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Stephen Whittington

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Stephen Whittington

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I know students, they're here to learn technique, they're here to learn theory, all of that; but that's the least important thing in a way- it's learning that love of learning, really. And if they go out of here with that, then I think we've succeeded.

Senior Lecturer and Director of the Electronic Music Unit at the Elder Conservatorium of Music


Title: Stephen Whittington

Lisa Bachmayer (Director, Camera, Sound, Editor) Marco Catalano & Emily French (Camera) Clare Parker (Music). Thanks to: Clare Parker, Jasmin Ward and the Science of Music class for allowing me to intrude on their classes. Also to Clare Parker for the use of her music, to Emily French and Marco Catalano for their help during filming and of course Stephen Whittington for his time, patience, and help.


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