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60 Second Video Montage

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60 second video montage

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Life Impact On Campus

In the "Life Impact on Campus" project, Bachelor of Media students studying video production produced 12 short films about students, researchers and lecturers at the University to provide a student view of what life is like at university, filmed in hand-held 'handy-cam' camera style.

The films were then displayed on a web site designed with input from Bachelor of Media students studying multimedia production. In an initiative that we believe is unique in its form, feedback from this site helped identify which films should be developed into broadcast television commercials.

The quality of the films made by our media students was so good and the comments made by the people in those films so positive, we decided to use images and sound from all of them in this 60 second montage advertisement.


Video Script

The study regime here at Uni's great. I get a lot more freedom now, and have a lot more choice in how and when I study.

At Uni you are disciplining yourself; you have to think differently...

I'm using the skills I've acquired in my degrees in a hands on way.

Academic and sporting excellence is really a fundamental aspect of student life.

Living the life impact at Adelaide for me is about becoming a better a better teacher, becoming a better researcher...

It's learning a, you know, the love of learning, really.

Adelaide Uni is helping to create my future in marketing.

Adelaide Uni, its about learning to learn.


Title: 60 Second Video Montage

The crew thanks all the video participants who gave their time and told their stories: Andrés Osvaldo Muñoz-Lamilla, Bethany Hammond, Anna Svedberg, David Leung, Emma Yeend, James Yong, Julia Townsend, Dr Karen Barovich, Mark Plummer, Stephen Whittington, Stewart Jones, Dr Jon Opie.

We would also like to thank everyone who came along to the auditions and submitted themselves to the process of trying out for the chance to be one of the final twelve. The decisions about who to choose was difficult, you were all terrific, and this twelve could have just as easily been a set of entirely different people. You all helped to make it a very vibrant process and to kick-start the project.

Thank you also to Christian Haines at EMU (Electronic Music Unit) for support and suggestions. Finally, a very special thanks to Tamas Major and Nicholas Rusk for all the extra assistance they gave to the rest of the video crew.


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