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You can make a difference

Entrepreneur Ben Howard says he always knew he would put his life back together because he was the one that watched it fall apart.

Coming from a background of hardship resulting from tragic family circumstances, today Ben owns an international investment company specialising in property, with clients ranging from first-time investors to some of the biggest names in the music industry.

"I spent five years on unemployment benefits, in all sorts of bad situations and I came from that to doing what I'm doing now - it's worlds apart. I really want to show people what's possible when you actually commit," says Ben.

The Three Lives to Live Scholarships are named in honour of Ben's two brothers who passed away, and will be awarded to students in financial need who are the first generation in their family to enter university studies.

Matthew Morrison and Hannah Bobrowski are the first recipients of the scholarship and are not only extremely grateful for the financial support but for the guidance that Ben is offering as a mentor to scholarship recipients.

"If you don't give up on yourself, you'll always move forward and if you're lucky enough to meet some people along the way that support you then hold onto them for dear life," says Ben.

Ben's strength of purpose was inspired by grandparents who played a major role in his life while also caring for their disabled son.

"As Grandma says, there are a lot of kids disadvantaged by no fault of their own who just need a chance to get started in life, which could change the rest of their lives".

"My vision for the Three Lives to Live Scholarships is to empower the recipients and show them how they can 'pay it forward' and help others in the same situation - success is not measured by what you get in life, but by what you give."

Left to right Matthew Morrison, Hannah Bobrowski and Ben Howard.
Photo by Matt Turner courtesy of <i>The Advertiser</i>

Left to right Matthew Morrison, Hannah Bobrowski and Ben Howard.
Photo by Matt Turner courtesy of The Advertiser

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