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Supporting a noble goal

"The founders' vision was of a student body of democratic breadth and brilliance, recruited regardless of their background and means; and a goal of preparing educated leaders for the State, the nation and the world". Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Warren Bebbington.

The University of Adelaide was founded with a noble goal: to prepare young leaders for South Australia shaped by education rather than by birth or wealth.

"Over the years, generous donors have supported this ideal by enabling scholarships that transform the lives of outstanding young people who may otherwise not have the opportunity to access a tertiary education", said Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Warren Bebbington.

Grateful scholarship recipients Christopher Smith, Rosalie Hoff and Christina Theodore-Smith exemplify the talent and commitment of students who benefit from this generosity.

Christopher and Rosalie both travel for several hours to get to university each day and all three students come from families who are financially struggling to support their study.

Christopher is thankful for the opportunity to attain his dream of becoming a vet.

"The scholarship will be a big help to my family's financial circumstances," says Christopher.

"I have been relying on my parents to cover the costs associated with my study, such as text books, protective clothing, transport costs, as well as my other financial needs. Now that I have this scholarship, I will be able to help them with these costs.

"It will also give me a greater incentive to succeed in my studies, as I feel more motivated to do my best and show that I am worthy of the scholarship," Christopher says.

Rosalie, who is studying for her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in High Performance Computational Physics, says her scholarship will ease the cost of travel and help to purchase learning resources and tools to boost her studies.

Christina, a medical student, is grateful that she will be able to commit herself to the demands of her degree without having to find work to support herself.

"It will assist me with living expenses, fees and costs associated with university and I can focus on studying and adjusting to the transition," says Christina.

The University's belief in providing educational opportunities to financially disadvantaged students is demonstrated through its well-established pathway programs and donated scholarships.

"But to rekindle our founders' commitment to a democratically broad student body, the University needs to double the number of scholarships it offers to disadvantaged students," says Professor Bebbington.

At the end of 2012, the University committed to a new 10-year plan, Beacon of Enlightenment, with the goal of recapturing the bold vision of the University's founding era, which put the University at the forefront of higher education internationally.

This year sees the launch of the University of Adelaide Appeal which will contribute towards realising this ambition. The Appeal focuses on four key priority areas, including supporting disadvantaged students.

"Donors can provide invaluable support to students such as Christopher, Rosalie and Christina and play an important role in ensuring these students continue to gain access to a university education, regardless of their financial circumstances," Professor Bebbington says.

Another priority area of the Appeal is to support the University's research objectives.

Research has always been a cornerstone of the University of Adelaide. Five multi-disciplinary Research Institutes have been established to support the most innovative and immediate research advances, and in 2010 all became associated with Excellence in Research for Australia's top 5-rated disciplines.

As well as in a multiplicity of medical fields, the University is a leader in vital work in climate change and water management, food security and sustainable agriculture, the environment and renewable energy, and a host of other scientific, social and humanist fields.

But the costs of research are never fully covered by grants from government or industry. Donations to the Appeal will help fund research staff and students, their laboratories and equipment, sustaining critical work for the future of Australia and its region.

This year's Appeal also invites donors to support the Barr Smith Library to continue to expand its collection and also contribute towards urgent conservation work on one of Australia's finest concert halls, Elder Hall.

"By supporting the Appeal, donors will be contributing towards areas of greatest need within the University," says Professor Bebbington.

"These gifts may be directed towards assisting needy students, to increasing our research staff and their capability, to helping improve our campus, or towards the University's highest priorities."

To find out more about the 2013 University of Adelaide Appeal, or to make a donation, phone +61 8 8313 5800 or visit

From left: Rosalie Hoff, Christina Theodore-Smith, Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Warren Bebbington and Christopher Smith.
Photo by Regi Varghese

From left: Rosalie Hoff, Christina Theodore-Smith, Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Warren Bebbington and Christopher Smith.
Photo by Regi Varghese

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