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Lumen Summer 2011 Issue
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Message from the Vice-Chancellor
Australian higher education is facing a period of rapid change and expansion with government reforms aiming to increase the proportion of 25-34 year-old Australians with bachelor level qualifications to 40% by 2025. The scale of the increase in student demand, and wider diversity in the student body, means that the one-size-fits-all policy framework inherited from the Dawkins reforms has outlived its usefulness. [read more]

Executive Editor:
Candy Gibson

Editorial Committee:
Robyn Brown,
Connie Dutton,
Candy Gibson,
Kim Harvey,
Robyn Mills,
Ben Osborne

Connie Dutton,
David Ellis,
Candy Gibson,
Kim Harvey,
Kate Husband,
Robyn Mills,
Ben Osborne

Chris Tonkin

Lumen Summer 2011

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The Lumen masthead is derived from the University of Adelaide motto "Sub Cruce Lumen" - the light (of learning) under the (Southern) Cross.

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