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Lumen Summer 2008 Issue
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Lumen Summer 2008

Message from the Vice-Chancellor
The value of a first-class education is often taken for granted, particularly in a country like Australia, which views it as a right, rather than a privilege. In this edition, two of our prominent alumni remind us that millions of people around the world are not as fortunate. [read more]

Executive Editor: Candy Gibson

Editorial Committee: Robyn Brown, Candy Gibson, Lana Guineay, Alison Harvey, Kim Harvey, Robyn Mills.

Contributors: David Ellis, Candy Gibson, Lana Guineay, Kim Harvey, Alison Harvey, Robyn Mills, Rebecca Pym.

Design: Chris Tonkin

The Lumen masthead is derived from the University of Adelaide motto "Sub Cruce Lumen" - the light (of learning) under the (Southern) Cross.

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