au GO GO'. Thanks to Victor Harbour Council and Amy Williams at the University Medical School. Thanks to Tyrell Blackburn for assistance with the voice over recordings. Thanks to the fabulous extra's: Chloe Ey, Brendan Kennedy, Kelly Bregantic, Kathryn Martinello and Phil Bourne. Thanks also to Rosie and Phil Plummer for the hospitality! Mark, you are a darling and i've had a great time working with you. Thanks for trusting in me and being so easy-going, enthusiastic and helpful!, it made the assignment a really enjoyable one.


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